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May - June 2003 Trip Report Index

Dave enjoyed another "research" trip for 10 days 5/24/03 - 6/3/03 to update and expand previous trip reports.

The SAR's risk is overblown - getting killed in Phoenix traffic or getting an STD from a bbbj is far more a real risk than SAR's in Toronto which is very isolated. I was careful when eating meat however, asking if the meat was from a .. happy cow...vs. a mad cow :( Looks like only 1 poor cow in Alberta is all they have found that had mad cow disease. Weather was nice and cool - 50s and 60s during the day, some rain but not bad. Now back to the 105-109 days in Phoenix!

Even with the recent decline of the $US it is still a bargain. Today its about $CDN100=$US72 vs. $US66-67 for prior trips.

What I enjoy so much in Toronto:

Many nude full contact lap dances with beautiful wonderfully intimate women from all over the world with songs lasting about twice as long it seems than in Phoenix or the U.S. is $CDN20 or $US14-15. I very much enjoy caressing beautiful bodies, doing nice breast massage etc.

One especially fun Lap Dance Report was
Special Gift Project for a Dancer from a Terbite
The Surprise Gift
A Terbite (from Terb discussion board), who has been following my writings about intimacy and especially Esalen massage, contacted me by E-mail while I was still in Phoenix and asked if I would be willing to try and give a special gift to a dancer at Cannonball. He thought she would enjoy my Esalen massage type strokes and my high touch intimacy I talk about in my reports. He offered to pay for 5-7 dances and provide me a gift to give her in addition to my lap dances with her. The story of finding her, the wonderful interaction and then having to tell her the story - and then she saying it was the best gift she ever received, shows the power of good non-sexual touch intimacy and how this friend of the dancer wanted to give her such a gift. A very wonderful story and great ending and lots of fun for Dave.

40 minute nude-reverse-release massages at for example, Allure body rub known for its consistent beautiful women (pictures shown on their website) is $CDN110 or about $US75. There is no door fee and than haggling over a tip in secret language. It's all up front, total cost, no tipping, and of course totally legal unlike the U.S.  I sampled again many different nude-reverse parlors.  I especially enjoy doing about a 10 minute Esalen massage "reverse" routine on a beautiful women, and usually get great response.

I've enjoyed some absolutely wonderful intimate escorts, mostly foreign women (who tend to me far more intimate than North American women) especially a Russian, Michelle... for $CDN220/hr which is about $US158.  And with wonderful Danielle, originally from Chile. Report and their beautiful pictures at For me I love caring, caressing intimate touch and sensual sexuality far more than wild great sex. Few North American women are so intimate (except the French-Canadians). And again escorts are perfectly legal in Canada, websites have real pictures, and upfront pricing. Very few of the scams or up pricing issues of the U.S. Most escorts choose to work for the honest agencies with some independents

I stayed in a very nice Radisson Hotel (Mississauga) with a free high speed Internet connection. I paid $US30/night (via Priceline) for 10 nights. To my amazement no configuration is needed even for smtp server for outgoing mail. They gave me an Ethernet cable - Just plugged it in to my laptop and no need for my usual slow dial-up. It's even a little faster than my cable connection in Phoenix.

My airfare was free using American West frequent flyer miles but usually its about $240-$280 RT and they again have direct service from Phoenix - about a 4 hour flight.

My National rental car is a very new (750 miles) Chrysler Sebring Convertible. Only $US20/day before taxes etc. Yah sure have the top down in this cool rainy weather? But they were low on cars and didn't have many choices. It is a nice car. I did find my coat to bring which felt odd since its been 105F or 40C in Phoenix last few days.

 I knew I had been away too long, when I returned to Phoenix went to pick up mail from the post office, and panicked a bit when I couldn't find my car in the parking lot.... I was still looking for my Toronto Black Chrysler instead of my Red Buick Regal I drive in Phoenix!

I very much enjoyed once again the sexual freedoms and options in parts of Toronto (mostly Mississauga). There is no comparison in the U.S. or even many other Canadian cities especially for the nude-reverse massages and nude full contact laps I enjoy at some Mississauga/Brampton clubs.

New Full Service Sexworkers - See Reviews of:

Danielle & Michelle - wow great with pictures

Nude-Reverse Massage
Pre-Trip Research Nude-Reverse Massage Cost Comparisons

See Reviews of:

Ivy at Club 2 Mountains

Center Health Care

Sugar @Palace Therapy Center

Janet @ Temptations Spa

Taylor & Lisa @ Angel Touch Day Spa

Mystique Non Massage

Tina @ Juliana's Tokyo

xxx@Silhouette Spa Deleted at her request - no longer in the business and has boyfriend

Cara @ Allure

His Story --- Her Story
The Reality of Massage Encounters

Nude full contact long laps at Strip Clubs - My usual 3 clubs

Cannonball -
Special Gift Project for a Dancer from a Terbite

Million Dollar Saloon


Intimacy Workshop in Toronto?

Discussion of what "normal" (unlike Dave) guys like at Strip Clubs

Toronto Incall Report Comments Regarding Bawdy House Enforcement in Toronto

From Dave's E-mail:

hey Dave,
you're like the godfather of the toronto sex industry to me. when i was 18-19, i remember reading strip club/stripper reviews from you on the assc newsgroups (Dave notes that was from years ago when newsgroups weren't so full of spam and before the current discussion boards). that's how i got started. i eventually moved on to mp's and now sp's and i'm havin fun!

i noticed on your profile about liberated christians. i think i'm going to check it out cause as a catholic, i feel torn between my religion and my extracurricular activities.

Dave replies:
Thanks for your "godfather" comments! Glad I could help. And yes check out which long predates my interest in sexwork. My sexwork interested started out of what to do with all the single guys that have no real place in swinging and so many of them contacting us in frustration over no good sexual options.

If you don't mind I may use your note anonymously about me being Godfather and suggest to others that have religious issues to check out Liberated Christians with the purpose of helping the zillions of others like you that are torn because of their religious background. The anti-sex teachings of tradition have absolutely no biblical basis.


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