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Temptations Spa


May 2003 Report

Janet @ Temptations Spa

After leaving Cannonball just before 2am closing wanted to try C2M again since had such great times last week and on earlier trip. But while C2M is open to 3-4am most nights it closed at 11am on Sunday. But Temptations in the next center South was open. There have been some bad reports on uppricing at Temptations and most have said it is not nearly as friendly as C2M, but I thought I give it a try anyway.

There were only 2 ladies available after asking how might be free. Both looked nice but I choose #2 who was Janet from Hungary for NR at $100 ($US72).

Very nice body when got naked, shorter but well built in good shape, soft nice breasts. Her regular massage was one of best from a "body rub" and beats many LMT in the States. Very good deep work on back with I need.

Doing reverse was nice, but Janet is very ticklish of the few where my usual massage which is firm enough not to be a problem for most ticklish women.

The final was quite good - nice interaction with her being fairly skilled in the release phase. 30 minutes is a bit short for NR vs 40-45 at most places, but was adequate.

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