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Sugar @Palace Therapy Center
aka p.t. Massage
In office complex at
 165 W Dundas St W, Mississauga
No web site.

Since I had read some fairly good reviews of this newer mostly Chinese MP so close to Central Health Center I decided to give the Asians another chance. And I am glad I did!

Nice modern newer facilities, especially compared to very opposite Central Heath. Was warmly greeted by friendly Chinese girl, Cindy. Was cute asking if I wanted Sauna or just massage. Asked about pricing and took the 40 or 45 minute option for $55, since no NR was mentioned and wasn't sure would want after experience at Central Health.

Room was nice only one very wide massage table with bars on ceiling for foot massage (no not your feet, their feet while standing on top of you and they hang onto bars above for those not familiar with Asian "walk on you" massage.) There have been reports of 3 massage tables in a room here, and wondering if it was a "group" massage room. But where I was only one table in very large room. Not a usual massage table but more square...wider instead of long and narrow.

Turns out however that Cindy was just the English speaking Mamason who gets you in the room as another young Chinese bounded happily and friendly into the room. She liked to talk a Chinese... very hard to communicate since her English was so limited but she was a trooper wanting to understand where from (OH AMERICAN!!!) She seemed gleeful but wondered if in "Phoenix" we have beaches... She had a terrible time with "Dave" even spelling it out the "D" was hard to get. Her name was even harder for me to understand but she explained think of tea and....sugar?... I see from other reviews she does go by Sugar..and she came with a lot of spice and nice.

Someone said she was in her mid 30s but claimed to be 28. My guess would be even younger than 28 but when your an old dinosaur like me, all gals seem young :( From the very beginning she was very physically affectionate, hugging me while I was face down etc. Oh yes she did get to "where you from". I hesitated with my usual answer thinking she would never get it but did say "my mother" and she just about fell over laughing - she got it...much easier than Phoenix Arizona. I think at one point she was asking if I knew French...if she does it would be no help since other than "we" my French is as bad as my Chinese (no speak at all). She had come from Hong Kong was good when part of England?...but China Americans and Canadians... Despite the language barrier, I really liked her attitude, friendliness, comfortableness with physical closeness and nice huggable ..small... body. And it would get even better.

The regular massage walking on back was good...almost too hard as I had made the mistake of saying I like it hard on my back since I usually do enjoy very deep muscle work on neck and shoulders. But her "hard" was just borderline painful. She did keep asking if I was OK! She did have really good walk on back technique.

At this point I hoped there would be nude or nude-reverse options offered. And there was...nude for $40 or $60 for body slide...please...please. I usually am not into body slides but couldn't turn her down.

Her front interaction and nude body was very nice. And her body slide...not like any other I've had. As most everyone on the earth knows by know I'm the hold, cuddle and caress type but most body slides I've had the few times I've tried them are more like the untamed lap dancers - more wild and fast than my type of slow and intimate. But "sugar" immediately went into lay on top and cuddle and caress mode which she seemed to (and said) she really enjoyed. Did this for a long time with great body interaction against each other. Such a cute face, smile, and so friendly laying and moving just right on top of me. Kept saying how warm and nice my body was - as she probably tells everyone...or yes.. and how long. No not my organ but the rest of my body, since I'm 6-2 and she is 5-0 if stretched.

Then on with the finish with lots of contact, although she mostly sat on me near the target....but was still able to reach for good interaction.

While usually I prefer taller slender women (ah like the really nice Korean, Ivy at C2M, Sugar was so genuine, so open and real in her intimacy and nice .. small.. body I very much enjoyed her. For future trips I am definitely taking Central Health off my list and replacing with this place assuming I will find her or others that are as spicy and sweat as Sugar.

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