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Mystique Massage
116 Orenda Rd #6 Brampton (905)451-9025 

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May 2003 Update
Mystique Non Massage
Actually I was trying for find Juliana's Tokyo and it seems from past trips whenever I try and follow the map I printed from their site I get lost. Got on Kennedy but never found Queen Street. Now I see their new map on site is much clearer than old one. Anyway, while searching for Queen Street I found Orenda Rd..gee isn't that where Mystique is.

Dig out maps for Mystique and see I'm very close. Always pass by it once, missing the small center mostly auto places its in. I find it. Lots of cars in front but not sure if they are just parked for the night or for Mystique. I go in and am warmly greeted by Tara or Kara. Very nice, beings me into the room with the menu choices, but I know Kara is not going to do it for me .. a bit BBW. I ask who may be available and its just her and Brandy who is just going in with another client. I say I just wanted to check things out and might be back nice way of turning her down since I had no physical attraction. Very nice just not my body type.

Still seeking release... of tension....Now with my maps I am determined to find Juliana's Tokyo and give the Asians another chance as I had some great experiences there on other trips. It is getting late...If they are closed my desperate last chance will be C2M that is open almost all night. Great place and wonderful gals but its a long way South of me. Or there is always Blue Lagoon...well maybe not that desperate with all its bad reviews but I've had some good times there on prior trips.

Fortunately my search for release ended very successfully at Juliana's Tokyo !

Jennifer - November 2001
Met on my December 2000 trip and enjoyed as I did this trip. She remembered details about me from last December (didn't see her on my July trip) French Canadian from Montreal, good sensual massage and ideal body type Dave enjoys during the reverse phase.

Now part of the airport spa network, pricing still confusing vs simple 40-45 min nude reverse I usually pay $100-120 for other places ($US63-80) but at least more options than before. Room fee was $40, plus had to pay $120 more for 40 minute "VIP" which includes BS. BS was much better than experienced at IT but not nearly the intimacy as with the Chinese gals at Center Health. Total cost was a bit pricey at $160, highest paid yet and almost as much as an hour if FS with an escort.

But enjoyed Jennifer again, although would probably pass on future trips and stick to more Allure type pricing options.

Jennifer - December 2000

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I had tried to give Allure another chance but wanted to book Danielle based on great reviews. But she was already booked for the night so I decided to take whoever was available at Mystique.

They did the nice lineup introducing themselves. The choice was easy, Jennifer was clearly my choice since I like taller slim women who are so friendly with a nice smile. My only problem was I was quite attracted to her and if we clicked on the intimacy level I wanted more than 30 minutes. But they don't have 40-45 minute options. So I took a deep breath and betting it would be good did two 30 minute nude reverse $CAN80 sessions. Gee they should give discounts on the minute rates when your already there. But doing the hour turned out to be a good choice. The time flew by.

I lucked out...another wonderful sensual massage and a highest 10 rating on my intimacy response meter. Perfect type body and great response to the reverse and wonderful sensual touch and release combined with intelligence and good discussion. Jennifer is French-Canadian from Montreal. 

Nice room with usual shower etc. The only thing I didn't like was the wall mirror was at the head of the table, so you don't get a good view of her beautiful body when she is massaging you, like in most parlors.

During the reverse part it was obvious she was enjoying. Made comment how few men have good touch or massage skills - hint again...I encourage more men to learn good touch. It can be great in personal relationships. And unlike in the U.S. you can try out skills by getting reverse option at parlors here. I've only met a few women that don't enjoy being kneaded if done correctly and not just groping sexual touch.

Jennifer is one of only two women I've met here that I've told who I was and about and, since we were having such a good discussion, agreeing on the need for more comfort and openness regarding sexuality etc. So if you mention to her you saw my review she will probably remember old Dave who enjoys giving massages to beautiful and intimacy responsive women such as Jennifer. 

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