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Dave's Reviews especially detailed for the first time visitor
with my interest in a high intimacy factor not  just sexual stimulation

Dave's Reports

MDS July 7, 2009

MDS Wed Night 5/21/08 Wow some really great gals .. and a terb guy:)

MDS Wed Day 5/28/08

Million Dollar Saloon - Friday Night 3/31/06

Million Dollar Saloon Monday 11/28/05 late afternoon

Million Dollar Saloon Friday Evening 11/25/05

Million Dollar Salon Sat night 7/2/05

Million Dollar Saloon late Tuesday Night 6/28/05

March-April 2004 Reports

Late Wednesday night 3/31/04
Million Dollar Salon

Quite slow not many dancers working the floor. Seemed to be mostly hanging out with each other. Finally approached by Jonohsa, tall slender Black gal with pigtails from Nova Scotia. She was I guess you would say more "hot" than intimate. OK but not my prime interest.

Stood around the bar area long time, trying to attract interest. Many gals stood by me talking to each other but no one else approached Old Dave. I prefer to let them approach me while I realize I could be more aggressive and approach them. Other than idea they would welcome any one who paid them, I think some gals prefer us older men and others prefer younger so I prefer to wait to be approached.

I hadn't planned on going to Locomotion tonight - Actually have a "date" set up sort of with a dancer for Fri night but since its about 1am, still have time to stop by before they close. In prior trips has been the least favorite of the "trio". Was actually a bit more busy than the other two with customers but not that many dancers working the floor. I alternate between the front and back areas but Old Dave isn't getting approached .. sob...sob...

Finally a black dancer who calls herself horney... was very sexual, but virtually no intimacy response. Then Cindy, black from Jamaica. Sensual and medium intimacy response. Either I missed a dancer, or it may have been Cindy that only works 2 days a week here and is a hair stylist rest of time. Works a long way from club since doesn't want to meet her "other job" clients. Another black gal (forgot name) had just turned 21 and was celebrating. Nice, medium intimacy response.

Overall enjoyable evening although my first two "contacts" were by far the best.

I have been to Niagara Falls for 2 trips in mid and late 2003 since I was last in Toronto area. I can't help but compare the "trio" to the many great clubs in the Falls and Hamilton. The dancers are about the same, some wonderfully responsive to the intimacy I enjoy others more sexual. But the physical club layout is very different. The Niagara clubs are newer and far better kept. Clean restrooms vs. terrible especially at CB. The private areas in the Niagara clubs are so much more private and nice. But I enjoy the dancers in both cities.

Off to one of my favorite late night massage parlors - Club 2 Mountains which is open till 3am. but... next report.

Million Dollar Salon Thursday Night 4/1/04
Wow, I thought last night was mostly nice.... tonight was even better! Again I am not looking for illegal extras like some are and just have brief reviews judging their intimacy response since that is my main interest. All were attractive to Old Dave.

I was going to go to CannonBall where I had much more success last night than other two of the "trio" but I missed Dixon Rd coming on Duray from hotel, so thought what the heck, I'll try MDS again first tonight and if I'm ignored as much as last night go on to CB.

But .. I was hardly ignored. In fact I had to at times move to keep avoiding more dancers I wanted to avoid.

Spent most of night meeting many great dancers for a few dances each. Last night the best two were the first two of the night (At CB) but tonight the best for my intimacy interests were at the end.

Savannah tall German first got me. Wanted me to do 6 dances for $100. I was only willing to commit to 2 since I had no idea how I would like her and the hard sell put me off. Very pretty face but huge implants (I prefer smaller breasts). She really didn't dance just sort of laid in my lap (not bad) and was very sexy but not my type of intimacy. She says she is often mistaken for her sister who has been in Penthouse. Later another dancer as we were going my her with another guy mentioned to me something about watch out for her, she doesn't dance and is just after your money.

Harmina sp? Cuban - Sicilian mix. Used to Caribbean weather loves it hot! Very nice great intimacy responder, one of the better experiences (so far it gets even better). Nice soft caressable breasts. While I was massaging nicely her breasts she gave me a cute thumbs up gesture.

Martha from Romania - yes very nice, soft natural breasts great intimacy response.

Sabrina Canadian native, started more sexy but responded and changed with my moves and had great intimacy response, saying "I like what your doing."

Cathy from Hungary - again great responder. If I don't have breasts mixed up on wrong body I think she had very small "A" breasts and seemed a bit self conscious at first. But when I treated them so nicely she had great response.

Now the fun begins. I am wanting to be a bit more selective and I'm getting a bit danced out. It is sort of like Dave in the Desert of Phoenix with no water (nice naked women) to hold and caress like I enjoy. Now I've had 2 nights of gallons of water and I'm getting filled with great intimacy. If only we had these options in the U.S. or Phoenix I wouldn't be so thirsty for the interaction I have to get in Canada not the U.S. I actually turned down 3 dancers, mostly they were the huge breasted dancers I really don't care for.

I had noticed a dancer that seemed to be watching me, sizing me up and I felt good "vibes" whatever that is about her. I sat in front of where she was to see if she would respond to my eye contact as I passed by her. But two or 3 times another more aggressive dancer got me almost as fast as my big butt hit the chair (unlike last night when I stood by the bar and was mostly ignored tonight I sat at a back table. I prefer to stand and room, like I always do at CB but tonight was very busy being approached when seated with my bottled water.

After about the third time coming down the stairs and seeing her, seemingly looking at me each time, she was now sitting on a bar stool and Cathy from Hungary was talking with her as friends. OK I will break my rule and approach her just as an experiment and see what happens. When there was a lull in her and Cathy's conversation I walked over and asked "are you available to dance or just a nice decoration sitting here?". She laughed and immediately said she'd love to dance. Cathy was smiling at me and I said, Cathy will tell you I am safe. Cathy said something like yes, great guy... so up the stairs we went.

Angela from Hungary - Turns out she was on a break but was happy to be asked to dance. She asks me "what did you mean you are safe" I jokingly told her, "I use a condom". Of course not at a strip club. She enjoyed the joke, and was very intelligent, very good conversation. Sat in my lap nicely before dance and GREAT intimacy response, nice breasts, nice body. After a few dances she asked me to do more lower back massage on her, not on the dance clock which I enjoyed doing.

I especially like the dancers that before dance starts or sometime during it sit on your lap from the side. And when dancing sit directly down in your lap in front of you so face looking at each other instead of dancing on feel so your looking at her belly button instead of her face. Many of the intimacy responsive dancers enjoyed the face caress I enjoy. A few don't like their face touched so I ask first if OK, but many have a great response and I enjoy it. But it is almost like no one else does that as well as hand massage I often do while waiting for "our" dances.

After so many nice encounters was going to leave and go to for a massage before going back to Cannon Ball.

But Shanna I couldn't refuse so ended the night at MDS with her. Lived in Canada all or most of her life, parents from Barbados. Was very sharp and great intimacy response.

Great night...I want to try SRM but the gals I most want to see start according to their website at 10pm so thought I would try Whispers Spa nearby first, then go to Cannon Ball and then to SRM.

May 2003 Report
Sunday night at Million Dollar Saloon
Wow, and what a night it was. Even better than Locomotion last night. Only 4 dancers instead of 10 but they were all my type of responders to what I enjoy and did more than one dance with all!

Leah black dancer
Mississauga native sits with me and has long nice discussion after my usual opening line that got her laughing. This was the first Sunday night she worked, usually works days. Was fairly busy but zillions of dancers so the ratio was out of line with excess dancers it seemed for customers wanting laps. I did not more dancers were spending more time with guys at tables than at Loco on Saturday. As we were talking I am doing my usual holding hand and I sort of knead it a bit one handed.... out of the blue she notices and asks if I do massage. Ah,,well as a matter of fact yes.... She loves and worked at Golden Touch in Toronto until recently. But she got tired of the attitude of most clients just wanting fast hand job or more and hard to get them to take a shower - especially those that needed a shower the most. She left briefly to go to ladies room and noticed other dancers heading towards me but than veering off around me which had me wondering why until I noticed Leah had left her towel on her seat which was obvious sign to others someone was with me.

She also said the same as other day dancers have told me on prior trips that they prefer the day time customers who tend to be older, nicer often more business types vs night being a lot more wild drinking young guys. Of course the are exceptions but this was a generalization I have heard often before when I meet both day and night dancers.

I also have read reports that MDS had the nicest management of the other clubs in the area and she said she had heard that also and did feel management was quite nice, but had never worked at other clubs in the area.

After one night in Toronto clubs this trip I thought about being a bit smarter and communicating what types of dances I like. I caught her off guard a bit when I asked her what kind of dance she likes to do. The obvious answer when you don't know she gave "any type you like". But I decided to be up front and say I prefer more slow, cuddling, caressing without giving me the gyn exam. She enjoyed that last description. Of course she wants to aim to please so said that is what she prefers also.

After long discussion and buying her a drink ($7.00 I recall)...up those stairs we went. Oh yes, this is the place I get so much exercise going up and down, up and down, the long stairway.

For about 1.5 songs she just wanted to lay in my arms and enjoy the touch .. I wondered if these were songs that counted and if she was just going to lay there all the time. But nope! After next song began took of clothes and started our "real" session. Enjoy having dancers just lay in my arms but want to be sure its not part of the counted songs if not naked or at least topless.

Very nice dances, seemed to and said she really enjoyed my type of dance saying how few men do it "this way" but just grab and grope her breasts and want to get into her instead of what I was doing which she said she so much preferred. I had a very nice time.

Bridgett - My favorite so far on this trip
Next came Bridgett who sat with me.

Hey note I am keeping track of names this time again but trying not to get too personal just general information they would tell anyone. Since its so dark in the club and would look weird me taking out my notebook and writing notes (Old Dave can't remember all the names) I go to the very messy men's room - like to wash hands between interactions anyway - and take out my note pad and at least write name and couple key words to remember.
After I had already done this the need was confirmed by a well known, admired terb member who PM'd me saying:
"Heh buddy you really have to make an effort to write down the names of the super cuddlers out there for us guys who like them too. Since you enjoy sampling so many it would be a great help to us in deciding where to spend our dough! "
Bridgett was much less of a talker than Leah...hardly even the usual "where you from, come here often", stock questions. But I took the lead and started asking her a few questions. Turned out she was in the same broad business I am but had been laid off and now working as a dancer nights. She was maybe a bit older than some but very much my taller slender..huggable body type. But what the conversation lacked orally was being more than made up for non-verbally by touch. Not the usual sexual come on touch (like Leah's friend who came over saying how she enjoyed touching men's nipples and doing so through my shirt) But Bridgett had a wonderful hand caress and was responding very obviously to my hand holding caress. We seemed to "connect" much more so just by the simple holding hand interaction than verbally.

Up the stairs we went. Very nice session...was a dance of like minded loving the intimacy of my kind of touch and Bridgett being a wonderful responder both in her body reacting back and positions used. And I forgot to mention what I like but she was a perfect match as we seemed so much in synch with what I felt she liked as much as I did. From years of experience I think I can tell a women who is just faking it wanting to have more dancers from you and someone who is honestly enjoying my type of interaction. She is one I would want to be a regular with and get to know better if I was fortunate like most of you do live here, instead of my visits and then being gone!

About as fast as I got down the stairs (dancer stairs with code lock near front they often bring you down vs the back stairs usually go up) Josephine attacks me nicely with the kind of sexy talk that more turns me off than on. How she wants to be my lover, show me how she can love me, I will want to spend the night with her, she sings to be telling me how great I am and how good I'll feel spending sometime with her. Black gal, grew up in South Carolina? then moved to Nova Scotia and only worked at club for a few weeks, recently coming to Toronto because of a girlfriend who lived here. When she found out I was an "American" she really went ga ga over me :( She found my humor delightful...trying to make fun of and not really knowing how to answer questions like "wouldn't you love to be my lover and show you how a girl is supposed to love a man? Now, just how to you answer that question - No? I've never liked sales presentations and that type of trick question! I did tell her the type of lap I like and of course that was her favorite also! True or saleswomenship I have no idea.

But up the stairs we went. She was quite sensual had a nice huggable body/ breasts (likes it hard) and was a great responder to my type of laps. She even said a couple times how much she enjoyed and I sensed by her body reaction she really did, but since I knew she was so much saleswomenship, it wasn't the same experience as with Bridgett where we just connected physically without the need for the sales pitch.

Tasha C
I was debating leaving since I only had one 20 left without breaking some 50's. I had earlier got $100 change for two 50's but the big bouncer guy seemed to not like to take 50's. examining closely for counterfeits. Hey, your Canadian bank ATM gave them to me, not some guy in a back alley!

Still standing by the entrance, after just coming down those front stairs) Tasha C approached me thinking I had just come into the club. Seemed like lots of gals sort of trying to nab guys before they get to table since the competition seemed unfair with so many dancers working vs dancing customers.

We went to a table and talked briefly. Tasha C is tall and attractive to me (a bit too big breasts for my taste- I prefer smaller, soft and natural but nice slim body) I said I only had one $20 left and she didn't think I wanted her since thought it was my last money. But said I'd do one dance with her if she wanted me. Yep she did!

Nice dance - my type - but not quite as "intimate" as some others but was a good responder.... hard to judge.. a bit of professional distance vs others, but we didn't have as much chat time to be comfortable with me as had with most others. She is Maltise-Canadian, after dance we talked more, she seemed anxious to have me come back later in the week and pointed out early in the week better since likes to have time to talk more than when lots of customers to chase for dances. So I think with future meetings she would be a keeper. But reminded me I don't quite know what to do with larger breasts that aren't as soft and pliable to nicely massage as with the other dancers. But she is probably more the breast type most men prefer which is why I assume she had them..assuming they are man made.

Left about midnight after a very nice time with no bouncing wild dances and no gyn examinations given, just nice intimate but non-directly sexual laps that I enjoy

MDS - Wednesday Night
Old Dave continues to enjoy this club until kicked?
What did Old Dave do?

Well lets first go through my line up. I was especially hoping to see Bridgett again from Sunday night if she was working. BTW not one dancer just came up with the "wanna dance" routine. Every single one sat with me and talked which is nice. Same thing when I was here Sunday night. Most of the wanna dance girls seemed to be at Locomotion.

Nicki - Black from Jamaica - Had worked at clubs in Houston Texas awhile before coming to Toronto. Very long table discussion - good conversation, loved my humor, no hustle, took long time for her to ask me for dances which is nice. A bit larger body than I prefer but nice. Medium on my intimacy response scale.

Foxy from Jamaica - HOT.... that little body and those hips can move. Nice table talk and told her I prefer slow and cuddly type vs hot and wild...but she was as hot and wild as any I've had. She will appeal to most guys who really want a wicked grind. But very low on my intimacy scale and was not for me so only did one dance.

LeAnn from Yugoslavia - Maybe a bit older, nice friendly face and smile, immediate commented about my soft hands holding hers at table and very responsive even at table. Very high intimacy rating. She moves around to different clubs and has been frustrated that business has been slow. Says MDS management is super nice compared to other clubs she has worked at. She may go to a smaller town where she has heard not as slow. Very enjoyable dances. Came back later while back at table wanting to be sure don't want more... If she is there on next trip would definitely repeat.

Alicia from Hungary but raised in the UK. Friendly at table good English, a bit too bottom heavy for my tastes but nice face, smile and upper body (not too big of breasts and natural). I saw her being rejected a lot and looking a bit down when she finally tried me and yes said it had been a bad night. When I said my name was Dave she at first thought I said "gay" and had good laugh saying great she meets a nice guy and he's gay! She also immediately commented about my soft hands and seemed to hit it off very well at table. But was quite disappointed in the private dance...only person who didn't take off her clothes but basically just lowered her top and let me enjoy them,. I did but very low intimacy response which I was surprised at from our good re pore at the table.

Angela from Russia. Best of the night with LeAnn a close second. Very receptive, apologized for poor English but wasn't that bad. Wonderful dances highest intimacy response rating and kept saying how nice I was during dances. Says to all I'm sure but she really seemed open and enjoying herself which can make a big difference in attitude vs those that aren't as naturally intimate and just acting to get us to like them for our money.

I didn't spot anyone else I was particularly interested in or any that seemed interested in approaching old Dave, so I was thinking of leaving when I heard the announcer mention the current dancer finishing up being Bridgett which is the dancers name I enjoyed the most Sunday night and hoped to see. I wasn't sure if it was the same "Bridgett" whoever and the one I met, I thought would was a bit older and seemed much to shy to be dancing on stage. I have virtually no interest in watching stage dancers so hadn't been paying much attention until I heard the name announced - like lets give Bridgett some applause at the end of her routine.

I was debating sticking around a bit when the waitress came over asking if I wanted another drink (my usual diet coke or Pepsi) . I didn't realize you had to keep buying drinks to stay? When I said I had one about an hour ago, the waitress got a bit huffy like gee, you think that's all you need to buy all night? She said its a management policy (never did understand what the policy was - have to buy a drink every 30 minutes??? I had never had this question raised before at any of the clubs. After all I had been spending lots of money on dancers but I realize the house or waitress doesn't benefit from that. So I just politely said OK and left. If they have that rule, it should be posted at the door or someplace so we will know our time limit to stay!

I needed to find some...relief... from my periodic engorgements from the type of dances I enjoy. So wanted to try some MP's in the area. Had to go to three however to find release...
Comments from others:

just tip big and they don't care whether u order a lot to drink or not.
I usually go for an hour or two, and usually have only one beer. But I tend to tip pretty well on it. At first, the waitress (if she doesn't recognize me) tends to come to the table a lot. Then she usually gets the hint and doesn't come back until I make eye contact.
They can't make you buy alcohol under the Liquor Control Act, however, any establishment can make you purchase something to stay there, relative to your stay. Every 30 mins might be pushing it however.
that's one reason to drink really slow. can't force you to buy more and (theoretically) won't kick you out if you aren't done.
I like to stick to the DAYTIME staff.... much nicer, and layed back and fun. No real harassment regarding drinking
The worst is when the waitress is bitch enough to come by and lift your bottle to weigh the contents, then roll her eyes at you because it's taking too long for you to finish.

That's when I provide them an unfriendly tip. The best way to avoid hassles from bitchy waitresses is to order a drink at the bar, and walk around the club with your bottle in hand. Each waitress at each station of the bar sees you're taken care of with a drink, and you can go about your business of flirting with dancers.
Hey Dave,
Same thing happened to me at Fantasia. Unlike you, I challenged the rule. Good thing I'm a big guy cause the managers had a few bouncers ready to throw me out but I let them know what would happen. So, we all sat around and waited for the cops. Cops told me I had to leave! Something about private property and how the club had a right to make me order a pop every 30-45 minutes! So I left, escorted by the police.

Now, I just give a big tip and the waitress leaves me alone.
Dave... they can say that you must buy something there... but they cannot force you to keep buying drinks to stay there... I would complain to the LLBO.

I usually order a beer or diet pepsi... and nurse it... usually lasts me about 3 hours.. I think the servers hate me!!
Dave says:
Thanks for all the comments....

I didn't realize they could make you buy drinks ...not a big deal but makes sense since they aren't getting anything from the dances.

I have spent many hours at CB and never was pressured from a drink. I keep moving around however and never just sit at a table, far easier to meet dancers and have some control vs sitting at a table. I usually wind up at the standing tables left of the bar or by entrance on right side.

I will make my Diet Coke or Pepsi last longer but its nicer not to have to have the glass with you going to the VIP rooms etc.
I have always tipped at least $1.50 or $2.00 on the first drink, as I usually have a second I am neither starving for it, nor pushed in to it. The second round I'll tip at least a loony, and then I don't get hasseld when I have finnished and say no thanks I'm okay.

July 2002 Report
Stopped in for about an hour at Million Dollar Saloon about 6pm on Canada Day. I had usual nice interactions with about 5 dancers. Then...

The most perfect body, very slim, tall huge breasts asks if she can sit with me and have a smoke. I don't mind as long as smoke not in my face. Finally asked for a dance. Did, but very much the stereotype of ditzy blond bombshell, very unresponsive, mechanical and not conversationalist nor particularly friendly compared to some others had great connection with that weren't perfect bodies.

I wonder which comes first the perfect body so guys don't take them seriously and just go crazy over them or they just thinking they are god's gift to men because they are so attractive. I would love to get into their mind and see what is going on. I feel sorry for beautiful women who seem to have no personality. Of course not all beauties are mindless, but it seems to be too common trait which I often am seeing at the strip clubs.

November 2001 Reports
Spend time first two nights of current trip (Oct 31 and Nov 1) at Cannonball and Million$, thinking it would be less busy than the upcoming weekend.. The costumes on Halloween were a bit interesting. If you have read my other Toronto reports on you know of my intimacy fetish, so realize that is what I enjoy when reviewing clubs.

Million$ Saloon
I get my exercise going up those tall stairs so often! I used the techniques I've reported at great length about from prior trips in "Toronto Research Report" on

Most sexy but not my type was a somewhat larger Canadian blond. I was surprised she also offered me a hj for $80 or full service of $140.. in the VIP area? No thnaks, I just did the normal $20 ($US13) nude lap. Her hand led mine to her pussy but I didn't explore. Reminded again song lengths seem much longer than typical U.S. clubs.

Best experience was a tall slender Egyptian "Mary". Very responsive, intimate, my favorite type of interaction not just hot sexy.

I am quickly remembering its the foreign women that are so much more intimate in the way I like vs most U.S.-Canadians (except of course French Canadians).

One disadvantage of this, is if I like someone, I enjoy some verbal intimacy but with heavy foreign accents hard for me to understand.

Will do more Massage places and perhaps a few escorts - I am here for a week, but relaxing a bit also not doing quite as much extensive "research" as faster paced prior 2 trips (I am getting older after all!).

I also want to spend time with day shift at the 3 clubs (including Loco) since often a bit more laid back during the day as I recall from prior trips.

In reply to someone concerned about my disclosing the illegal acts offered (outcall sex is legal, full contact nude laps are legal, but not a hj or FS in a strip clubs since violates bawdy):

It is my understanding everyone knows extras go on at certain clubs but dancers should be more discrete in offering them. Seems to be not as much of a issue as with massage parlors in some cities with bylaw enforcement issues that are more real. In the clubs prior police raid (Project Almonzo) it was reported all 74 charged had charges dropped, except for perhaps the six immigration charges of the Hungarian dancers.

BUT... if there is a real concern, I would think it would be helpful to know what was so casually offered since it could put folks at risk for "being an inmate" or "found in" if they ever try and enforce again. If on my first dance with a gal (only 1 dance) she is offering extra's, someone needs to be concerned and suggest they be more careful. A post here can't be used by LE but if I was an undercover cop getting the offer that was exactly what happened at the club before. All charges were dropped but it was still a harrowing experience for those ticketed. It seems folks would want to know about what is going on because it puts everyone at risk.

I wonder if Peel Region Police's morality unit again wants to do a 300 cop raid like they did on the 3 clubs just to have charges dropped?

I was surprised she was so open about it with a first time stranger. Would think it would be hard to do in the VIP room, it is dark, but not that dark! And I think "monitors" are walking by but didn't notice for sure.

I have often said in reports if you want extra's go to a legal escort not try and get "high mileage" at strip clubs. Yet on some other Toronto boards high mileage is the prime discussion point.

July 2001 Reviews

Day Shift  - Very short visit on the way to airport at end of trip

About a half hour to kill before need to return rental car and get to airport. I had wanted to visit the day shift and see if it was much different.

As I suspected a more casual atmosphere, not as busy and less of the blond bimbos with the breasts falling out than at night. I prefer a more intelligent older women who can talk intelligently besides being sensual and have a good intimacy response.

Of course after coming from the bright sunlight into the dark club, Dave is almost falling over the furniture virtually blind since takes awhile for eyes to adjust to see in the dark!

Have my usual diet coke and soon Linda comes over asking if she can sit with me. Of course! And then shortly up we went to the VIP area. Linda is more the type of dancer I like. Very good intimacy response a bit older, yes she has large breasts but she isn't flaunting them to lure you to her, as they were well covered by a nice dress before the clothes came off in the VIP. Linda has been at the club 3 years and should still be there for my next trip as she wanted to be sure I came back.

Only had time for one encounter but it confirmed the fact I should spend more time during the day rather than night at the 3 related clubs I like.

Off to returning Alamo car, good flight (4.5 hours) and I am  back in Phoenix. Toronto is safe again for those that don't like my spoiling the women with my intimacy fetish :) Toronto (actually Mississauga/Brampton etc I never got into Toronto) is my favorite Canadian city and I hope to return about every 3 months...although try and avoid worst times for snow.

2nd night visit Late Sunday
Arrive about 1:15am most people seem to be leaving. But still a few dancers hustling for dances. This time I am being more picky. I turn down a couple offers from what seem to be the typical big breasted young, blond air heads who try and seduce me with "want a dance honey" as they jugs almost fall out of their restraints. Sorry no offense intended.. but I am looking for dancers with a bit more maturity and creative approach at this stage of the trip.

Then Felecia from Kingston (not sure if England, Jamaica, or Canada if they is one in Canada - she had what sounded like a British accent) comes over. She is even worse, asking if I want a hot hot dance and feel her juicy pussy. Well, at least she sits down by me instead of just standing over me. I ask her name and she sort of blows in my ear with her name (I don't like having my ear blown into and don't consider it hot). But with all those strikes against her, I replied I am more into warm naked cuddling and caresses than Hot. She replies that gee she likes that even better. She is doing a very good deep massage on my hand, like I often do with dancers while waiting for our song. I am not particularly attracted to her (rather large) but I give her credit for some attempt to overcome her initial hot bimbo approach. I warn her I am only good for one dance and she seems eager for it.

So up the stairs we go. Was quite nicely intimate I must say. She made me massage her breasts deeply (I was not about to object). I had done a bit of neck massage on her also and after the song she asked if I would do more. I was clear I was only good for one song, but she said no problem but would you do more on my neck, I am so tight! I did neck massage on her for 3 songs! I was a bit concerned she was setting me up to pay for more, but it turns out no, she just really enjoyed the massage. It seems no one is monitoring the number of dances like they strictly do in some U.S. clubs so she can stay in the VIP area as long as she wants without getting in trouble.

Back downstairs most everyone was leaving. I had thoughts that some dancer might be looking for an escort date since didn't make enough money that night, but I knew that wasn't a large possibility. But on the last trip I did get together with a dancer who solicited me outside the door to go back to my hotel and we shared a very nice sexual experience.

A Friday Night Visit
I had some good experiences last trip here so wanted to stop by even though it was only 45 minutes to closing since it was close and on my way back from Utopia and Platinum Spa.

Beth was very nice from Toronto who use to work here FT but now only a few days a week to earn money to go to school. Has another day job. Quite nice conversation before dance, but dance was a bit the mechanical routine with gynecological exam that seems to be standard in all three commonly owned clubs. But nice.

Next was Barbara. She first came up to me with the seduction line, "want a hot sexy dance honey". Well that of course was the wrong thing to say to Old intimacy loving Dave who isn't much a hot fan.

She was very large breasted (nice and soft to cuddle), blond. I told her I prefer slow and cuddly rather than hot. She said, " I can do that" and off...or up...we went. Dance not bad, mostly in my arms cuddling as I like and stroking nice soft breasts etc. But while she was very sensual as I like, I could tell it was more tease than real intimacy. Her body was enjoyable but I was only going to do my usual 1 dance as I told her downstairs but she seemed a bit upset she hadn't seduced me into spending the rest of the evening (only about 20 minutes left) with her.

As it often seems to happen with me...the best was last. Just as I was about to give up, Manly who is Egyptian, showed up at my side. Very slender but not bony, my favorite body type and nice breasts but not too huge to... handle.

Up we went. WOW! I told her I like slow, nude cuddle instead of hot. She really seemed to connect physically and enjoy. Wonderful interaction including looking in eyes, (basic often ignored), encouraging my face caress I enjoy doing, and those nice breasts, she even guided my hands to be sure I was more firm than I usually am with breasts. And nice hand massage response. And for the 2nd time this trip I broke my "good for only one" rule and did two dances with her. She wanted to know if I would return on this trip and be sure she was working. A very nice ending to an enjoyable evening!

December 2000 Reviews

The club seems alive and well after the recent police raid, at least for the good intimacy dances I seek, which isn't trying to get oral sex or intercourse, or even DATY which isn't my interest (I know I'm odd with my intimacy fetish).

Layout and costs are similar to its sister clubs I've enjoyed; Locomotion and Cannonball.

One night  I wasn't approached by any dancers and few were roaming the floor.  Monday night a slow night, I was about to give up until "Lonely" from Montreal sat with me and started a nice conversation the way I like instead of just "want a dance?" We did a $20 lap which was very wonderfully intimate and she was very responsive about an 8 on Dave's intimacy response scale. A little older but more mature and great body. When she heard I was enjoying body rub parlors so much she very much thought I'd enjoy her good friend Sabrina at Utopia (which I am going to try and meet). A very nice experience like many I had at Locomotion and Cannonball.

It seemed that once a dancer is seen doing laps with you other dancers get more interested in approaching. This makes sense since most guys are just there to have a bear and gawk at women on stage. And maybe they talk among them selves and tell others I'm safe or something.

Soon I am joined by Tony who is short, small breasted (fine with me) but a very nice soft body that felt very nice to touch and caress. She was about a 5 on my intimacy response rating but still very nice to be with for a lap.

Anna Marie "Shantana"
Just as I finish with Tony I'm walking towards the exit (actually to go to men's room) and Anna Marie "Shantana" approaches very directly saying its been a slow night, she was about to go home but needs cash and noticed me dancing and would I be interested in another. She even apologized for her directness but I like the direct honest approach. Shared a very good intimate time with lap dance - about an 8 on my 1-10 intimacy response scale. I am glad she was so direct!

There weren't many more dancers available and after some enjoyable interactions headed back to hotel. Or, so I thought.....

Des in the Parking Lot
As I exit Million Dollar a dancer is arriving (in a cab I think). She approaches me introduces herself (Des short for...I forgot what now...). She surprised me a bit asking if I'd like to share a nude reverse massage with her at my hotel for $CAN100 ($US65). In the U.S. I would avoid this since often they are on drugs and desperate. But she seemed very clear headed, articulate saying she was just coming to work but could come anytime. I was a bit hesitant but she seemed nice so off to my hotel we went.

We had a very good session as well as good discussion of many issues. She liked my Esalen massage and her massage was very skilled and deep like I knead it...more like a pro than the typical body rub gal. The release was also nice. It turns out she does independent massage outcall as well as work as a dancer. She is a bit older, not perfect body but very acceptable to old Dave. She loves to dance, doing a nice dance to music during massage and release. Her phone for private outcall if anyone is interested is 416-588-xxxx (I am not giving full number since someone E-mailed me it was wrong).  She periodically has ads in NOW Magazine for massage. She is darker skinned Italian and I believe Indian heritage.

Another visit Wednesday Evening 
I had hoped to see some of the gals I had met before but realize how unlikely that is, I especially was interested in seeing "lonely" again after my great massage experience with her friend Sabrina at Utopia. But no such luck.

I did do single nude laps with four gals. Kayla who was the first was very much the best. Very sweet attractive my type of body young gal. We clicked very quickly. Such nice breasts I enjoyed as did she doing my breast massage. But the great caressing, cuddling she was a 10 on Dave's intimacy reaction 1-10 rating scale. At the end she looked me in the eye and very seriously said she really enjoyed the experience, like she really did.

Another, Passion from Brazil was quite nice, very small breasts (even a bit small for Dave), but a good intimacy responder, especially started out so well since she enjoyed my hand massage while waiting for "our" song.

The other two were total zeros on my intimacy meter. Both were Ontario born. Very mechanical dance routine, the wiggle butt in face a lot, lick her own tits and squeeze them, show me her vagina etc. I could not get them out of their routine and never seemed comfortable with my type of more caressing touch or massage. But 50% great is about what I get at most clubs.

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