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May - June 2003 Full Service Outcall Reports
Danielle & Michelle

Danielle  New Site - She has gone Independent as of 6/29/03
$CDN240/hr or $US175
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Danielle way back in May 2002, found when she was in Vancouver and liked my intimate touch ideas. She E-mailed me that she was planning on moving to Toronto in the fall of 2002, and we shared some thoughts.

I had not heard from her since then, but I wrote her a few days before my May 2003 Toronto trip to see if she had made it to Toronto, asking how she was doing, not even being sure she still had the same E-mail address. She responded and very nicely saying she was now with GOE and gave me the link to the web page. She said "maybe you would like to meet with me and I could thank you personally for all your helpful information *evil grin*.

At that point a week or so before trip, I responded that I was glad all was going so well but I wasn't sure how many escorts I was going to see and that I enjoyed Toronto so much for the lap dance clubs and NR parlors.

She responded how much she loves receiving massage, that she is very tactile but was very low key saying if we don't connect this trip maybe my next. She was expressing her interest in a very nice low key way.

Before agreeing to meet I checked out her reviews. I found a few - all good. I wanted to be sure she just wasn't saying what I wanted to hear about her tactile interest. I do welcome providers contacting me, but I want to have some clue they are really my type and not just saying what I want to hear.

Friday night I called GOE, Nicole was very nice and helpful (you don't have to apologize for the noise)... and soon Danielle was at my door!

We were a perfect match. Just like some lap dancers that are so intimate touch responsive, Danielle was very much so. Her body just absorbed the good touch and the massage I like to start with. Excellent conversation, very attractive my type of body, tall, and she enjoyed the same sexual positions I do, including one special one not that many women experience at least from discussions with Phoenix women...I forgot to ask her if was common in her experience...she certainly enjoyed it as much as I did.

Her orgasms were obviously not faked and she shared that she doesn't cum that often with clients unless totally relaxed with them with lots of intimate touch which seems to be the connection to her heart and orgasms as it is for me in my enjoyment of escorts.

Gee...she is native Canadian? I am remembering how usually native born Americans and almost as true with Canadians are far less naturally intimate than most foreign women I meet. AH! She is originally from Chile! So my observations of American/Canadian vs foreign women holds up. There are exceptions I am sure, I just rarely meet American or native Canadians that responsive to physical intimacy (which is much more than just sex).

For those that enjoy tactile stimulation and physical intimacy with your plate of sexual options, she is a very wise choice.

Pictures shared with full credit and no commercial purpose under the fair use educational provisions of the Canadian & U.S. Copyright Law and International treaties.
Michelle @ Eva Escort
$220 (or about $US158) Oh my my....I was first attracted to her face just from her pictures. In even better in person. I love tall slender sleek women and Michelle is 22yr 5-8 115 lbs from Slovakia but has quite easy to understand English. Very friendly from initial meeting - knock on my door at exactly on time at 8pm - I had set up the appointment the day before. Comes in and greets me with nice hug and kiss...oh I like how tall she is, I don't have to look down on the top of her head. We quickly get comfortable and she takes a very fast shower. Oh such a nice body to look at and I get to do more with her body after the shower.

She asks if I have music...ah...well.. find something on radio....whatever you can find. The hard rock station wouldn't have been my choice but nothing better found. Seeing my computer asked if I had any music on it...No... but that was a minor distraction. Would be nice to have some nice music.

Out of the shower in about 2 minutes and as someone else said of Michelle, "one of the fittest bodies I've even seen (SP or non-SP)" I agree. As with most escorts my massage opening was wonderfully received...and such a pleasure to massage such a nice body, I especially enjoy backs with nice muscle structure yet soft and cuddly when we lie together.

The intimacy response and my enjoyment of it just kept growing from there. I adore her beautiful face and she said she enjoyed how I stroked it. The sensual sexuality - various positions - the switching from tight holding caresses to light strokes to hard sex had a wonderful rhythm.

The almost an hour was soon up but I was totally satisfied and very much enjoyed it. She took a quick leaving shower and talked briefly....saying how amazing I was and I should teach some of the massage etc technique to other guys...ah...actually I have let couples workshops and offer to do for guys.

With Russians I always wonder how well they are really treated and what the work situation really is. I know another Russian I met on prior trip confided in me she needed to get out of Toronto for her safety. She later E-mailed me saying everything worked out wonderfully when she moved to another city, changed name and now is a dancer instead of an escort. It seems the gals with the Russian agencies are on call 24 hours and booked solid with appointments without much time off. Maybe I am wrong but I get that impression. The night before when I called Evas about 8pm, the phone gal had to put me on hold 3 times with other calls coming in and said I could see Micelle at 3:15 am - but I decided to set up for 8pm the next night (Sunday) instead.

But regardless of the circumstances, Michelle was an absolute delight and perfect in her intimacy response, sexuality, body and especially to me such a beautiful face, I love to lovingly caress while sharing an intimate sexual hour.
Other Comments
Michelle is indeed an amazing person. She gives the best massages too.. Out of all the SPs, (admittedly not many), she has had the best attitude.
I'm glad that you enjoyed Dave! Like I of the most amazing bodies i've yet encountered!
Dave, it sure sounds like the both of you enjoyed the hour together. I think the same way, both parties should enjoy themselves, not just the guys. The time is much more enjoyable if both of you are getting something out of it.

I like your starting out with a massage, Dave. I sometimes do that and it is usually very well received.

BTW, very nice review. You've just reminded me that I have got to see Michelle very very soon.

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