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Cannonball Cabaret
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195 Advance Blvd. Brampton
I block South Of Steeles East of Dixie

Dave's reports are especially detailed for the first time visitor
and for those with my interest in a high intimacy factor not just sexual stimulation

Dave's Reports

Cannonball Fri Night 5/23/2008

Cannonball -Thurs Eve 3/30/06

Cannonball Tues night 11/29/05

Cannonball Wed Afternoon 11/23/05

Cannonball Sat night 7/2/05

Cannonball late Tuesday Night 6/28/05

March-April 2004 Reports
Late Wednesday night 3/31/04
After getting to hotel wanted to check out the my favorite 2 of the "trio".
Gosh I was in 90 degrees F this afternoon in Phoenix (98 yesterday). Dave is not use to your cold and drizzle... But women will warm me up.

Not very busy but fairly good selection of dancers although some are starting to leave for the night.

Vanilla - tall, slender native of Toronto....yes! As those that have read my zillions of prior trip reports, I have no interest in extras, but have a "intimacy fetish"... which many dancers respond to the way I enjoy nicely caressing, a bit of massaging on backs, breasts, hands etc. Vanilla was wonderfully responsive, great body and I very much enjoyed. Ah yes this is why I love these strip clubs vs none in the U.S., full body nude contact, those nice breasts to nicely massage, nudity no big deal, women totally comfortable with their bodies and good touch. Almost never find this or allowed in the U.S.

Sonia - From Hungary only been dancing two weeks, but she has become comfortable fast as many what seem to be naturally warm Eastern European's are. Very responsive to my type of intimacy and enjoyed a few great dancers withe her.

Lizane? - From Italy. Not my type of intimacy but more sexy and erotic, probably more like most men enjoy. Nice, responsive, but not the intimacy response of first two.

Lots of others I would have done dancers with if they had asked me. But seems rest aren't interest in approaching old Dave so on to Million Dollar Salon.

Cannon Ball Thursday Night 4/1/04
What a night, so many great dancers at MDS, nice massage at Whispers but want to stop in again at CB tonight before going to SRM. Need recovery time from Whispers. Fairly busy but not over crowded. Lots of dancers

Did my usual "stand" by the standing tables in bar area I always enjoy instead of being at a table and usually attract plenty of dancers.

Erika from Russia - starting off where I left off at MDS, great intimacy responder, she even purrs in my arms!

Claudia from Hungary - my fast notes say "best yet" intimacy wise, great combination of sensuality and my type of intimacy.

Inga from Poland- and it gets better yet... wow...really, really nice.

La????? French from Montreal. Only medium intimacy more mechanical but OK.

Had great time with a few.. now on to SRM...

I am getting Strip clubbed out. I find these wonderfully intimate dancers, but you can only do so much in a SC. I would love to have some of these gals as outcall escorts! I enjoy meeting such a wide range of women, different nationalities and personalities. Only draw back is the music is so loud even in the VIP area conversation is difficult.

I wanted to do most of my strip clubs and massages while I am in Mississauga and hit the clubs hard the last two nights since I want to avoid the real busy weekend nights. I had wanted to try the day shift but as in prior trips I just didn't make it. I am a very late night person especially when I try and catch up on E-mails, review the boards a bit and write these reports when I get back to my hotel late at night. Its now 5:12 am and still have a lot to do. All this reporting is hard work! Unfortunately I need 8 hours of sleep at night - I wish I didn't. So I don't get up till about 1pm and by the time check E-mails check my office and return needed calls, etc, the day shifts are almost over.

Tomorrow I will wind up at the end of day shift at Locomotion for a special reunion with a terbite and a dancer. If you recall my last trip.... yes the mystery dancer and terbites gift to her (me :)) that was quite a story with a great ending.

I am in Mississauga through Sunday. Monday I move to a downtown hotel near a business client I met via these boards I am probably meeting late Monday afternoon. But first in the morning I do a massage demo for a board member with a provider.

I will have some escorts visit me when I'm downtown (much cheaper rates than for out here in Mississauga) and then return to near the airport on Good Friday and return to Phoenix on Easter early morning Sunday 4/11. I have never been downtown Toronto before since I prefer the outlying area for less traffic and no hotel parking and close to the more liberal SC's and body rubs. But it will be interesting to stay downtown in nice major hotel for only $34/night same as I pay here in Mississauga (via Priceline). But parking is like $12/day at the downtown hotel!

Next trip plans...maybe...make it for the May 7th party, and want to get to Hamilton and Niagara Falls again while rates still lower and BEFORE the June 8th Casino opening. I have no interest in Casinos, nor being anywhere near the mobs that will probably be in town for the opening! May not be able to do May 7th unless a fast trip, but come back to NF region around our (U.S.) Memorial day week (end of May). But there is still a great deal of time for enjoyment this trip!

May 2003 Updates

Special Gift Project for a Dancer from a Terbite
Tuesday Afternoon at Cannonball

The Surprise Gift
A Terbite, who has been following my writings about intimacy and especially Esalen massage, contacted me by E-mail while I was still in Phoenix and asked if I would be willing to try and give a special gift to a dancer at Cannonball. He thought she would enjoy my Esalen massage type strokes and my high touch intimacy I talk about in my reports. He offered to pay for 5-7 dances and provide me a gift to give her in addition to my lap dances with her. I agreed and last night he sent over to my hotel a gift package for her and a detailed description and what she probably would be wearing. Gift box is fairly small (not like flowers would be) but still large enough I can't hide it very well even if it was cold enough to wear a jacket.

I was concerned about trying for find her and make it look like a natural meeting not as something set up. I also agreed to keep the project private unless she was comfortable afterward with it being reported since she tends not to like reviews done on her. Well, she very much is supportive of my sharing the story and how it played out. I will let the Terbite out himself if he wishes but keep him confidential at this point.

Initially I wasn't sure how to sort of hide the gift box and not make me look odd, caring a box. Easy solution was I just left it in the car and would tell her (assuming I found her) that I had a gift in the car... This worked perfectly. I also was lucky to get a parking spot very close to the door.

Entered the club and from his description I soon spotted who I thought (and hoped) was "target" but I was not sure. One very nice feature to me of CB is you aren't locked into a fixed position having to sit at a table. You can stand at both ends of the bar especially at those nice standing tables at the left side. While looking for her I slowly walked around trying to avoid any other dancers heading my way to at least check out the situation, and judge best approach to the target.

I spot my target (but I'm not absolutely sure it is right person - but she was a very good fit based on Terbite's detailed description and wearing the clothes he described. She looked wonderfully attractive to me and was very friendly with other guys which was a good sign. She was by the stand up tables and I stood nearby hoping she might approach me. She approaches a couple other guys and I tell a couple dancers that approach me to catch me later - I'm waiting for a certain person right now. I am also thinking if she is noticing me, I don't want to be seen as turning everyone down or she may think I don't do private dances and not approach me.

Then she catches a guy and goes off to the VIP area leaving old Dave to ponder his fate. But I have plenty of time to wait for my target to be free again.

Soon very friendly Christina from Russia approaches me. I might as well enjoy her while target is in VIP area, maybe she will notice me having laps which will encourage her to approach me. Christina is wonderfully intimate, we clicked very well - my type of nice body and very intimate dance and very responsive to my touch. I would definitely see her again if she approaches me later in the week when I return.

Target Eludes Dave Again
As I leave the VIP area, I note that target is saying nice goodbye with hugs to older guy she had been with. But then she takes off in other direction. I approach the guy saying I am looking for a certain dancer and does he recall the name of the one he was just with. Embarrassingly he can't remember her name, I say was it........ No, he says, “I know that wasn't her name.". This makes me wonder if my target isn't the right person...but she sure matches the description. I am very attracted to her body and outfit that shows it off so well.

Diane Helps in Identifying Target
As I'm trying to keep my eyes on the target, Diane approaches me. I almost miss her since she her head is about at my waste level - I'm 6-2 she is very short. We joke... "I almost missed you down here" I say and she enjoys! She seems nice but I want to keep my eyes on the target... so I tell Diane to check with me later, I'm waiting for some one. Well, Diane wants to start a conversation asking me who etc. So I tell her a little of the story. She seems to be very friendly and sincerely wants to help so I mention who I'm looking for but that I only know her by a description and now I am not sure it is her.

Target has now sat down on the row of chairs just inside the VIP area and is having a cigarette break! It would be too unusual for me to approach her now. Diane confirms the identity of target. It is the right person. Diane doesn't know her very well since target doesn't work that often, but recognizes her name. Diane says she will probably be taking a 10 minute break, plenty of time to have a dance or two with her before resuming my aim for my target.

It is true nice things come in small packages. Diane is very sensual and responsive to my type of laps. Have nice discussion, thinks really neat trying to surprise target. Have really nice couple of dances.

Communicate with Target - Finally!
As we leave the VIP - perfect timing - Target is coming out at the same time and almost run into each other. Fast goodbye to Diane and I approach target and say....."I'm kind of shy, but my name is Dave and you look so friendly I thought I'd say hi". She introduces herself as X...... which is NOT the name I am looking for :(

But Dave doesn't panic...all is under control.... I had done my homework. Terbite had given me her real name. I asked him last night if she had any "stage name" but he said she doesn't dance on stage and didn't give me another name. BUT... I had done my research on discussion boards. I had found a post that linked her real name, which sometimes she has used it seems, or with customers she knows and her "dancer name". So... I didn't bat an eye; it was the right dancer name! Diane had also obviously known her by her real name when she confirmed the id of the target! So this story doesn't take a dramatic U turn....back to the story...

She seems to love my approach, gives me nice warm hug, very friendly. We started talking and with arms around each other while standing I started doing a little neck massage as I often do with one hand, and held her hand after shaking hands with the other. I believe at this point she mentioned my soft hands and how she loved being massaged. Good start! We finally after a brief conversation went to the VIP room for private dances.

Such Wonderful Connection
It got even better from here. One of best interactions I've had. VERY responsive to my touch and massage - she even said loved to have me stroke her face which I enjoy doing on such a smooth pretty face. She said no one had ever done that with her and how nice it was. Conversation flowed like we had known each other for years at the same time being so nicely physically intimate in different positions - including my favorites, cuddling, hugging, snuggling. Breasts so nice and soft and pliable. At one point she said something like..."how come I am so lucky to meet you...god or fate must have send you........yeah..... Wow...what you don't know I'm thinking. No not god or fate but a Terbite I was thinking. Gee, when I tell her it was set up I want her to know this is the real me interacting and enjoying her not just because she is my "project" or target!

We went on in bliss for 5 songs. I have never done more than 3 before with anyone. But Terbite insisted he wanted to pay me for 5-7 songs so hey... I was very much enjoying and time went very fast when in the presence of such a wonderful soul. Terbite had wanted me to bring up some of my views on intimacy and about Liberated Christians since he wanted to discuss them with her later. I did and she was very interested and in agreement with all my ideas on intimacy, "love for the moment" even in sexwork etc. We were like two souls very much in synch connecting. She even asks if she comes to Phoenix can she meet me. Of course!

Spill the Beans - Confess - Tell the Secret
OK somewhere into song 5 I have to gently... slowly... break the secret to her. I say something like, "you were wondering how we came together ... well, it was not by accident." I think she says, "Fate?"... I then tell her someone who really liked her and knew me from my writings on the Internet thought you would enjoy my massage and touch had set this all up for us... I told her how much I really did enjoy her but it was a gift from a person she knows who is paying me and after we finish I want to go to my car and bring back another gift he asked me to give you.

I would describe her reaction as very pleasant absolute shock! I ask her if she has any idea who it could be...No clue... but anxious to find out. She says, she can't believe a "guy" (as opposed to gal) could possibly be so creative to think of such a nice thing. I am also thinking...gosh, I hope she recognizes and likes the guy after I tell her who it is! She asks questions and I tell her no, I've never met him but he knows me from my web sites and terb. But don't worry her name won't be used unless she agrees. (She told me she is comfortable with me writing about her and such a creative idea.)

Who, Who Who?
She asks how in the world did I recognize her or know who she was. I tell her this might be a HUGE clue. Did someone make sure you were working today and wanted you to wear a certain outfit? Or want to know what you would be wearing? LIGHTING BOLT hits her and she in glorious exaltation says --------!! Yep! Right name! She says how wonderful he is; how he's the only guy she's met anything like me who enjoys good touch so much. And she says, "no one has ever done something as nice as this for me."

We finish up and I tell her how I may stick around and enjoy just 1 or 2 dances with different gals, but I will be back more while here and definitely enjoy her without it being set up etc. She eagerly says she will meet me at the bubble gum machine after I get the other gift from my car.

Later while we are both in between other dances and free, she often comes up to me arm around me and talks. Says she opened the gift in back and was wonderful especially the note inside from (Terbite). She introduced me to a close dancer friend who I did a dance or two with. Can they both come to Phoenix and see me, she asks. Of course I reply (and mean it!).

The Bad Part - Sad Ending or Maybe Not
A while later, she comes over to me and says she just doesn't have the motivation to go hustle other guys for dances... "Normal guys" that are mostly "just after one thing"....after such a beautiful experience.

Maybe not so sad however.

In long earlier conversation I mentioned how I have shared my love for quality tough intimacy, Esalen type massage etc., on my web sites for years and from the response more and more guys are wanting to get more in touch with intimacy and are starting to enjoy some of the same things I do. So there is hope...for women that want more than being groped and poked. (I'd even be willing to conduct workshops like I've done for swinging couples if there was an interest and I had a woman available to work with me.)

I had even shared with her the well known person that PM'd after my first night Locomotion report where I didn't keep track of dancer’s names. He suggested I should keep track of names of dancers that I enjoyed more intimacy sharing with since he and others are also looking for those kinds of women and enjoy my intimacy reports. (Not just the "hot" babes willing to do extra's).

All the credit for this experience goes to the Terbite who was so creative thinking she might enjoy my type of interaction who gave the gift, as she said "the best gift anyone has given me." And a lot of that is not so much about me but that someone would be so creative to set up this encounter the way he did.

As per agreement he shall remain anonymous unless he wants to step up, take a bow and out himself!

The Terbite says:
"Dave excellent review, (kudos)!"
But goes on to explain why for personal reasons has to remain anonymous.

CB Tuesday Afternoon - After the Surprise Gift
After such a wonderful surprise gift reaction I hung around to meet more wonderful gals at Cannonball's afternoon shift.

Diane - again - wanted to check out how things went and had another very nice intimate responsive dance. She was a bit higher pressured than some into wanting more - but I was getting broke....

Valentina - A very nice Hungarian. Very much my type great sensual intimacy sharing and response.

Sasha - Black From Barbados - a friend of "target of surprise" Seemed to enjoy but not quite as responsive and naturally open as others I enjoyed this afternoon. Not bad, just not quite as good of a feeling.

Rebecca - Czech - short - very nice intimacy sharing and response.

Dominica - Italian - I was about to leave since only had one $20 bill left, but spotted this poor cute nice body (taller) sort of with her head down on the standing table. I had noticed her before not getting many dances and looking a bit lost... but had a nice body. I touched her nicely and she perked up! Did a dance - She seemed almost surprised someone wanted to dance with her! She was a bit down since it was a fairly busy day at the club but very slow for her. She seemed very nice and I enjoyed her - maybe she wasn't aggressive enough hustling guys for dances, which I can understand would become very frustrating after awhile if get turned down a lot. But certainly nothing wrong with her looks or body in my view. Dancers if they are aggressive or build up a good following can make a lot more money dancing than in most "regular" jobs. But you have to have not only the body but the personality and some aggressiveness to compete to make it work it seems.

Personal Reflections - Dancers vs. Escorts

Thanks to all those that have been E-mailing and PM'ing me dancer suggestions. However I find it hard to just know a name and I really haven't had any problems finding wonderful dancers. I appreciate all the help but am about danced out - other than one's I'd like to see again and I do want to do the day shift at MDS.

I should also use my E-mail address here more since its easier to respond to E-mail messages than PM (although its not that hard- but E-mail is more flexible and I have no problem giving it out: Sometimes I am overwhelmed with E-mail however and can't always respond right away.

I seem to be hitting the strip clubs again this trip a great deal with a few NR massages. I keep having mixed thoughts about trying some escorts, although I probably will. I wish some of the dancers were escorts, but only those that I really connected with would I be interested in sharing more. Since being here only 7-10 days at a time, a few times a year, I can't make any long-term connections with dancers which is one reason I seem to enjoy short 1-2 songs with a wide variety of dancers. Since the songs are FAR longer than in the U.S. it does provide for me, plenty of time for my type of intimacy enjoyment and interaction with different personalties.

I've saved the reviews I thought may be of interest of zillions of escorts - which is almost overwhelming. But I haven't had time to really go through them in depth, although I have made some preliminary choices. I had hoped to do more organizing my escort review notes while still back in Phoenix but just didn't have the time tying up business lose ends to get away.

Many of the reviews that are so wonderful are more the hot and wild types and don't give me a good clue as to the intimacy aspects I enjoy - and pictures while narrowing down based on my physical preferences help there are useless for judging my main intimacy interest. My physical preferences which I often mention are slim but not bony to medium build with some preference for taller but not a must. I have no attraction to BBW's which all the women that want to meet me in my real life seem to be. I don't care about breast size other than not too huge. If D size enjoy soft and pliable, not hard and artificial. Usually I prefer less than D size breasts, but my "surprise target" was D, I believe, but very nice soft ones and the rest of her body was cuddly soft but not overweight.

Most folks idea of GFE seems to if she allows DATY and how orally skilled she is, which really isn't my interest.

Strip clubs are so nice for my intimacy fetish, since there is no large financial commitment to one person like with an escort, and I enjoy meeting different personalities and getting varied (mostly great) responses to what I enjoy doing most. But I'd also enjoy intimate/ sensual FS as I have in the past and will yet this trip. The choices are just far more difficult for someone as analytical, selective as I am, vs going to a strip clubs with so many choices to try at just a slightly lower level of satisfaction. Or the next level up in price and satisfaction is the NR massage parlors.

Another factor is while Mississauga area is perfect for my strip club and NR massage interests most escorts/ agencies charge a premium to come out this far in traffic vs. the downtown or Toronto City area which I avoid due to traffic...and more bylaw restrictions for massage and strip clubs.

Cannonball Friday Afternoon
I was hoping to see "Target" (see special gift thread) again as she indicated she would be working today, but no such luck. As someone said, it's difficult trying to schedule around a dancer's freedom, since they have very flexible schedules. But I met my usual array of gals.

Alexis - from Detroit/Windsor area before Toronto, nice body and high intimacy response.

Diane - again - she remembered me from Tuesday (she helped me confirm ID of Target) and we enjoyed more great dances. Very high intimacy response and nice light kisses.

Gabriella - Russian - Nice body and the response that makes one guess. I call this type a melter. Does usual type dance and doesn't seem responsive to my type of touch, but they towards end like its so different she doesn't know how to respond but ends up melting in my arms being held tightly.

I should say most dancers are just coming up saying "wanta dance" although a few engage in some conversation. But I am not sitting at a table, but standing and roaming all the time (keeping away from the bar girl trying to catch me for drinks). No, not really. No pressure to buy more drinks like I had at MDS. But at MDS there is very little roaming places so usually I'm stationary at a table at MDS and almost everyone sat down and talked instead of the just "wanta dance".

Also because I'm not having much conversation time (and bad English of many dancers) I'm not telling them the type of dance I enjoy (slow and caressing not hot/wild/GYN exam). So I can't blame them for not reading my mind, but some pick up very quickly to my touch response and go into more intimate mode since most enjoy it more than doing wild and hot. I really should indicate my preference more however, I realize, which is my fault.

Also its great if the timing is such that we get to VIP in middle of a dance so have to wait for next one for "our" song. Sometimes the dancer sits in your lap and I can start my type of touch on her. Much nicer than the dancer just sitting in other chair waiting for next dance to come up..sometimes trying some conversation other times not.

Also I like CB's Men's rooms more than other two. Seems cleaner and towel racks are full at least when I was there. I see a lot of the mens room...I hide their to right my brief notes..and always like to wash hands between dancers, always have not just with SAR's scare. I continue to note how few men wash up even after doing real business in the John. I note most of the older guys do but not the younger ones.

Back to the dancers...

Alex - Mexican - OK but not much intimacy response. Song had started before we got to the VIP so I suggested we wait till next one but she wanted to start with the late start of current one.

Kathleen - From Montreal with heavy accent (French I assume). WOW... Loved how tall she was - almost my height (6-2). Eye candy wise seemed to be the perfect body for most mans dreams. Nice tan, tall, HUGE breasts. She looked like she belonged in the Playboy Mansion as eye candy. But not much intimacy response, kind of mechanical and tease with a lot of playing with her breasts. I prefer less model perfect and more down to earth. But enjoyed caressing her beautiful body nevertheless.

Angela - Russian - Spoke little English but very nice body, loved to caress, medium intimacy response.

Oh Oh... Did old Dave screw up?. Another Gabriella from Russia next in my notes... I know she is not the same as earlier one, I remember they were very different. How many Gabriella's from Russian are their two? Nice body, soft smaller nice breasts but low intimacy response.

Christina again from Russia - had met Tuesday. Wow yes... this time even better although English limited our bodies and hands communicated perfectly. Wonderful intimacy response, looking in eyes, enjoys face stroking and her response. Probably the smallest breasts of those I've met today, but so nice do make love to them with my hands, stroking her pecs, and rest of very nice responsive body. She comments how she remembered by nice hands and at the end discussed how often I make it to Toronto etc and says, very sincerely, "I really enjoy dancing for you" I had the most dancers with her and a great way to end my Friday afternoon visit.

Now if I could just find an escort like her....and I did.. Danielle just a few hours later and then Taylor for massage

Cannonball Sunday Night 6/1/03
Trying to absorb as much intimacy and hands on so many wonderful bodies before I leave Toronto I enjoyed another night at CB.

Maxine - From Portugal, a but larger breasts than I prefer but so nice and soft - very nice interaction.

Maria - Russian, probably best of the evening. Tall very wonderful interactive intimacy.

Angela - HOT from Trinidad. But too hot to tame and not my type of intimacy response.

Alexis - From Portugal, but moved to Brampton when 2. Started out "hot" like Angela but was able to subdue into my type of slower intimate interaction and she started to seem to enjoy. Said no one had ever caressed her face so nicely before. Small body/breasts but very nice and responsive to my type of intimacy interaction.

Trish - Nice longer conversation while standing near front before did dances. Very friendly and slim beautiful body. Near end says, "such nice hands, but I bet everyone tells you that all the time."..ah..yes, actually but nice observation. Talked a bit about my porn star dancer friend that interesting in exploring doing features in Toronto. Trish has featured in European clubs and recommended checking out that can be helpful booking all over Canada, getting work Visa etc. Liked the women that runs it.

Susanna from Hungary. Danced here 2 years said was real slow night. Dance was very mechanical and non responsive.

Left just before 2 am closing to check out C2M again for a NR massage.

December 2002 Update on nice experience like I enjoy
Got One for you Dave
I went to the Cannonball last night (Monday) about 8PM just to look and have a quick drink with no intention to have a dance. I usually go in the afternoon when I do but was simply interested in the crop of lovlies that I don't usually see.

Was standing in that area between the bar and the large VIP when Angela or Angel (still not sure which - her slight Russian accent and noise didn't help) cuddled up to me standing there and we chatted and nuzzled for along time. Now her real name is Natasha and she is originally from Moscow. Not a fabulous body but slim and soft skin, blond hair about shoulder length with a nice friendly smile and attitude. She simply seduced me with her gentle affectionate approach and warmth. So I suggested one dance and off we went.

Sat down on one of the straight back (kitchen ) chairs and she immediately straddled me, face to face, arms around my neck, really close Now when we sat down a song hadn't started yet but she said "we'll wait for the next song". and so I spent the next 4-5 minutes in a loving (really) embrace just soaking up her incredible warmth. Her soft hands carresed my neck and scalp while I tasted her neck and shoulders.

The "dance" was more of the same but with her nude and I was able to gently stroke the valley between her buns from time to time. Just a fabulous experience really - I think you would approve and may even break your one dance rule. It took every ounce of will power I had to leave. But I will be back for more

Dave replies: Yep that is the type of experience I really enjoy, sounds like a winner! I HAVE broken my one dance only rule a few time with someone like that... but seldom is that good. I am surprised she wasn't more busy from others that knew her unless she is new or few guys at the time.

Can I share your experience in my Toronto Report? Credit as Specter or any name you wish or none your choice.
Reminds me how I miss Toronto but been too busy and its too cold up there now. Hopefully this Spring will return.

Hi Dave,
Sure go ahead and use if you like. The thing about the cold that can be nice is that it makes the nice warm dance so much more enjoyable. You know it was such a wonderful experience that she TOTALLY relaxed me and cleared my head (mentally), and I had been feeling rather uptight prior to the session. Specter

July 2002 - I visited Cannonball many times day and night and had my usual great experiences as reported at other clubs and from other trips. But instead of writing more reports that would be similar to prior trip reports, I just enjoyed myself!

November 2001 Trip Reports

Night Shift
As usual lots of gals and action. The usual mix of mechanical sexy vs. nicely intimate nude laps I enjoy. Best were 3 Russians! One almost as tall as I am (6-2) very nice, responsive and the intimacy dance I enjoy over more than "hot" fast grinding and purely sexual ... as most U.S. and Canadian dancers are. One young very large breasted Canadian blond (not my type), who wore nursing costume, seemed to enjoy me trying to "tame" her. Wanted me to come to Locomotion next afternoon and also meet her "very attractive" girlfriend. Usually I find a bit older more mature women more my type and I am odd preferring small or medium breasts to nicely massage vs. big. Locomotion is my other favorite club, but haven't got down there yet. Will however during the week.

Day Shift
I finally made it to the day shift which I had better times with for my intimacy interest on prior trips and been told often day shift is better for my interests.

Well...that was certainly the case on Friday afternoon. Reka the Hungarian...very nice my type of intimacy. Bella from Montreal who spoke perfect English (a nice change). A bit older but nice soft body and used to live in Phoenix. Very nice. Angelica, Russian such a soft nice caressing body. Afterwards I see her talking to her friend...and sure enough her friend Leta comes over to me .. oh boy... tall, I can look her in the eyes standing, slender...

Leta...yes! I start out with hand massage before "our song" .. great response, immediate warm connection. Great intimate session just like I love...but .. oh.. if she was only an escort would be wonderful. I mentioned by dream but she didn't offer anything.. but very warm, sensual, tender intimacy both giving and in response the way I enjoy it the most...

I have got to switch to more Russian escorts, even with the problem understanding their English to have good verbal communications!

NOTE:  I visited Cannonball about 3 more times at night but experiences very similar to the detailed reviews from earlier trip so I enjoyed myself and didn't try and take as detailed notes or remember names since dancers change very frequently anyway.

July 2001 Trip Reports

Cannonball Cabaret Strip Club - First Night
Well, after the usual flight delays, long flight, problem getting my network connection from hotel but finally did (at 24000, I am spoiled by DSL and Cable at home/office), I finally made it to Cannonball a little after midnight. I remember what I liked so much about Toronto! Along with the nude-reverse parlors, some of the strip clubs!

For those that have followed by prior trip reviews on, warning I have an intimacy fetish. If your idea of a great dancer is how far you can go with her with your fingers or getting "high mileage" my reports will not interest you . For us from the U.S. a naked girl in lap with whom you can nicely caress breasts and share non-sexual good touch intimacy is all the mileage I seek in a strip club

Yes, I know, how un macho I am... but I also get lots of like minded guys when E-mailing me when I show the type of reaction I get to forms of lap dance good touch intimacy I so enjoy getting usually such great response from.

With your so favorable legal situation for strip clubs, I respect the legal limits since full service is so legally and easily available from so many great providers outside of strip clubs. Most of the dancers rubbed the jewels with their hands which was nice and under the Supreme Court of Canada ruling not a bawdy house violation. But Toronto itself has licensing bylaws more restrictive than Mississauga, Brampton and some of the other Western cities where I prefer to stay in outside of Toronto itself. But these are license bylaws, not criminal - yet a club could be closed for violations. "High Mileage" however often is criminal and risks bawdy house charges (insertion per Canadian Supreme Court). Save high mileage for legal full service escorts. I feel that and that most Canadian men don't know how good they have it compared to the U.S. - don't spoil a good situation trying to break legal boundaries...stepping down from soapbox...

Back to Cannonball - Unlike prior trips tonight I was approached one after another for dances when I returned from each. I met 5-6 great gals in short period of time and did one dance only $CAN20 with each. For any U.S. readers of course that is only about $US13! The songs seem to be at least twice as long as the songs in the U.S. And of course in the U.S. you don't have a naked gal in your arms and lap with freedom to caress as long as you don't insert with no legal issues. There simply is nothing like this in the U.S. and costs are far higher for a lot less, even without the $US/$CAN exchange advantage we are blessed with.

First was Nicole from Russia slender with very bright blond air, not a models body but her response to my type of intimacy was great as were all the rest amazingly.

Then very short Debra from the Ukraine has been in Canada 8 yrs and plans to stay and dancing here about 1.5 years. Very dynamic small body and great intimacy response commenting on how much she enjoyed my touch. I also learned that the Ukraine language is more like Polish than Russian. But she had lived in "Russia" in the days when it was united, but in what now is Ukraine.

Then I had two others, I forget names and sort of average but good response. (To keep track of names since old Dave has poor memory I try and jot down some notes or go to mens room to not be so obvious trying to be discrete writing notes so I will remember names etc. Also I had dancers coming over to me so fast for me to jot notes in some cases.

Last two I do recall better - With Diana, we had to wait a few minutes in the VIP room do get an empty chair. Diana is tall, hair up in bun, a bit too large breasted for my tastes but nice. She started out being much more seductive and erotic than others instead of quickly responding to my higher interest in more intimacy. But like many other "tigresses" she started responding and would up in a hug/snuggle at the end she didn't want to break even when time was up.

Contrary to some recent reports, I was never pressured for any more than the one dance which I warned them was all I was good for, and none of the gimmicks I reported on my last trip in December 2000.

Last was Angel. Made a good first impression since unlike everyone else she sat down next to me and started a conversation first vs the usual stand by you and ask "what a dance". I usually start asking name and a short conversation before accepting such offers. But Angel was much more the sincere conversationalist to know you first (no cost to me just talking with me). Of course I agreed to a dance. Angel works for a normal company during day, Cannonball at night to save money to go to school full time in the fall. She is quite tall, small breasted (fine with me), and GREAT intimate touch responder. Kept commenting how nice and soft my hands were on her body (lots of dancers tell me that so must be true?), and after dance time continued some nice discussion. She says while of course some men just want to grope and finger, she was surprised how nice most men were. She seemed to have a rather negative attitude about dancing making it clear just temporary to earn extra money for school, but certainly seemed comfortable being nude in my lap etc. Thinks she thought it was going to be more sexual than it was. She is a native of Toronto although has traveled a lot in the U.S. She got a kick out of my answer to her asking if I was going back to have another drink when I said I had already had my quota of one diet coke.

Well decided to leave around 1;30 am as I was running out of $CAN that I had kept from last trip. Had not found a bank drive-in open or anyplace to get ATM for more Canadian money. The exchange rate is much better getting cash from an ATM than using the "money changers" at the airport!

Last trip report I mentioned what a hard time I had finding any all night sit down place to eat other than all the donut and coffee shops. I was desperate for a 24 hr Denny's or something similar. Well found one not far from my hotel for this trip. And had ATM machine to refresh my cash to support the Canadian economy :)

Cannonball Cabaret Day Shift Experiences
Now having met so many dances at the 3 related clubs in Mississauga/Brampton that work both day and night shift all say how much they prefer working days I decided to make the day shift rounds.

All I had been told seem true. A more business men or less biker type clientele overall, more laid back, no waiting for open seats in the VIP. Although I am more a late night person, next trip I am going to spend more time in the clubs during the day.

Hung out quite a few hours and this time if I liked the gal did "all" of 2 drinks instead of my usual only one as my standard as described in prior reports. Seems the dancers tend to be a bit more mature, less of the big jugged blond bimbo type I got a bit tired of in the evening. I know I am perhaps odd, but find more normal bodied women often have more personality and more responsive to intimacy and sensuality instead of the wild ride on the lap type.

Torrey - nice, OK medium response and maybe a 2.4 on my 1-5 intimacy scale.

Jennifer- WOW. Only her 2nd week and shorter a bit large but not too bad, but not the near perfect model type most men look for. But the great intimacy factor was my highest 5 rating. Nice caressable breasts.

Christina from Ukraine. Tall slim body, medium breasts all which I like. About a 4 on my intimacy scale.

Angela is from Canada but spent time in Trinidad and still has the accent. Very good 4 on my intimacy scale and really enjoyed and needed my neck massage before and after our "songs".

Kelly Canadian.... OK... nice body but sort of average 2.5 on intimacy scale..a bit mechanical at times but hard to judge as she was a quiet non-responder but also seemed to be connecting at times.

Erika has been dancing about 2 years, has very nice smile, very good connection and enjoyed my massage after "songs" over. Very sensual, intimate a perfect 5 on my intimacy scale.

After Erika being so good I started to leave having the best last as is often the case. But as I was going by the front VIP area I spotted this slim Asian, Thai looking gal. This time I decided I would approach her, since I enjoy Thai's and Thailand so much. But she wound up sitting at a table trying to get a dance from a guy before I could get to her. Oh, well... gee..long conversation she will probably get him for dances. But surprise he didn't and soon she was on the prowl again.

I waved at her ... completely forgetting my Thai manners since waving is very insulting in Thailand, almost as bad as crossing your legs and pointing your feet at someone! But she is in Canada and must not have been offended by us Thai culture illiterates waving. At least I knew it was wrong but only remembered afterwards.

Pearl from Thailand quite sweet (as most Thai gals are). Not real good English but quite responsive a 4 on my intimacy scale. As we finished her cell phone rang but she gave up trying to hear whoever it was with the roar of the music.

Reminded me that most Thai bar girls carry about six cell phones, each give to them from the exclusive boyfriends that send them money so they can get out of the business. Of course they don't, but if in a bar or another guys bed, they try and get to a quiet place and do the "honey I miss you so, please come see me soon" routine, often to a guy in England or Australia that thinks she got out of the business just for him... and the other five guys think the same and are all sending her money each month to support her. But that is in Thailand I doubt Pearl was doing that in Canada

I had a wonderful time during the dayshift at Cannonball, as Dave enjoys meeting and interacting with the different personalities, different body types and different intimacy experiences with a wide variety of attractive women.

December 2000 Trip Reports

On a wet rainy foggy Saturday night the parking lot is packed but place is big enough so still plenty of room inside. Layout similar to locomotion (they really don't need the porn video going or sports TV however). No cover, no separate fee for VIP area like some clubs. Quite nice.

Since so busy I have harder time getting dancers to approach me. I move to various locations, trying to be away from the stage but easily for a dancer to get to. I get bored and lonely very quickly without any company :) Interestingly just like at Locomotion the best interactions were the first dancers that solicited old Dave for lap dances.

First and best was Kelly. Yikes what a warm killer smile. Immediately seemed to click and started nice conversation at table. Tall and proud of her 1986 implants that only cost $1100 back then vs. $7000 or more now. She made sure I massaged them well in the lap dance. A bit too big for my tastes, but enjoyed anyway. Very intelligent is very conservative in her real life and drives a long way from another city since she doesn't want to have friends run into her at local strip clubs. Nice kiss and warm hugs at end. Definitely would want to meet her regularly if I lived here. She is older with teenager, but has Dave's almost perfect body as well as warm, intelligent personality. About an 8 on Dave's 1-10 intimacy response ratings.

Kiana next from Philippines. She lived in Manila and was interested I had been there 2 yrs ago. Her English while not perfect was far better than the Filipino gal Jenny I had met earlier at Ambrosia Health Spa . She admitted she has to be careful not to slip into her tagalog dialect . But the conversation went better than the lap dance. More sexual and fun teasing than intimate. But probably what most guys like and of course now knowing my likes can't just blame her. Didn't seem to want any breast touching etc. About a 3 on Dave's intimacy scale.

Diamond next, a tall Italian. She also held hands very warmly and responsively at table so I thought she might be great on the intimacy side in lap dance. Very attractive but again her dance was more the tease wiggle your butt in face type dance at times. But also some intimacy response so I'd rate her a 5 on Dave's intimacy scale.

Overall based on my very limited experience it didn't seem much better than Locomotion although Cannonball tends to get much better reviews for "high mileage". Since I was looking for intimacy reaction however, I wasn't really testing for "high mileage".

It is too late to go to any massage places, so I head back and check out Runway 66 just a few blocks from hotel which may finish out Dave's strip club research in Toronto. For my last 2 days, Sunday and Monday, I plan to only seek out specifically pre selected massage providers and escorts instead of just randomly finding massage gals and visiting strip clubs.

Return to Cannonball on Tuesday 12/19 Update
I spent even more time this evening here. I didn't have my little blue book with me so I don't remember any of the dancers names. I think I now realize why many reviewers have said Cannonball offers higher mileage than some of the other clubs. 

Some of the dancers were very aggressive at manually stimulating me while dancing. Although I didn't try to DATY since not my interest from observing others it may be occurring with some dancers. Compared to Locomotion and Million Dollar, some of the dances were much more ... lets say trying to get you very aroused or more. A more grinding type moves. Although enjoyable I'd rather have a bit less sexual laps and more intimate ones, although some here were also very intimate. One dancer in particular J? from Montreal a shorter smaller gal with whom I did a two song routine with was a superb romantic/erotic dance routine that just flowed beautifully combining very good intimacy with sensuality. Quite different from the standard routine of most. 

Another difference I noted with some, but not all of the dancers. They pushed at least two songs because they didn't fully take off their tops in the first song but teased you to get you to get two songs. Obviously I didn't care for this since you can burn up a lot of $20's very fast. But it works well for dancers to get the most of the male ATM machines.  Not all did that, some got naked quite soon - those that did, also seemed to be the more intimate vs. just sexual dancers.

With the right dancer, I especially liked to be seated in the semi-private lap dance area early in the prior song, so we had time to interact before "our" song began. I would do some nice massage which almost always got an immediate positive response while waiting. An Hungarian gal just went almost crazy loving when I did a hand massage on her while waiting. About half the dancers were my type of intimacy sharing and I would have loved to have had them for a FS escort on a bed. The other half were very nice to caress but were more the sexual routine than the intimacy I try and bring out in a dancer.

I had hoped to connect again with a couple of the dancers from my last visit. But it is like looking for a needle in a haystack with so many dancers working all different hours and nights.

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