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His Story --- Her Story
The Reality of Massage Encounters

by Ref 5/24/03

One thing that has always amused me about the reviews of visits to MP’s are the ensuing tales of conquest and acts of libido heroism. Therefore, the following tale is what I perceive to be the reality of many of the encounters reviewed on TERB…

His Story:

I was finally able to book an appointment with her which is somewhat impossible. I arrived early and sat in the waiting room chatting with the other girls. They really liked me because they spent all of their free time talking with me. One of them even slipped me her number on one of the company business cards (she must have been impressed with my cool cell phone and the he-man conversation I had on it while she waited at the front desk).

I had never met this particular girl before, but her reputation was prominent on the boards. She began to massage me and complimented me on my well-toned physique. She asked me if I worked out to which I replied not too much because I’m so busy running my own company and attending business activities over-seas. After telling her about my business dealings I inquired if she would like me to massage her. She readily agreed and I began to amaze her with my vaunted massage technique. She was going wild by my touch and I could tell she was getting turned on because she was getting wet. I slowly worked my way down to her then dripping snatch and started to please her with my unique fingertip clit massage. She went wild with desire. I then moved into position and began to stimulate her with my tongue. Again, she loved my technique. I knew she came at least twice and was on the verge of begging me to stick my massive log of love deep inside her gapping honey hole when, between pants, she asked to switch positions and gave me a deep grinding genital-to-genital contact body slide. We kissed briefly but it was hard to continue some DFK because of her vocal responses to my magical touch. I eventually came all over her massive smooth man-made breasts. She fell back onto the table and lay there quivering. She told me that that was the best massage she had ever had and that I should visit her again real soon. I knew that she wanted me and that pretty soon I would be meeting her outside of the spa. She is a definite repeat. Looks, massage, face all 10/10. Major GFE!

Her Story...

It was the end of my shift and I checked the register to see who had booked me – James. “James” I thought, “Is it James from Toronto who had left his wife last year and constantly whined about her leaving him, or is James from Brampton who has bad breath and always tries to force digits, or is it James from Woodbridge who is really, really obese and keeps on asking for a prostate massage?”

When I entered the room I was surprised to find it was a new client, new clients usually don’t book at the beginning or end of a shift. I began the massage as the client talked about his business prowess. I had heard this braggart story so many times before. Buddy gets tired of working for ”The Man” and opens up his own business. Before long, he owns a big mansion, three cars and jet sets around the world running his business. Great family man he must be! Occasionally I would compliment the client on his body, to make him feel good, but also to break up the monotony of listening to him blow his own horn. I could sense the client was getting restless and wanted to check me out because he kept rubbing my thighs and grabbing my ass whenever the chance arose, so I asked him if he wanted to massage me. It was a typical guy massage. Light rubbing over and over again until it was red and burning. Within minutes the client was all over my tits, mashing and squishing them together like two loaves of fresh bread. He would bend down and squeeze and bite my nipples – Christ that hurt sometimes, especially at the end of the day. As predictable as the sun coming up each morning, he started rubbing my groin. Before he had a chance to stick his fingers up me, I moved his hand up above my clit and motioned him to rub there. I knew what was next; he wanted to go down on me. As he dined I controlled where he could go and what I allowed him to do by directing his head with my hand. Like a thousand times before, I moaned at the right times and made him feel like he was the best lover in the world. Once the dining became more aggressive I pulled away and began to perform the session-ending body slide. Once on top I ground my lower stomach onto his penis. I gave him a quick kiss to intensify the fantasy but did not kiss any further due to the smell of stale alcohol on his breath. I knew that he was holding out so I began an aggressive tit-fuck. A good tit-fuck always makes them come fast. Once he blew his load I laid back so that it wouldn’t run down my stomach. I reached for the towel and wiped his jism off of my breasts.

I showered, left the room for him to shower then returned to collect the tip. It was the usual story at the end of a session with the new client, tell him he was amazing and that I can hardly wait to see him again. I laughed when the client tipped me on top of the regular tip. Oh yeah, I can’t forget to pick up some bread on the way home tonight…

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