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Juliana Tokyo
239 Queen Street E Brampton
(905) 796-8288

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Dave's reports are especially detailed for the first time visitor
and for those with my interest in a high intimacy factor not just sexual stimulation

Jenny at Juliana Tokyo - April 2, 2006

Tina @ Juliana's Tokyo May 2003 
From Mystique I easily find Juliana's right where its always been :)

Fortunately its open to I believe 3am so I am in luck ... at least with it still being open. Now for the girl.

As in the past they don't really offer choice, just next girl up greets you and is your MT. I was feeling about unsure if she (Tina) would ...solve my tension problem... a bit older face, but hard to tell if very attractive until get their clothes off. Was definitely more my type than Lisa at Angels Touch so I take a chance with a $45/45 minute session.

Go downstairs and remember the tiny shower only a small Asian would fit well in, not 6-2 me, but I make it. The door doesn't fully close and hardly any hot water at least that I can get out. But I make do.

She offers the usual extras and I am brave and take the $40 nude option. I'm not sure I am attracted enough to her to do my usually desired nude-reverse. Oh yes to be able to touch her is another $20 option which I reluctantly accept.

Tina is very friendly and does a better than average massage. First with oil than nice powder massage and than very light stroking - I prefer not so light but she is trying to do some different techniques for which she gets an A for effort.

On the flip things start getting much nicer. She doesn't just attack like many do. She has a nice erotic buildup and seems very receptive to my caressing her body, standing close to where I can better nicely reach her - not way down there.... (I'm 6-2). Once clothes were off, her body was quite nice including soft natural breasts. Turned out to be a very nice successful finish. And a nice after touch not just dash to clean up. Did some further nice leg massage - no big hurry after the finish.

When got up gave me a very nice hug and while still naked, very nicely put all my clothes on for me. Sort of like the Geisha girl's of Japan..or ah Tokyo might do. Have never had a girl to that. Even resting my foot on her body to put my stockings on. Takes my hand walking me up the stairs and another nice hug at the door.

Another good experience at Juliana's Tokyo as on past trips. Many recent reviewers have not had as much luck with comments it has gone downhill in the past few years. But was great for me this time as in the past.

Sara - November 2001
I had some very nice experiences here on previous trips. I wish they had their schedule page working on website but they haven't for a long time. There were about 4 gals on the couch. They don't offer to let you select (maybe could if insisted) and gal that takes your money isn't the one to massage you. Would up with Sara who if I had to select based on looks on the couch, she would have been my pick.

Did my usual 40/45 minute nude reverse ($105 or $US66). Down the steps I go with the money taker gal. To my pleasant surprise, Sara is the gal that comes in to do the massage. Very friendly although English is limited.. or at least my ability to understand, but we communicate the usual intro fine.

Starting massage I can tell from little clues I look for she is very comfortable with men and enjoys good mutual sensual touch like I do. Very nice sensual massage and excellent response to reverse and typical good Asian skills in final. About all I can say is enjoyable interaction, attractive gal, believe just started at Juliana's recently but not sure of background etc. due to lack of English.

Jordon- July 2001
On previous trip I had a couple very good experiences here including the quite popular Erica who is now Tarah at Blue Pearl Massage Spa ( reports are it is a wonderful place but location is a bit far East from my "territory" closer to my hotel. Erica and some of the other most popular stars left Juliana's some months ago after the Spa was busted. I don't know if it was a bylaw problem or a few workers not having proper immigration papers. There were rumors of both including certain gals offering too much in extras but again I do not know the reason. If someone knows for sure, I'd like to clear this up.

The "new" Juliana's seems to have started hiring from scratch and rebuilt their staff. There website is being redone and doesn't yet even name the massage gals that work there. I also have not seen any reports on Juliana gals since the seeming re staffing.

So I went to Juliana's cold about 10pm Saturday night, with no idea about the gals. The front desk gal didn't seem to catch my usual attempt at a bit of humor saying I knead to be kneaded. She seemed all business. Only 1 gal on the couch where those available usually sit. Quite attractive Asian. I like the gals sitting right out front as you come in so can look them over a few seconds while talking to the desk girl.

Cost is $45 room fee for 45 minutes and $60 paid to gal for nude-reverse. For any U.S. readers this total of $105 is only $US68.

Unlike last time I was here, desk girl didn't have me choose, maybe since only one was available. She led me down the stairs to lower level and introduces herself as Jordan and she will be my therapist. She was my body type so I was not at all disappointed just thought she wasn't the open friendly type at first. But I was very wrong!

Showered in the tiny built for Asians shower in hall. The upstairs rooms have showers in the room as I recall from Erica having a nice upstairs room. But they were probably all in use.

It turned out I was wrong on my initial concern about Jordan. We seemed to hit it off immediately. She is a talker or at least with me. I do enjoy conversation as long as it is intelligent type which it was with Jordan. Some prefer the less chatty types (Ashley at Allure is less talkative) but I am sort of neutral either way.

Jordan has good massage skills and above average sensual skills. I love her body type (very slim but not bony,) and nice smaller breasts that liked to be caressed. She has a few tattoos but not an issue good or bad with me. Her experience showed in her techniques, she has been with a variety of other MP in the past.

She didn't seem Asian. In fact she is an Icelandic. I wondered about a non-Asian working in an Asian MP. She said once she applied and was turned town since she wasn't Asian, but then after the loss of many gals, they started advertising for Asian or Canadian women. Jordan applied and was immediately hired.

She says she very much enjoys doing massage and meeting such a wide variety of men. She may not be for everyone as I doubt she would allow fingering or anything more. She says some older guys seem to want her to do more than younger ones, claiming they got be this age and don't have any STD's. She is very health and cleanliness conscious, but nothing I enjoy doing tested any limits. Her release phase was also quite skilled and interactive as far as I interact.

She kept saying how much she liked my reverse and as most, said it is so rare to get a great reverse massage. She jokingly said, "you are here for a 45 HOUR nude-reverse massage aren't you?"

I asked about staffing and she said they have at least 6 gals available each shift.

As I left with her leading me up the stairs there were about six gals on the "waiting for customers" couch. Some looked quite attractive.

As we came up Jordan did a nice touch, she might do for every nice guy - she announces to all the gals how great Dave is if you are ever lucky enough to be with him. Nice PR touch!

If you meet her you might say high from the Esalen Massage guy from Phoenix that shared the meat cleaver massage technique and see if she remembers me :)

On the way back to hotel enjoy Ashley from Allure. Next report.

Erika - December 2000
UPDATE Erika is now Tarah at Hands From Heaven Spa

This image of Erika from Julianatokyo web site is used with full credit, is being shared under the Fair Use provision of the U.S. and Canadian Copyright laws and International treaties for educational purposes with no financial gain.

WOW what a find for old intimacy seeking Dave! Instead of just taking my chances, as I have in the past couple days with who I get at a body rub parlor, this time I tried to make an appointment to see Erika based on a review that made me think she was the highly intimate women I seek.

Not surprising it seems she is very busy. They apparently don't take appointments but I was told she would be done with another session at 3pm, she had someone sort of lined up next, but if I got there by 3PM I could catch her first.

This place can be hard to find, even though I was there the prior day and had such a wonderful intimacy session with Ada from Hong Kong. It is tucked along side the big Mandarin Restaurant just before Kennedy.

I got their just after 3pm and recognized Erika sitting on the couch, from her great web pictures. Unlike Ada's room Erika's was on the main floor with its own nice shower and even large tub, not the tiny small shower downstairs.

We seemed to click from the start doing 45 minute nude reverse ($CAN130 total or $US85). She was my highest 10 on my intimacy rating scale. Absolutely wonderfully, open, sensual and enjoys the same type of warm intimacy which to me is much more meaningful than trying to be just sexual. She used her body in many intimate ways climbing on top of me in all sorts of very intimate as well as sexy positions. She aims to please and enjoys her work. She also is one of best examples of sincere "sweet" I've met. Some of her nice comments she probably tells many men, but the "made in heaven" comment regarding a certain thing was very creative and sweet.

The reason I discuss the type of intimacy I seek, is to encourage others to perhaps learn better intimacy skills, both with sexworkers and in their own personal relationships. With the intimately responsive women I so much enjoy the response I get in the "reverse" part. I do about a 10 minute Esalen type massage that relaxes muscles but also seeks by its method to nurture the person emotionally in a caring way. I also do a form of this in strip clubs with lap dances and have had women literally cry from enjoyment of such touch. But it is not for everyone. It was great it seems for Erika who knows so well how to accept as well as give such intimacy.

It was obvious from both her "purring" and "one in a million" comment about my massage, and body response she very much enjoyed this type of reverse caring massage. In fact, she wanted me to extend for an not to get more money, she said she would pay for the extra time! So I know she really was sincere. As many other like minded and intimacy skilled men know (and many E-mail me), you really can earn your way to a women's heart, even if a sexworker, via good touch skills. It gets a very different response from many than crying grope breasts and finger her!

Pardon the sermon...stepping down from the pulpit...

I very much enjoyed our interaction like two souls that love intimacy coming together. She indicated it was so different from what most men do seeking being more just sexual. She also is very open sexually but its the intimacy I enjoy the most.

Erika is one of the best examples, I've met on truly giving what many men really need if they are open, to her loving, intimate interaction if she clicks with the customer. From the good reports it seems that isn't usually a problem and she shares such great intimacy with many customers.

Ada- December 2000
I had been very attracted to the great intimacy that reviewers commended Erica for here. Reviews of other providers here were very mixed. But after my zero intimacy experience with Joanna at Allure, and since on my map Juliana's was close by I decided to take my chances and try them.

There was a good selection of about six gals. They all introduced themselves as I did. When I seemed to have a hard time deciding they nicely joked to "take us all". All were Asian except the tall busty model type more American (US or Canada) looking. After just having come from another tall very busty American at Allure she sadly was easy to eliminate, especially since I usually find down to earth Asian women far more receptive and seem to enjoy intimacy much more.

I choose Ada from Hong Kong - turned out to be great choice. I was lucky this time!

Did 45 minute nude-reverse with body slide. $45 for time paid at desk and $80 before session began to Ada. Total $CAN125 oe $US82.

Ada led me downstairs to a massage room. The shower is in the hall, with almost no space to dry off in outside the shower without opening the door to the hall,  unless you are a very tiny Asian!

Ada's English was quite good, very friendly and we seemed to click immediately. Did good typical Asian Shiatsu massage. The reverse was the best experience so far in Canada, It was obvious from her body, purrs and smiles, she very much enjoyed the type of intimate (but nonsexual) touch and massage I so enjoy giving a receptive body. It was like body, mind and spirit totally opened up to my touch. 

Our bodies melted into each other in cuddle type holds and she seemed to really enjoy the special stroke I do when she is on her back. That set the stage for a very wonderfully interactive intimate, body slide and the release phase. We went a bit overtime, but no big deal. She kept saying nice things, next time be sure and get an hour etc.. It was a 10 experience on my 1-10 intimacy scale. I would love to have her as a full service escort in a bed where could share even more! It was exactly the opposite of the non intimate experience I had just had before at Allure. 

I still would like to meet Erica who also works here...but only have one day left here. She works days, but not usually on the weekends.

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