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OLD Locomotion Strip Club NOW CLOSED

Replaced by New Locomotion 
OLD LOCATION CLOSE WAS AT: 1250 Eglinton Ave East, Mississauga

Dave's reports are especially detailed for the first time visitor
and for those with my interest in a high intimacy factor not just sexual stimulation

April 2004 Report
Reunion with Terbite and "target" Locomotion Friday late day shift
Follow-up On Prior Trip Terbite Giving Old Dave as a Gift to Dancer
One of my most fun experiences was my last trip in May 2003 where I posted the story about "Special Gift Project for a Dancer from a Terbite" (refers to huge Toronto discussion board at ) where a terbite wanted his dancer friend to experience my intimate dances. With some twists and turns in trying to find her (I called her "target" the results were wonderful. We were a perfect match for each other and then I had to tell her our meeting wasn't just by chance. The story and her great reaction was posted on terb, the old MMB board and is at

At that time "target" didn't want her name used in public at first but then we had a contest of guess who the dancer is on the boards. One person was right, but he declined the prize since he sort of cheated by asking the dancer that helped me find her who she was. Now she is totally Ok with using her name. She works sporadically at the "trio" but now mostly at Locomotion. She was known as Gabrielle but now usually goes by her real name of Marcella. She enjoyed the story and welcomes this update report and using her name. Terbite wants to remain anonymous for some personal reasons, but is a known poster on the boards.

Terbite and I have been in contact related to my trip and he is in contact with Marcella. We were going to go out to dinner together but terbite had a problem come up where he couldn't get away for that long. So we are meeting at Loco where dancer is working the day shift. I also had not met terbite in person before. We exchanged descriptions and hoped to find each other and dancer. Terbite was coming from work and not sure when he could get away so time frame was somewhere between 5 and 6:30 PM. I arrive about 5pm had lots of great dancers with others while looking out for terbite and dancer and we finally connected about 6:45 just after terbite arrived. We had a wonderful time together dancing with dancer and great discussion.

Marcella really enjoys the cuddling, caressing, massaging dances I am known for. She said it was especially great since she had some real weird clients today including one guy that kept wanting her to sit on his thumb bent up like a penis. She also had another quite odd client so was ready for great time with Old Dave and Terbite.

One interesting discussion was my mentioning my approaching a dancer at MDS last night but my hesitancy in doing so. Marcella was thrilled to hear that since its so wonderful to be approached my a man instead of always having to do the approaching and being turned down so often can be discouraging. She highly recommends asking a dancer for a dance. I sure got great reaction when I did at MDS last night.

Marcella has one of the most beautiful faces I have had the pleasure to caress. The beautiful face must come from her Egyptian heritage, sort of like Cleopatra. Her breasts are soft and nice and her personality and of course intimacy response is among the best I've experienced. Marcella has long black hair to her mid back (if not worn up) She is around 5'8" with heels on. She has a tanned complexion, she is not a rail thin size 2 model, but probably around 135 to 140lbs size 8 or 10. Her breasts are D toDD cup size.

While waiting to meet Terbite and Marcella, I had some great dancers with other wonderful women at Loco. I sat in my usual back area by the bar in front of the entrance to the more private sitting area before you go to the back VIP room.

First was Hilgor I think from Russia or Hungary. A bit larger and older than my ideal but not bad intimacy.

Claudia from Hungary medium intimacy response, enjoyed.

Rose - WOW...smaller Asian moved to Canada when she was 5 years old, lived in Thailand before. I even surprised her that I knew where the city was that she was raised in (Chiang Mai in the North Country in the "golden triangle" between what was Burma and Laos.) But most important she was very wonderfully intimacy responsive - among the better experiences. Her fairly small body was a delight to interact with so nicely intimately.

Marletta from El Salvador - Nice intimacy response, mentioned I had "magic hands" as other dancers have and especially loved by massaging her.

McKenzie from Canada. Says she was born in downtown Toronto. A true Toronto native! Is a bit larger but as she said "we fit together perfectly". She was very sexual but not really intimate in my way. Gee... the least intimate dancer of the night and .. yes from Canada vs all the other nationalities. This happens time after time for decades of my interaction with so many women from around the world. Europeans, Asians, South Americans seem so naturally at being intimate for the moment vs U.S. (worst). and Canadian women, who sometimes feel they are only intimate with their boyfriends, vs intimacy for the moment with other men they meet like most foreign women. As I've said there are clear culture reasons with sex being such a big deal in U.S./most of Canada. However of course the French-Canadians are wonderfully intimate as are some from Nova Scotia I've met.

Marla from Russia....OH, from Russia with Love! Yes, Yes, wonderfully intimate.

After meeting with Terbite and Marcella, I thought I'd check out a couple Asian massage places I enjoyed on prior trips. I wasn't sure about Central Health at 28 Dundas St E, which on my last trip was much worse physically than on prior trips and I wondered if it was still open. Driving by the place looked even more dumpy than before and looked vacant, although you have to go upstairs to where the clubs is or was. I did a search on Terb and find just a few weeks ago "Well it a sad day for me.I saw today that Central Health 28 Dundas is closed, by a fire.

I also had even better time last trip at p.t. massage a few blocks away at 165 Dundas St W. It is now called TCM but it was closed when I stopped by about 8pm Friday.

May 2003 Report
Locomotion Saturday Night
It feels great to be at one of my favorite strip clubs after not being back to Toronto since last "research" trip in July 2002. Still the same Dave in Disneyland - nothing to compare to in most of the States. Ah back doing nice breast and back massage, getting great response and meeting many interesting dancers.

Folks if you recall some of my weirdness - bare with me - I am not look for high mileage like "extras" that put a club at legal risk - that is available from you zillions of wonderful escorts. I have an intimacy fetish, love to cuddle, stroke and give Esalen type massage strokes to the extent possible if I can tame them a bit from just wiggling and doing the GYN organ exam stuff... and get dancers reactions which is usually very positive.

I also enjoy meeting a lot of dancers and rarely do more than one dance unless I really like them. I tell them that up front that I'm only good for one, and have never had anyone turn me down. I gave up about two trips ago trying to write down names so my reports are a bit generic without names and there is so much turnover and different dancers hard to keep track of them unless you find one you really like. I will spend more dances again if I really click with someone or for ....special projects as one person has "assigned" to me as a surprise (hopefully good) to a dancer friend of his next week.

Arrive shortly after midnight (I just got to Toronto and set up at hotel). Was about 75% full, but most of the dancers said it had been a slow night. I played my usual games when dancers come up to the table with usually a bit more conversation than the "wanta dance" line. The usual question of "where are you from" I reply "my mother" which is a bit of a test of their humor response. It usually breaks the ice and leads to more normal conversation. BTW no one else use that I have that response copy written as Dave in Phoenix's favorite line :)

I had dancers with about 10 dancers. 3 of them I liked enough to get more than 1 dance. I was surprised there were not as many Eastern Europeans as last trip - in fact most of them were native Torontoairans (sp?) other than a black gal (quite nice) from Bermuda but grew up in Toronto and one from Romania the only European I met which may be unusual.

Also as it also strikes me on prior trips and in other cities, it was the foreign women that respond best and enjoyed the type of more non-sexual but intimate dance interaction I so much enjoy. In fact the Romanian who may have been a bit older and was not my perfect body type (slightly more round and short than I prefer physically) but I enjoyed the most from her response to my type of interaction. Only one dancer was kind of stuck up, mechanical and non-responsive - a young more perfect body dancer from Toronto.

I also noted that I sat in my usual corner (very back by rear VIP off the bar area) but about half the dancers dragged me ALL the way to the front VIP area which was very crowed vs. only a few in the back area. The dancers understandably seem to prefer the large deep nicer chairs in the front VIP vs the older chairs in the back VIP area.

Decided this had been a great introduction to get old Dave back into the Toronto scene and getting fairly close to closing time so lets see if I can still find C2M not too far away where I've had great times on prior trips and about the other nearby good MP open late other than Blue Lagoon - also not far away. And I certainly wasn't disappointed this time either.

BTW my reviews sometimes tend to be short stories which I realize some folks don't like. So warning Dave is back in town so if you are sick of hearing about intimacy, Esalen massage and long reviews just skip mine - I've warned you.

July 2002 Report
Late Sat Night At Locomotion Great
I arrived a little before midnight and had a few hours of doing what I so much enjoy - the intimate interactions, the meeting different nude gals in your lap, finding many like minded high touch responders and having many stay with me for more than "our song" since they enjoy something a bit different it seems that they don't experience much.

I never even got a chance to order my usual diet Pepsi, but felt like a bouncing ping pong ball being approached so often going to the back VIP and coming back to tables in back. I always sit at that back end where dancers have easy access to me. You can hardly see the stage from there, which is fine with me since I have no interest in the stage dancing. I met about 10 gals, doing my usual 1 paid song each except for the exceptional Russian I did two songs with.

As I've reported from past trips when approached I always say "I'm only good for one song" but that has never been a problem, but will do more if really like the gal. But with extra time before "our song" and often her lingering in my arms afterwards, the one song turns out to be time for good interaction and often good conversation. But each experience is slightly different and its fun to find the best responders to good touch. As usual almost all commented on my soft hands which seems to be so desired.

Most dancers said it was packed most of the night but most guys weren't getting dances. The VIP rooms were not very crowded when I was there (at least not the back one). One dancer said it was so slow a bunch of dancers were braiding each others hair in back. This of course was on the Canada Day weekend.

A couple dancers stood out from the rest, One, a tall sophisticated looking black gal from Charleston South Carolina was especially creative in her lines at the table. Asking if I like big areola's, did I know what they are (yes) and how she wanted me to be her honey, etc., etc.. I not much into these lines, but she was sharp and creative how she used them and off we went.

One slightly heavier gal absolutely fell in love with my massaging her before "our song" and insisted I stay with her for free on next song. She was clearly in heaven and I enjoyed providing.

Another very nice dancer use to work at Sundowner in NF and was amazed at the huge number of U.S. visitors and their amazement so much contact was available.

Often its the slightly less attractive, a bit heavier girls that are the best responders to the intimate touch I enjoy giving. Russian gal from St Petersburg was a bit heavier than I prefer but far made it up by great response. Very nice kisses, kept wondering how come I am not married... really wanted to have good conversation but I have such a hard time understanding Russian accents. Otherwise was wonderful intimacy and I even did 2 songs with her, which is rare for me.

Ideally I like to combine my type of slimmer body with the great response and conversation but often its the perfect bodies that are more all business and not as intimate, which I can understand with all the guys going after their bodies. But I had some great times with dancers with my preferred body types also.

If I lived here, I am sure I would get to know some regulars and it would be like it was in the good old days in Phoenix where I had so many dancer friends at clubs before the "no touch" laws of about six years ago spoiled everything. The U.S. attitude is just gawk and be teased by women as sex objects - heaven forbid you have some human contact via good touch - that is just too sexy and dirty to allow per those that know what is best for us in the U.S. No wonder we have so much sexual harassment, violence and sexual frustration when we have such attitudes in the U.S.

November 2001 Locomotion Reports
Ah yes, my heart belongs to Jeana from Hungary But before I found the real gold I had to dig through some fools gold.

I am getting E-mails from guys asking me to do better with remembering dancerís names... so... this time I have my little black book.

Daisy from Calgary just started working at the Loco, very nice interaction. But when doorman came by all the dancers had to stand and just to air dances...until he smiled and them and left.

Chantel??? Sorry not sure of name... Irish/Canadian slender cute but I want to forget. Very uncomfortable with most any touch. Said had lots of problems with touching tonight. Not sure what she meant tried to discuss but she was as uncomfortable with me as I was with her. I have no idea why she works here. I hardly did anything since first try and gauge reactions. So just let her do the air dance she prefers.

Audrey a bit older French Canadian from Montreal. Hard to understand French accent and she may have been a bit tipsy but nice intimate interaction.

Then Gina from Hungary fell in love the moment I saw her smiling and coming my way. A tall belly dancer type body with low hanging skirt thing almost falling off her hips. Very exotic looking to me. Lots of blond air including how do you say... a pile of it in back (I'm not much into describing hair).

Started before "our" song with some hand massage and she melted... loved. Then it kept getting better. Loved my type of cuddle and having her breasts massaged the way I enjoy. Ample but not overly huge breasts fit perfectly in my hands. She leans them into my hands when laying on top of me. I try and bring my hands down a bit and she follows with her body so my hands stay on her breasts since she said she liked so much. She didn't do the gynecology exam bit like some do, which I don't like, but while sitting on me opened her pussy and said "my pussy is smiling at you- it likes you..." I replied, "I like it also and would love to get to know it better." She laughed - I said if she ever wanted to be an escort I'd be glad to be a customer. Finished the 2nd song (only dancer I did 2 with tonight) with wonderful cuddle and hug. Very much the type of interaction I enjoy most, within the limits of a strip club.
On a public board, after reading this review "crash" says:

Gina or Jeana (spelling unsure)
She was better a couple of years ago. When she first started she did not do the "lip" pulling routine, which to be honest offends me slightly. I am not a gyenocologist by trade, only part time, but something about that pulling routine just turns me off.

I think Gina used to weigh approx. 20 lbs more a couple of years ago, looked healthier, now she looks a little too thin for my taste. A couple of times in the last few months I thought she looked like she hadn't eaten in a few days.

She also use to be less mechanical. I haven't bothered with her in a while because she seems to go thru the motions without any sensuality, just the same old grind (I think she rubbed me raw once). And, as I said, she didn't used to pull her "lips" or do the "I think she is smiling at you" bit. A wee bit too contrived I think.

As to hair, it's a bit like a Helen of Troy coif. Lots of blonde hair piled up at the back of the head, possibly inserts or wig?? Too much hair really to be real, but still attractive.

The reason she gets so much attention is that she, like so many of the blonde Hungarian and Czech girls, is tall, fit-looking, with great legs and butt.... a body that just cries out "take me big boy" (oops, carried away).

Gina was always easy to talk to in the old days, she always seemed like a "nice" girl. Just get rid of the whole lip thing, it's not attractive (IMHO).

P.S. Dave. Don't take this wrong way but "How do you really get to know someone over one dance"? These girls make their living at this and if they spend 5 minutes talking to you at the table and you time it for another 5 - 7 before the dance, then only get one dance.... Don't they ever just feel you are a WOFT? They just made $20 ($US13) off you when they could have made 60 off some other schmuck.

Just asking, as I have seen some girls get really pissed when they only get one dance. One girl even went so far as to berate the customer, very loudly in the VIP, with "I am a working single mother, this is how I support my kid(s). what kind of a guy are you to only get one dance?" (She didn't get any more dances that day by the way).

Anyway, I do not think she is unique to the industry, so what is your hit rate? Do you get one dance for every 5 girls that think you are probably a WOFT? Or are you batting 1000, every girl goes to VIP with you knowing they only get $20 max?

Curious to know.

Dave replies:

Usually the gynecology exam is also a total turnoff to me. But she did the it is smiling at you very briefly and I thought it was cute.

Please don't take this as bragging, just being honest. I must have brought out the "old" Gina you knew. Was the best of maybe 30 gals I've seen on this trip with a very intimate interaction sort of dance together very much not mechanical. But I tend to bring that out in a dancer. She was only the 2nd or 3rd dancer I have done 2 songs with on this trip, all the rest were "I'm only good for one." and I do warn them of that BEFORE I go to the VIP room and have never been turned down this trip...maybe once on last trip in July.

Honestly about 75% of dancers make some comment about either my soft hands or nice touch. Often as I say, I "tame" the hot grinding Lion of a dancer and turn them into kitty cats. Not always of course, but I am amazed how often. The reactions I get is why I enjoy the strip club experience.

I have had 20 years experience developing good touch skills, combining some Esalen techniques with just caring touch, since I have always been more interested in intimacy than "hot sexy".

I sincerely like women and try and reach into and touch the soul and heart of a dancer via touch, and yes the response is often very quick - even in one song, often starting with some hand massage before "our song" begins if the timing is right. It isn't much about verbal communications since I got the same reaction in Thailand and the Philippines where there was almost no verbal communications due to the language barrier.

But I wasn't always this way. I use to be very shy, scared to death of women and women would avoid my touch as "needy". Sorry this is so long if not interested in all my details, but this is small part of a long bio about me I share if it might encourage others (from

In the mid 1980's Dave attended many Stan Dale, Human Awareness Institute, "Sex, Love and Intimacy" workshops in California, where he learned and experienced the group dynamics of true love, intimacy and fulfilling sexuality far beyond just thrusting intercourse. (For more info see While these groups were often closer to New Age type beliefs, Dave saw more Christlike love than what he had ever experienced in the traditional church. Too often the church is too busy reaching UP to God to reach OUT to each other. There are more people in the world starving for love and affection than starving for food, but when it comes to meaningful intimate interaction, the church is too often "God's Frozen People."

In Dave's childhood and until about 30, he was very shy. He was scared of women and didn't date till he was a senior in college. He never went to a dance. Gradually he became more outgoing and married, but 20 years ago, after being resingled, he was insecure and depressed. Many women reacted negatively to him, sensing neediness and insecurity. But slowly, over time, after experiencing the Stan Dale workshops, some sex surrogacy training, Esalen massage training and lots of G-spot massage experience, he found women strangely attracted to him...especially once they started to experience his touch. For many year he thought all men were naturally, wonderfully intimate and he was just far behind. But so many women started telling him that they had seldom experienced men with good touch and intimacy skills that Dave began to wonder why. He concluded that most men want to be intimate but haven't learned how.

End of sermon, or boring to some, sharing some of my background... maybe in my old age I'm catching up not having women in my life in my younger years!

BTW what is a WOFT? Must be a Canadian or British term... I assume it means something like treating a guy like a ATM machine spitting out 20s for her.

Mystery Dancer Wants to Meet - July 2001
As I understand it, a guy who read the report on my earlier visit shared it with a dancer who was quite intrigued by it and the website. She contacted me E-mail and wanted to meet for I promised 2 dances, tonight at the club in the back area where I described I usually sit. Because she wishes privacy I am not going to report on the meeting or who she is but...

Just as I walk back to the area we were going to meet in, a dancer comes up to me enthusiastically saying something like "Hi Dave, hope you came to dance with me." Since I hadn't even sat down in agreed area yet, although I did give her a bit of a description of me, I was surprised she would recognize me so definitely so fast. She was also black...which I didn't think was the color (due to her nationality) of my "mystery dancer"

Old Dave has seen so many dancers the last week he can't begin to remember them all. But it turned out she was not "mystery dancer" but Melissa who I had met last Thursday night here. She remembered me and badly wanted another dance with me. Did a dance and it was wonderful. I noted in earlier report she wasn't much of an intimacy responder...but that changed dramatically now after she was so comfortable with me from before. Very nice and great response. I face a huge disadvantage of course not living in Toronto and not having the opportunity to get to know some of the dancers over time.

Still not finding my mystery dancer (I had no idea what she looked like other than name and Asian) but by E-mail agreed on the time, place and I am quite hard to miss with the description I gave her, especially that I will have my arm out over the back of the chair next to me.

In the meantime, Sharon the tall slender very nice body short haired Hungarian, I also lapped with last time approached me and we had a dance. She needs money and has been working day and night shifts but lap dance business has been slow. Most guys just want to drink and watch the stage dancing. Like Melissa her intimacy response was better the 2nd time with her.

Soon after "mystery dancer" makes her appearance. We to 2 dances and talk.

Have to get back to hotel and finish reports and get packing since leave Wed afternoon and have to checkout of hotel about 1pm.

Thursday Night July 2001
Had enjoyed last trip and spent most of the night here both observing and being available for any dancers that approached me. Both VIP rooms have nicer couches now instead of just chairs, very nice to snuggle as many dancers did.

I was a bit surprised since Cannonball seems more noted for high mileage that I had more dancers trying to have me to the gynecology exam opening up their legs and almost inviting my fingers in. But not my interest plus I respect the legal limits of strip clubs to avoid any bawdy problems. I also noted when I slipped off to the men's room to jot down notes and not be seen looking funny writing notes in the main area that so few men washed their hands after using the toilet. I know I will get flamed for this but that may be why many women don't want DATA or fingering, besides the legal issues, it is very easy to get bacteria infection in vagina from dirty hands!

I started in the front section where you first come in and after ordering my usual diet coke was approached by Stacy. Short black gal, quite nice, lap dance was more erotic than my type of intimate sort of more the wild type but again I enjoyed.

Laura, Russian great laps and great intimacy. Enjoyed being held long after song over.

Forget if it was Laura, or Rachel who approached me just after sat back down from prior gal and used the line, you should just keep going and going and going, wanting me to take her to the VIP right after prior dancer.

Rachael, very short, worked here 5 years, At first I thought would be the wild type, but responded to my intimacy very well and seemed to like.

Melissa - Tall black who usually works days very good conversationalist sitting waiting for "our" song. Probably a "high mileage" candidate (not my interest since I respect strip club limits) not as much intimacy responder than I thought she would be but very nice dance.

After a long time of no more approaches I moved to the back area. Seems some dancers aggressively work both areas but some just stick with one. I wish I could wear a sign saying "Ask me I'm interested". Especially since I see dancers getting turned down by 90% of the men they approach and I am sitting here thinking "try me, try me." I don't approach dancers (I didn't see any other men doing it either) since I presume some dancers for whatever reasons avoid us older men and prefer the younger studs. So even though some dancers almost had to trip over me, even with me making eye contact they just avoided old Dave. Which again if fine with me since I prefer to be with those that are interested in approaching me.

In the back section lots of dancers hang out, only a few were approaching customers and for a long time poor old Dave was avoided... I sit in the very back where they hang out so they can't miss me! I must scare some away even trying to look friendly and inviting :(

I kept noticing one dancer who just seemed to sit for a long time in the back center area where they also hang. I would smile and get eye contact whenever I walked by her. She seemed too shy to approach anyone, so I thought. Or taking a long rest. I tend to enjoy the shy ones and was almost tempted to approach her.

After being un approached for a long time, Sharon from Hungary came. She may have given me a clue for why I was ignored which I will remember next time. I was sitting in the back (where dancers had to go by me from the VIP and right in front of the pop machine they often sit on), but I had lost my glass for my diet coke long ago. I looked like I was just waiting for someone rather than being a customer, which I appreciated her telling me so I will do better "looking like a customer" and keep empty glass next time! From where I was seated you couldn't even see the stage (pillow in way), so next time will take note. Need that sign "Ask Me" around my neck.

Sharon from Hungary is gorgeous tall short haired dancer who usually works days, was very sexual in laps but strictly mechanical with no intimacy response in how I define it. But very nice, talked before about how she prefers day shift where dancers mostly have families they go home to in evening, don't have the drunks to deal with and just overall nicer customers and dancers to work with. One of the other usually day dancers had told me almost the same thing earlier. There are more customers at night but also more dancers working. I hope to try all 3 strip clubs I am most interested in day and night shifts on this trip.

A little while after Sharon, I was just about to leave when out of the corner of my eye I saw shy one always sitting in center back area stand up. I was wondering if it was her turn to dance or if after almost two hours she had gotten up enough nerve to work the floor for laps. She started walking my way....she went by me but then approached from behind and didn't seem shy at all, introducing herself (really nice smile) some exchanging the usual how's your day etc and if I'd like a dance.

Well...sometimes the best is last and the biggest surprise. This was the case with Barbara from Uruguay. She has been in Canada 11 years and dancing here about 1.5 years. She said something about sometimes working days and usually leaves when work nights at 9pm (it was about 10pm) but was staying later. She certainly isn't shy! But very sexually intimate and a great intimacy responder. In fact I broke my vows and for the first time every on either trip actually got 2 dances from her. Very wonderful interaction both sexually and intimately which is a rare combination.

December 2000 Locomotion Reports
After Blue Lagoon, although reading reviews that were mostly negative about this club I stopped by without expecting much. Just like my Blue Lagoon experience, I was pleasantly surprised. 

For those that haven't read my many strip club and hostess club reviews on, I am a bit different than most men in what I seek. I have zero interest in just gawking at a sexy body from a far, but very much enjoy response I get from some dancers in my many travels, to the type of caring intimate yet not sexual touch I enjoy sharing. While many guys from reading reviews look for "high mileage" they define as being able to "fell the kitty", or reach orgasm by a hard lap dance, this is not my interest so my reports will not interest all. On the other hand I've already had E-mails from guys that enjoy what I do and share my interest. But since tender human interaction with strippers is often not seen as "macho", some men who enjoy it don't write much about it publicly. But I hear from lots of such men privately.

On to nude laps not like anything in the U.S. Cost is flat $CAN20 ($US12) for maybe a 4-5 minute? or so song. Songs seems longer than in the U.S. As I  discuss in another strip club legal discussion article, there is a huge difference in many Toronto strip clubs. Some are only "air dances" which I have zero interest in which follows the Toronto no touch bylaw. However other clubs follow the Canadian Supreme Court ruling that nude laps are legal (not prostitution subject to bawdy house rule), as long as no direct sexual activity. This seems to mean no penetration but most everything else is legal at least under the Canadian Criminal Code. But the clubs are also subject to other restrictions locally but which makes a very confusing situation.

Most dancers have a towel they carry with them which they place on the mans lap. I assume this is so while nude any body fluids won't get on the guys pants or whatever is on the mans pants won't get on the dancer!

Quite nice large club. Friendly waitress who takes my order for my usual Diet Pepsi. There is a large center dance stage and huge areas for sitting both towards the front and back with more private lap dance large open areas on both ends. On Friday night it was very busy, but some seating left and plenty of dancers roaming for private dances, many quite attractive.

I seat myself near a high traffic area just before you get to the more private seating area in front of the rear lap dance room. I tried to do my nesting game which is pulling a chair next to be and having my arm across the back sort of wanting someone to sit there in my nest. I have had great experiences with it in some clubs in the U.S. with gals saying "gee that spot looks just for me.", or something. But this doesn't seem to work as well in Canada, even though I did see quite a few gals sitting at tables with customers. But here I was mostly approached my a gal nicely putting her hands over my shoulders or approaching from the side. 

I want them to at least introduce themselves and have some discussion (over the noise of the music) instead of just "hi sexy want to dance" routine for example of one. If they do that I first ask their name, introduce myself etc.

Interestingly my experience on Friday night went from first meeting absolutely great interaction dancers but later each one was less and less my type. I realize being an older guy some dancers like older guys and some avoid them. It is interesting to observe this in my "social research".

Within a few minutes Mona sat next to me on my non-nesting side! What a smile, very pretty face and body! She started up a conversation and we seemed to click. She is from Latvia and her English was a bit hard to understand but not too bad. It turned out she was about the only one that night that sat and talked more than 30 seconds before asking for private dance. Understandable since such a busy night and dancers make money by turning over clients. 

Mona immediately responded the way I like to some of my high touch intimacy strokes I enjoy with a receptive dancer. Was a perfect session. My ideal body type, seemed to enjoy my massage of her upper pecs (above breasts not just grabbing at breasts) and the holding close cuddle positions I most enjoy as she obviously did also. As many dancers tell me she was amazed at my soft hands and we had a great conversation during the dance. It was also nice that we started out just sitting together holding before the first full song began, so spent more time together than just the one song. As almost always when she asked if I want another dance, I tell her my usual "I'm only good for one, but has nothing to do with my sexuality.". Wonderful experience with Mona. I'd rate her a 10 on my "intimacy response scale of 1-10.


Back in the main floor area soon I am approached by Sophie. She also starts a nice conversation at the table, not quite as long as Mona. She has an exotic Asian look, reminding me of being in Thailand. I ask her nationality and she asks me to guess. My guess is Thai and I wasn't too far off. She is part Filipino and part Spanish, which makes a beautiful combination. Did a lap dance and she was also very responsive and mentions by nice touch etc. I would also rate her a 10 on my intimacy response scale.

Next comes Justice from "downtown". Lived in Toronto I believe all her life but looked more Latin. Turns out her parents are from the Caribbean. Justice was more half intimate and half the more "let me show you my pussy from front and back" type. I have zero interest in these displays, but of course she doesn't know that and I guess many guys like to gawk at pussies. She also however responded well to my type of interaction, even mentions my soft hands etc. I would rate her a 7 on my intimacy response scale.

Sunshine isn't quite as much my ideal body type, not fat but larger. I didn't like her fast approach of "hi sexy man want a dance". But thought I'd give her a try (actually I didn't turn any dancer down that approached me). Her very hard hitting (ouch my balls are being slapped by her butt), lap was much more sexual than intimate... probably like most men want. 

She was at first what I call a non-responder to my touch and intimacy moves. For a while I thought my type of touch was just getting in the way of her being more hard fast, sexy lap dancer with me. At this point I would have given her a 0 on my intimacy response scale. But as often happens with these more wilder my amazement.. all of a sudden she stops her gyrations and just wants to be held and cuddled. To my surprise she says "Awesome - you have the best hands I've ever felt". It's like no one has every been that way with her, just wanted her sexy moves. Very nice transformation which I enjoy sharing and observing in my social research! Overall I'd rate her a 5 on my intimacy scale  since most of the time just being sexy not intimate.

My Purpose in sharing my Intimacy Fetish results
My purpose of sharing these types of response to my intimacy is not to try and brag about the touch skills I've developed over many year. But to share and encourage men who perhaps want to explore more of the intimacy side. Already just overnight since I posted my Blue Lagoon experience, I've had 3 E mails from men who are thrilled I'm discussing these intimacy ideas not just being sexual. I often get requests for more specific details on my "moves". I go into the most detail in my review of San Francisco strip clubs from a few years ago. But it is very hard to describe in writing. Someday I'd love to "show and tell" to a group of guys as long as we had willing gals available to participate some of the things that I get good response from. I often do this with couples in workshops and at swing conventions, usually more related to Esalen massage since they aren't into lap dancers but often just to be more physically intimate, not just sexual, in their relationships.

Keisha from Trinidad has huge breasts and is a very sexy dancer, but I'd rate her only a 3 on my intimacy response scale.

Moving to the other side of the stage I meet Karlene and Tiny. Tiny has a very small body and was born right here in Mississauga. Both were sexual dynamos, but I'd rate them a low 3 on my intimacy response scale.

This was the order I met the dancers it progressed from best to least intimate which I find interesting. Some of it might be the "older man attraction" or not. Seems women who are attracted to older men like me do tend to be more responsive to intimacy and those that prefer younger men are often the wilder sexual machine type.  But of course this is a broad generalization. But it seems those most attracted to older man and my type of touch found me fastest and as the night went on it seemed to take longer and longer to be approached by dancers. Some I smiled at seemed to have no interest. I realize my older age is not desired by some dancers but is for others.

A very interesting few hours at Locomotion. If I lived in Toronto I definitely would spend time here and enjoy a few of the more intimate dancers on a regular basis. Considering the mostly negative reviews of not being a place for "high mileage" I was very pleasantly surprised overall. But since my interest is intimacy, not trying to feel pussy, get oral or a handjob at a strip club I may view it differently. With sexual options to easy to get from escorts and with outcall being totally legal, I feel guys shouldn't put strip clubs (technically called adult entertainment places under the laws), at legal risk for demanding such high mileage. Many clubs have been forced to close and faced bawdy house charges when more overt sex has occurred. I discuss this more in my strip club legal discussion article, .

Update on Locomotion Later Visits
I returned and spent more time here and met many more great dancers. I won't try to remember names. The only one that was not receptive to my type of touch (it does happen) was Patricia from Poland. We had a nice discussion (tells me half of Mississauga is Polish) but would give a 0 rating on my intimacy response scale. Nice interaction with Ana from Hungary. And others too numerous to name or remember. 

The most creative approach was from Savanna a shorter gal from Guyana in South America. I was drinking coffee and in a very creative cute way says, "I know what you need with your coffee" Of course I say what and she of course says "me to help keep all of you warm" I say, "I especially like my coffee black". She says, "well than I'm definitely the right choice" (she is black). Besides creative she was one of the most receptive to the intimacy I enjoy. We had a few moments in the lap dance room before "our" song began and she loved my shoulder massage and even more when I started massaging her hands.

Another tall slender gal dressed in a Santa's outfit I also shared hand massage with while waiting for the dance. She said she had never had it done before and how wonderful it was. Lots of men would massage her feet and back, but her hands really felt good being massaged. Hint to men seeking ways to a woman's heart - learn good hand massage!

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