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Discussion of what "normal" (unlike Dave) guys like at Strip Clubs

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Iíve got a question that has always nagged me. Iíve worked in a lot of strip clubs and Iíve always wondered what the thrill was to try to get as much ďmileageĒ as you guys put it, as possible from a dancer.

I was talking to an old girlfriend the other day, at a new club we both work at... Sheís a career dancer and I bounce part time. Sheís what I would consider an old school dancer (late 30ís) and I guess Iím also an old school guy. I enjoy watching a fine girl get naked as much as the next guy but never felt the need to try to buy some action.

Anyway were we reminiscing about the old days working at the other clubs and we started talking about how happy she is at the new club because she no longer has to go through the whole I donít do that, no you canít get that, or no I donít do take out.

Iíve always been content to sit and watch a girl I never felt the need to play amateur gynecologist. Nowadays with the euroís, street pigs and the hard up I understand the competition amongst girls, I see it a lot but I donít understand why guys come looking for action in a strip club. Most the guys I know that canít pick up a stripper and want some action find a rub & tug or a hooker. I mean donít take this the wrong way, I think prostitution should be legal but that's a whole different issue but isnít that kinda like going through the KFC drive-through and asking for a Big Mac?

What is the attraction here? Is it the trill of not getting caught? Is it the fact that with strippers you can see what buying? Is it voyeurism? Wouldnít it be easier to pay for a sure thing? What is it?

Just making an inquiry!
I guess for me it's pushing the envelope. Just seeing how far you can go. I used to be an unfrequent customer at clubs, until I walked into Hanrahan's one day and had my first lap dance. Then it was a trip to the MDS during it's hey day, with the packed upstairs and standing room only. Next thing you know I'm walking into Fantasia, and I'm sure many others can guess where it went from there. Now it's the Pro for me, everything else seems to tame (lame).
Dave in Phoenix replies:
For Old Dave, he could care less about just looking at a beautiful body, I've seen zillions and nudity is no big deal to me.

But its the physical interaction, caressing, stroking, massaging breasts and back, the relaxing in my arms the holding.... that is what turns old Dave on so wonderfully in certain strip clubs and why I only go to the Trio in Miss/Brampton where doesn't violate the bylaws. But no interest in going beyond that for "extras" which should be done with an escort.
i guess for me, it's several things: you could try many girls in 1 night at a strip club for the same amount of money you would spend on 1 girl in an mp/sp's all eye candy......another thing is the challenge.

For an mp/sp, you pay a certain amount for a service that will end in the same way (or should).

In a strip club, unless you know about the girl or seen her before, you don't know what you're getting. And maybe there's some intrigue to that.
For me, it's the fact that I love feeling "natural" breasts & I love it when that dancer is liberal with her hands also. For me, it's my total turn on & if I can get it at a strip club, have my choice of the best natural breasts in the club, and get the entire experience for only $20.00 (Dave notes about $US15 and the songs are about twice as long as in the U.S.), it works for me! A basic high mileage dance (hands on, both sides) is what turns me on. I don't really desire anything else, but if it happens during the dance at no extra charge, I won't complain either!
Dave in Phoenix says,
Yes, natural soft pliable breasts ! But not too big...unless soft and squishy.

BTW there is an art to breast work so many dancers tell me most guys just attack them. Do some massage of the pectoral muscles above the breasts, stroke inwardly from out side, under and around them. Squeeze gently but not hard on the nipple which many dancers don't like they tell me. And look at the dancer in the eyes not your eyes glued to their breasts if you are interested in what most women like from men.

I'm getting a lot of great feedback on my breast massage and I'm asking them how it is different from most and trying to share what they say.

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