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May 2003 Update
On prior trips I've had some very good experiences here so thought I'd try again this trip. At first I thought the place was closed and gone, since no signs for it and a big "Building for Rent" sign. But seemed to remember there may have been no signs went up the stairs and rang the ABC door bell. I was reminded this is about the only place I worry about my rental car being stolen parked in back. Not sure if the area is really bad or not, I am just not use to Asian type close together kind of "junky" older stores. Also seems high Indian (like India not cowboys and ...) in the area by all the signs mentioning India.

Soon a Chinese women greeted me (sorry didn't understand name Su...something) and directed me to a massage room in back. Place seemed even more "dumpy" than I remembered. The women was also the MT ..seemed a bit older but maybe that means highly skilled. I decided she wasn't going to be that attractive even nude to suggest nude-reverse so just did a 45 minute massage for a high $60. Massage was fairly good but not very erotic and nothing intimate. But when offered a nude release I was curious enough to try thinking maybe she had good release skills and was curious how she would look nude. Was another $40 which made it total almost as much as Allure's NR with beautiful women mostly with great skills and intimacy. But for the sake of "research" lets do it. Nude her body was OK..but ...

I shouldn't have.... very mechanical, no intimacy response, none of the good reaction I usually get doing a bit of massage stroking while she is standing over me. No, Old Dave doesn't have magic hands that work with everyone! More of a grab and pump hard routine which was at times giving me more discomfort than pleasure. By the time I thought her hand was wearing out I said it was fine but don't worry "I no cum". She was quite friendly and understanding and even did some nice face massage after giving up on my other end. Yet I was out of there in just over 30 minutes.

I decided on future trips I'd pass .. just not the quality or intimacy compared to others and from what I saw the other gals I saw were mostly older unlike from my prior trips.

Fortunately I had much better experiences at two other nearby MP's the same afternoon...p.t. and Silhouette.

Jojo - November 2001
I had wonderful interaction with Lucy last trip so wanted to try again. As before, quite dumpy Chinese place but very friendly enthusiastic wanting to please staff.

JoJo had very nice smile. Did my usual 45 min nude-reverse. I also enjoy good deep or hard real massage since I have chronic tight back and neck. Her Asian type hard massage was quite good. Also switching to the sensual part very good and kept saying "nice hands" on the reverse. Also did very nicely intimate body slide the say I like more than just grinding and hot. Seemed just a bit rushed perhaps vs. previously and some of other places.

Shower is optional and in restroom down the hall, not in room like many other places. Overall I prefer the higher class places and better English verbal communications with some of the great gals from prior trips such as at Allure (a few blocks from my hotel) etc. But it was a good experience with responsive attractive, small. very friendly wanting to please, Chinese women.

Lucy - July 2001
Based on a February report that while the girls here aren't supermodels they do excellent massage, before my late afternoon return flight to Phoenix I had planned to get just a good real massage here.

The area is a bit rough, the MP is on the 2nd floor of an older storefront building, clean but certainly not as modern as the other MP's I visited.

Well upon entering my plans for just a regular massage quickly changed as I was met by very attractive (to me) Chinese Lucy. Very tall very slender and that pretty Asian face, along with friendly personality even without perfect English. So .. once again a 45 min reverse for $CDN110.  ($US70)

Her massage was very good and she could tell how tight my back and neck are. I loved doing the reverse on such a pretty body. Soon she was saying, "you to this often, very different, I like."

For the final phases she was very nicely erotic and so nice to be so interactive. She certainly has a dark hairy bush. Great gal, beautiful China body and good technique.

Another cutie was also working. I will have to try this place more on next trip.

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