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For my upcoming trip I did a spreadsheet of 12 massage parlors on my favorite activity - Nude Reverse massages. I limit by experiences mostly to zillions of MPs in Mississauga/Brampton that don't seem to have a bylaw issue like some other cities where other great places are located such as HforH and IT, but I have plenty of choices closer to Mississauga where I stay.

Most had similar pricing - although I realize some MP's are known for higher quality than others so I don't make my choices just based on price.

$100-110 for 30 minutes (too short for me)

$90-$150 for 40 or 45 minutes
Blue Lagoon, Destiny's and Sensations were the lowest at $90

Steeles Royal was the highest at $150 for 45 minutes (which would equal $133 for 40 minutes at same minute rate - still the highest. They also seemed to be the most "snobbish" when I talked to them by phone.

$120-210 for 60 minutes
Allure was the highest at $210 since they double the NR fee if go 60 minutes instead of 40 which makes no sense to me, but obviously would never do an hour since 40 minute rate is a reasonable $120 for a place that consistently gets some of the best reviews.

Steeles Royal was 2nd highest as expected at $200
Utopia also jumps from $110 for 40 minutes to $160 for 60 minutes which doesn't make much sense. Utopia and Allure must want to discourage longer sessions and keep turning over more clients instead having them spend more time.

The lowest was Julianna's Tokyo at $120/hr with all the rest in the middle of the range. I've had some very nice experiences here on prior trips but realize not everyone has had as good luck here.

My conclusion is I will continue the 40 or 45 minute sessions as was the case on my prior "research" trips as reported on I had hoped to do my usual spreadsheet of potential people to see (both escorts and Massage Providers) but haven't had the time to do as extensively as prior trips. No my spreadsheets aren't like the very popular Montreal Spreadsheet but just for my own private use. I've been monitoring and capturing especially good reviews over the last two years.

So many great choices for old Dave returning for 10 days this trip. Will also meet a few escorts - some decisions already made and my usual enjoyment of the 3 strip clubs I report on from prior trips.


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