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Decades ago I did this website hand coding leaning from "HTML for Dummies" and then for many years FrontPage which made sites easy to create.   I have not found a good replacement, or the time to update my many sites.  For about the last 10 years I have only done trips to Toronto/Niagara Falls/Hamilton.  All my over 2000 posts are posted as I visit places on  which I highly recommend for latest information and zillions of reviews.

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Beautiful women sharing intimate good touch in strip clubs, nude reverse body rub parlors & full service sexworkers (all legal in Canada)

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Loving touch, sensual and sexual is a fundamental need of all humans.

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Overview of Canadian Sexwork - Detailed Reports Section Below

Why Canada?
I have previously shared research reports on wonderful sexwork experiences I have enjoyed in Vancouver, Montreal, Victoria and now Toronto. Each city seems to get better  for my particular interest finding so many beautiful, intelligent, warm, Girl Friend Experience (GFE) for the hour, without the attitudes of so many U.S. sexworkers at a fraction of the cost.  And there are so few rip-offs, in Canada,  where you don't have the legal risks that you do in the U.S.  I found Toronto even better than Montreal or Victoria. It was closer to my great experiences in Thailand.  Toronto is a lot closer and more practical. And I enjoyed verbal intimacy and communications with English speaking sexworkers.

My focus is intimacy sharing not just how far you can go sexually

If you are just looking for "hot babes" to grope my reports are NOT for you.  My interest in Toronto strip clubs and nude reverse body rub parlors isn't trying to get or give oral sex, finger nor full service which is so easily and legally available from an outcall escort.  But as you will see, I found beautiful responses by women to the intimate good touch techniques I so much enjoy sharing.   In strip clubs I have zero interest in the stage dancing, gawking at a naked women, I find that very boring.  I enjoy real human interaction. But again this is not for everyone. And I am not at all trying to look down on men who enjoy the more normal desires of gawking and groping.  I simply share that over the years I have found my interests to be far more satisfying for me.  That doesn't mean it will be for you.

Over the years a large number of men have E-mailed me so thrilled I am being so outspoken about intimacy. Many men share my views but don't say much about it since its consider "sissy" and not "macho" by many in our culture.  I am very secure in myself and have no interest in playing the macho game.  The response I get from so many women (but not all of course) is just so more satisfying for me, even realizing it is part of a paid commercial relationship.

Some of you men are much better than I am in sharing intimate loving touch.  Many of you also have the advantage of being younger and more attractive than I am. I'm more than twice the age of most of the dancers, graying with a  paunchy midriff. I don't offer much money or physical attractiveness.  Yet I often (not always) get a very wonderful response from various types of sexworkers.  My interest in relating to sexworkers not any better than anyone else's. It is simply an alternative to try for men that might enjoy more intimate, high-touch, sensual  interactions with wonderful attractive women. I report my experiences not tying to be "gods gift to women" but to encourage men interested in dong so to explore their more intimate side.

Intimacy Workshop in Toronto? See link

Nude-Reverse Body Rub Parlors
I especially enjoyed "Nude-reverse" body rubs with often "baywatch" type gorgeous women. I enjoy giving a beautiful nude women an Esalen type massage for 10 minutes more than just getting massage, which usually brings a very positive response from the women. Hand jobs (releases) were just a normal part of massage. Prices for 45 minutes of nude-reverse-release averages about $CDN110 which is about $US70 with no tip games just honest full pricing.  See my Massage Report  for more details and my detailed personal reports.

Nude Intimate Lap Dances
I also enjoyed many nude lap dancers at different strip clubs all in the Western area of Toronto. I enjoyed doing breast, neck and back massages, hand massages and caressing, resulting in a very positive response from so many beautiful women. The songs were longer than in the U.S. (4-5 minutes) and only $US12/song. It was sort of like Alaskan Bush, in Phoenix, use to be years ago, but better. It was similar to what I reported a few years ago at San Francisco clubs where I also describe some of the intimacy techniques I enjoy with a lap dancer. See my Strip Club Report for more details and my detailed personal reports.

Outcall Escorts
And of course outcall escorts, beautiful women, none of the U.S. games and attitudes for about $US150/hr or less for "Full Service" of course, and totally legal. In Toronto it is very easy for any women to "get into business" All she needs to do is place an inexpensive ad in one of newspapers like EYE or NOW or even the Mississauga paper. Since the business is legal, most papers have adult classifieds where sexworkers can advertise. But with this ease of entry also comes some of the scam artists. An excellent article about the history of escorting is A History of the Toronto Escort Scene 1982-2000.

Dave's Reflections and Intimacy Fetish
Dave was like a kid in the candy store or adult Disneyland, especially with my main interest being high good touch, caring type intimacy more than just sex. I had far more intimacy receptive women than I ever dreamed of in the U.S. Just a very different open culture, especially with the many French-Canadian women that have migrated from Montreal to Toronto as well as Russian, Eastern Europeans (especially Poland and Latvia it seemed) and a few Latinos.

Not that there aren't a few choice wonderful, intimacy responsive providers in Phoenix or the U.S. But I am just not motivated very often to pay U.S. prices when I find so much more available in Canada and other countries when you don't have the legal issues. It seems in these cultures where women aren't as abused just as sex objects to tease in ads etc., they seem less hardened and more interested in intimacy than just mechanical sex. I can understand why Canada has far less violent crime or sexual harassment. In Canada and in most of the world, men have much more opportunity, without legal risk and at affordable prices, to share a human interaction with real women.

In the U.S. men are constantly teased and stimulated without any outlet, by sexy ads and videos. The result is often sexual frustration and often desperation which may express itself in less desirable actions in the U.S. In more sexually open cultures without all the hang ups, many more women seem to enjoy sharing sensual sexuality and therefore choose sexwork as the honorable, healthy, beneficial for a society career that it should be. This is very different than in the U.S. where too often the sexworker views the man more as just an ATM machine. In discussing these issues with Canadian sexworkers they tell me that many Canadian men, like those in the U.S., view the women more as a piece of meat to grope, poke and grab instead of learning caring intimate touch techniques. Again I am not being critical just pointing out my odd intimacy fetish isn't very common with men in either the U.S. or Canada.

Intimacy and Emotional Bullshit - Nothing but a Commercial Business Transaction ?
Of course some women and men only want hot sex without this intimacy bullshit. Many would say to save intimacy and any emotion, for your boyfriend /girlfriend. This is only a commercial relationship to get off and enjoy recreational sex. That is a very legitimate view that I respect. My interest is just very different and since so many report on all the hot sexy babes, I report on the more intimacy aspects (even if for the moment and when paid for) and find many men are very interested in these ideas. Often interested men share with me privately by E-mail since its not macho to share their more sensitive side in public.   I believe in presenting both sides of the intimacy vs. just sex discussion so I have included as part of this story the very negative posts about my reports in the "Intimacy Fetish" section.

Interview With Sex Rights Advocate Dave In Phoenix!
Hi everyone. I just finished editing an interview that will be appearing locally in Arizona's Playtime magazine with my friend Dave In Phoenix. I had to cut out quite a bit to make it fit the magazine's space requirements, but I felt there was so much good stuff here, that everyone should get a chance to read it. Below you will find the entire unedited interview with Dave
Stevi Secret
Dave notes Stevi Secret is a porn star, a frequent featured dancer at nude strip clubs in San Francisco and Las Vegas and owner of a Phoenix strip club which often features porn stars. Stevi is also a columnist and writer for various adult news publications.
The interview is at

Dave in Phoenix's
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There are different kinds of intimacy
all are important in human relationships.

Aren't Toronto men toilet trained?
No offense intended

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A Future Vision for Sexuality in the World
In an interview with sex guru and former prostitute Annie Sprinkle, Annie has a vision for the future where:

"No one will ever go hungry for sex because there will be sex kitchens all over town serving sex instead of soup. Sex is a powerful healing tool which will be used regularly in hospitals and psychiatric clinics.

Sex workers will be highly respected for the important work they do and desire will be decriminalized. Betty Dodson will be able to realize her dream of having orgasms across America on TV. She'll raise enough money to end world hunger. 

In the future, everybody will be so sexually satisfied, there'll be an end to violence, rape and war. We will establish contact with extra-terrestrials and they will be very sexy."

Canada as well as most countries in the world other than the U.S. have realized the benefits to at least some extend of sexual freedom to obtain sexual fulfillment from sexworkers. There are still too many legal restrictions that really serve no purpose in Canada, but at least it’s a far better situation than we have in the States…where Freedom rings in some areas…but not in sexuality. More Extensive Worldwide Website


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