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Club Two Mountains Health Studio
5225 Orbitor Unit 24  Mississauga, ON (905) 602-6596

Dave's reports are especially detailed for the first time visitor
and for those with my interest in a high intimacy factor not just sexual stimulation

Sonya/Sonia (corrected spelling) at Club 2 Mountains May 2008

Angela @ Club Two Mountains April 2006

Pamela @ Club Two Mountains March 2006

Kelly @ Club Two Mountains December 2005

Monica @ Club Two Mountains July 2005

May 2003 Report

Ivy at Club 2 Mountains
Sometimes despite all my pre-trip research and spreadsheets of potential providers to see based on reviews, I just drop in at a place and take my chances. After enjoyable few hours at Locomotion thought I'd see if I could find C2M in the light rain, where had nice experiences on prior trips.

Gee..all those new big buildings grew out of the ground since I was here in July ... at least I don't remember them... there's a massage sign...yes its them...take next right and drive around and around the new FMC? building parking lot can't get to the C2M little tiny strip center vs all the new towering office buildings. Well, I finally found the right drive way. Lots of cars outside so was afraid it was too busy.

I walk in ..gee good things behind which green? door?. Shortly Ivy, tall slender Korean greets me and I do my usual "I need to be kneaded, is anyone available to knead me?" routine. She gives me a warm hug saying "sure, I can knead you".

Turns out had been a slow night she says most of the cars were the massage girls cars.

Did my usual $100 40 minute nude-reverse, the usual nice shower in the room etc. Her technique is average (for high Toronto standards) and time the reverse phase. Ivy is one of my preferred body types, very slender, tall, long back, fairly small ..well actually very small breasts... and nice small butt. I do my usual 10 minute favorite Esalen techniques. She says a couple times, "you know I am REALLY enjoying this!" She may say that to everyone but she had a hard time reversing again just wanted to have me keep massaging her in the way I enjoy doing it with a body type I am attracted to.

Finally got her reversed again on me for the finish. Quite good technique, very nice personality especially friendly nice hugs after doing my reverse on her.

Another winner from C2M as I've found in prior trips with others here.

Now if I could just remember how to turn of my honking horn when I lock the car with my zapper. I hate it when the horn goes off when lock the car (and lights flash which is enough). I had this same problem on my Buick but there was a way to silence the horn. No manual in the glove box for this Chrysler Sebring Convertible from National.

Well its about 3am and other than 4 bags of peanuts on the airplane I haven't eaten since fast breakfast long ago before dashing to the Phoenix airport. Wonder if I can find Denny's which seems to be about the only late night place in Toronto other than those Wendys (closed) with Tom whatsthatfellows name.. that seems to be every few blocks here and I've never heard of except in Toronto...oh yes Tom Hortons. They sometimes have some good stuff but usually out of what I like based on prior trips experience.

Ah yes... Huroontario I think I exist off the 401...or do I go to Derry? Ah take Huroontario...yep its still there. Very busy with zillions of loud High School kids but I enjoy my late night dining.

July 2002 Report
After my escort not showing up for 10 PM date nor calling, I finally gave up at midnight and stopped in MDS and Cannon Ball and had my usual good interactions. Nothing outstanding but satisfying. Since tomorrow is my last day in Toronto wanted to enjoy some more female interaction that I seldom get to enjoy in Phoenix and was disappointed my outcall didn't show up.

After MDS closed I found my way to Club 2 Mountains - after briefly being lost in the dark!

Club is nicely laid out with own shower and toilet off your room. Finally a massage table you can stand on both sides of since I like to do certain Esalen strokes from both sides.

Sonya is from Poland has been at C2M about a year, very friendly and quite nice body with smaller breasts (fine with me). Massage was quite good and her sensuality was excellent. Knows how to get into certain back door places nicely.

Was very responsive to my reverse, with the usual great comments and wanted to go on all night. Phase 3 was very skilled - a strong moderate on my intimacy meter (defined differently by me than sexual skills). Don't think they have time pressure as at some places - Only has "about 30 min" NR for $100 ($US65), but went way over as did Angela from prior visit. No rush finish even for very long lasting old Dave.

July 2001 Report
WOW! I walk in and am greeted by this stunning tall slender, very well built, European women. I am so praying she is a massage girl not just the greeter. I am in luck! 40 min nude-reverse $100 ($US66)

The shower isn't in the room but just off it. Ah...where is the dispenser like most other places...oh its the bottle on the floor.

Back in the massage room she quickly takes her clothes off. Oh boy,... perfect toned tanned slim European body (made in Russia) and nice breasts not too big or small.

Massage is skilled, just a bit light for what I really need, but who is here for a massage! Moderately good sensual skills.

Response to my reverse was very good. It is so nice to see such a beautiful body just relax and the little subtle responses. Very receptive to my intimacy moves she said she enjoyed. And the release portion well executed...and did I mention that gorgeous body in the mirror and in my hands?

I asked her if she would ever consider working as an escort, I'd love to have her. No, her boyfriend would never agree to escorting. She only works here 3 days a week.

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