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Intimacy Workshop in Toronto?

Intimacy Workshop in Toronto?

I have had many PM's and E-mails as usual from my Toronto reports expressing interest and support for my intimacy ideas. Sometimes people don't want to talk about it publicly since others see it as being a sissy and not manly to be enjoying the more caring good touch physical intimacy side of sensuality and sexuality other than just "having sex" which is what some men are only interested in.

One person in particular is very serious about trying to organize maybe a more private forum for those of us with a serious intimacy interest. And perhaps be able to meet and SHOW and SHARE ideas in a workshop situation if we have some interested people and willing women as "dummies".. no offense intended to show and tell with.

I have done intimacy workshops for swingers, been a speaker at national Lifestyles Conventions, hosted massage rooms at swing conventions and am more than happy to do something in Toronto if there is interest. I would not seek any profit for doing so, but we may charge a fee and have to pay for the time of willing providers to be the...model...that's a better word. But it would have to be a like minded provider that enjoys the physical intimacy side. Ideally a lap dancer, massage provider and maybe an escort. Or we could have separate workshops for each. Actually I have less to share about an escort since harder to do but would have lots to share on giving NR massage (Esalen style) and my ideas on intimacy with lap dancers. Plus I am sure others have much more that can be shared.

The ideas could also be used on your girlfriends which could be even more rewarding. Every time I come to Toronto I hear from so many dancers and MT's how few men have good touch skills. I do not mean to come off as "Gods gift to women" but I have 20 years experience perfecting and experimenting with good touch which has always been an interest of mine. Much of it started from my life changing experiences at Stan Dale's Human Awareness Institute, Love Sex and Intimacy workshops back in the 80s which I discuss at

I use to be VERY shy, scared to death of women, didn't date till a Jr in college and came across as very "needy". Obviously I have been cured - some say making up for lost time. I credit the above mentioned workshops for much of my current intimacy fetish along with my being professionally trained in Esalen massage

I am sure there are others that are as good or better as I am (and as humble) who could also share ideas.

Since I leave Toronto Tuesday early am, any workshops if they occur will not occur until a future trip. I do hope to return to Toronto 1-2 times yet this summer/fall before it gets cold up here! And its very hot in Phoenix (104-108 F or about 40C now for the rest of the summer) But I also have to earn a living back in Phoenix to afford these trips.

I am planting this seed and looking for any initial indications of interest to see if the idea has any merit.

If you might be interested with a relatively low cost (unless we have volunteer providers as "models") please E-mail me at and indicate if most interested in my lap dance techniques, massage (Esalen techniques) or escort techniques or "ALL".

We also would have to have a private place where nudity is allowed. Could be a large hotel room with cost to cover expenses or maybe we can find a willing MP. And need a massage table (I have 2 at home but can't just bring with me) But these are details that can be worked on later depending on the response...and possibly some providers that may be interested (especially if volunteer their time)!

For those that think these sissy intimacy ideas are bull and not manly enough for real men, ..please just don't bother to respond - I already know what your thinking! But I know more and more men are getting in touch with their more intimate side and like the results with women when they do lean high touch skills rather than JUST "great sex".

Comments Received:
Dave, every night before I go to bed I touch my intimate side , and I like the results but it gets kind of messy.
I'm all for it as long as I don't have to see Dave or Fred naked.
I think the problem is we have warped the literal meaning of intimacy and learnt that emotion is connected with sensual touch. Dave, I for one would be interested in attending an intimacy workshop.
Dave is our ally...
It was through Dave's sexwork website that I found many useful links including Terb and MBB.

Dave is an articulate voice that has no doubt attracted many American clients to our fine establishments in Brampton, Mississauga and Toronto.

He doesn't deserve the trite remarks in this thread - although I am sure they were meant in jest.

NO flames intended, I just wanted to give my two cents that Dave's contribution to the industry we all enjoy has not been unnoticed.

I am not interested in his workshop but for those that are I am sure you will probably learn something.

Cudos to you Dave for your fine work

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