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Man from Toronto discusses
 American women and attitudes

Man from Toronto discusses American women and attitudes

Glad that you like toronto so much, and yes you are correct, as far as the fun and excitement goes, i really feel it is tough to beat this city, especially with massage parlours, and strip joints.

I was in vegas once, and was amazed at the price of the talent there. I remember telling my american friends that the rates in toronto were about half or less (never mind the brutal exchange rates), and the women twice as beautiful. Only two guys that had to come here on business regularly believed me.

Not to insult american women in any way, but i find that the american attitude towards sex to be very repressed (still a big trace of those puritan (read religious fanatics that the british wanted to get rid of) attitudes left over from the mayflower). As such, it would seem that the prices for hobbyists is much higher and the talent lacking, unless you want to fork out large. (Ever watch those cop shows, they never miss ending an episode with either a high speed car chase over some idiot steeling a minivan worth a hundred bucks (and doing tens of thousands of dollars in damage in the persuit), or better yet busting hookers. It would seem that america loves titilation - (witness howard stern and his constant talk of lesbians and anal sex) but as a society deems human sexuality perverse, or in need of legislation in the name of morality.

It would seem you live in a country where it is perfectly legal to sell semiautomatic weapons, but selling dildoes is enough to get your ass thrown in jail.

I just hope that our beloved men in blue and the politicians who motivate them stay concerned with what counts in running a city of this size, and not worry about up front and well run places that cater to human pleasure. Sorry, as long as no-one is under the age of 18, i don't see the problem.

Anyway, enough of that.

Glad you so love "Teronto", not Toe-ron-to please.

Good luck, and please tell all your american friends the deal so they all come here and spend their valuable greenbacks.


Another reply
During the last election one of the differences in the candidates was there attitudes about sex vs violence in movies and on TV. Gore didn't mind a little bush, and Bush didn't mind a little gore.

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