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Individual "Research" Trip Reports From Greater Toronto Area

June 2018 Trip Reports: 8 Days with $CDN=$US77
Strip Clubs

Nude-Reverse Massage
Companions - Emma
I Enjoyed Flying a 737

Oh Canada Musical Dinner Show

June 2017 Trip Reports: 10 days with $CDN100-=$US74 
Strip Clubs
Nude-Reverse Massage


June 2016 More incalls with the C36 law change making them legal vs just outcall before, as well as some nude-reverse massage and strip club reports.  C36 explained in report which of course I never violate.  NOTE dollar costs are in $CDN.  $100CDN=About $US77 so significant discount due to higher $US.  I always get $US from ATMs with no fee and exact exchange rate.

May 2015 Nude reverse massage and strip club reports

For 2010-2014 I skipped some years due to lack of finances to travel after the 2009 Recession, a few years I posted just on and did not consolidate to easily post here.

June-July 2009 10 Reports (3 escorts, 4 strip clubs and 3 Nude-reverse massages)

May 2008  18 Reports (8 strip club visits, 4 nude-reverse massages and 4 escorts)

March-April 2006 13 Reports

November-December 2005 12 Reports

June-July 2005 - 13 Reports

March-April 2004 - 15 Reports

May-June 2003 - 18 Reports

June-July 2002 - 13 Reports

Reports prior to 2002 were not consolidated

Also many reports from Niagara Falls/Hamilton/St Catherines and London
Starting in 2003,2004,2005 were at
however the ipd board I posted on with an active forum was discontinued so appears these old reviews are lost. 

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