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5 Derry Rd. E, Mississauga, Ontario, L5T 2H8, CANADA
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Warning of Unfriendly Hotel
Monte Carlo Inn

From my long ago, 2001 Toronto trip I have in my trip report some pictures I took and a link to the Monte Carlo Inn. I now prefer the Radisson at lower cost but the Monte Carlo is very conveniently located and just a few blocks from Allure Health Studio for massage - one of my favorites.

However on 3/28/03 I received the following E-mail:

I have been advised by one of my co-workers that our Hotel (Monte Carlo Inn) is listed on your website. We have already contacted our lawyer and this is illegal to list our website and link without permission. How dare you solicit our Hotel on such a website without consulting anybody. We would like to be removed immediately or legal action will follow.
Laura Pedone
Hotel Manager

Monte Carlo Inn Airport Suites
7035 Edwards Blvd.
Mississauga, Ontario L5T 2 H8
905-564-8500 x. 130

Dave replies:

Obviously there is nothing wrong with using a link, no permission needed. I suggest you Read the Fair Use provision of both U.S. and Canadian Copyright law and our International Agreements.

> How dare you solicit our Hotel on such a website

What on earth to you mean "on such a website"? I would think you would welcome the publicity since the site averages over 2000 people a day and the Toronto report gets zillions of favorable comments how helpful it is to U.S. visitors.

But based on your childish attitude, I will delete all positive information about Monte Carlo Inn and warn people not to use your facilities because of the attitude of management. And I will not use you in the future, as I have in the past.

Dave in Phoenix

Original Report:


I very much liked this hotel at $CAN70/night ($US 47) weekly rate. Location very convenient to many of the best clubs and body rubs.   Much less traffic than on Dixie where Best Western was located which I used on December 2000 trip.

I liked the refrigerator and microwave so I didn't always have to eat at restaurants which was better for my diet, although I did enjoy the new 24 hour Denney's only about a mile away.

Some rooms have data ports so you don't tie up your phone line.   I moved from 2nd floor to 3rd on the second day when a room with a data port became available.   However, there is no elevator so 3rd floor will keep you in shape if go up and down a lot, especially with luggage.

I would have preferred a slightly larger room with a couch to sit on to first meet escorts, but not crucial.  Escorts are not afraid of beds :)

The hotel is only a few years old, they have a coffee shop where I got my morning coffee. 

There is a Hampton Inn across the street that may have the larger room with couch, but no frig or microwave and quite a bit more expensive.

My only problem is I have never been in a city where I had such a hard time getting my daily Wall Street Journal or USA Today.   I had no problem getting these papers in Thailand, Philippines, Victoria or Montreal.  But the only place I could find that carried them was a Chapters Bookstore way far South and by the time I got there they were often out. I need my daily investment news fix -  actually I am a Certified Financial Planner, Registered Investment Advisor and helping clients invest is my business for 20 years coming from an analytical CPA background not sales.  So there is a reason for my desire to keep up with U.S. investment news.  There are many investments that have done very well over the last two years even while the market indexes have had big losses.


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