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Dave in Phoenix's Extensive Reports

Dave's reports are especially detailed for the first time visitor
and for those with my interest in a high intimacy factor not  just sexual stimulation

Nude-Reverse Body Rub Parlors
I especially enjoyed "Nude-reverse" body rubs with often "baywatch" type gorgeous women. I enjoy giving a beautiful nude women an Esalen type massage for 10 minutes more than just getting massage, which usually brings a very positive response from the women. Hand jobs (releases) were just a normal part of massage. Prices for 45 minutes of nude-reverse-release averages about $CDN130 which is about $US100 with no tip games just honest full pricing. 

There are scads of parlors all over. But the licensing bylaws are more restrictive in Toronto itself which is why I stay in the Mississauga area (near airport) where "nude-reverse" is actually specifically allowed in the cities bylaw.  Of course there is no criminal risk even in Toronto, bylaws are not criminal but licensing laws.

In Canada the different types of massages are very clear. You need to be a Registered Massage Therapist to do medical massage with requirements even stricter than in the U.S. But every city also licenses body rub parlors for non medical body rubs. They clearly advertise the options as adult massage and there are usually no tips or no games, just honest ads and websites with costs very clear.

The routine is she massage your back for about 10 minutes, usually very sensually. Then you massage her back and front for about 10 minutes. I especially enjoy giving good breast massage which also has medical benefits which many found of interest. Not grab and squeeze but I enjoy giving real breast massage as well as some of my favorite intimate Esalen strokes that many women have never experienced but is very pleasurable for most. It is very sensual but not sexual. 

Then the "release" phase is obviously where she gives you a hand release usually with lots of good full body contact. Even the worst releases were better than most in the U.S., often very sensual and talented instead of the usual grab and yank! Again no tips expected, no big deal all just part of normal nude-reverse massage displayed on the menu as you walk in. 

There are many websites of body rubs with pictures of the girls and full rates quoted. "Extra's" are understood to be oral or full service, but these are rarely available and not my goal. They would be illegal in a body rub and risk a bawdy house violation. But since full service is totally legal and easily available via outcall, why bother trying to get more sexual in a body rub parlor? Full service for an hour with young attractive women is typically about $CAN200 or $US132 from agencies or the many independents. This is full honest pricing with no tips expected or other gimmicks at least if you are selective and know which honest providers or agencies to go to.

Example of a long-time well respected massage parlor that has great reviews of many attendants

Legal Issues:

April 2005 Toronto City Councillor Going After MPs And "shocked" that there is no law against prostitution in Canada!

Ontario Superior Court struck down sections of a Brampton bylaw prohibiting nudity and sex acts in body rub parlours.

December 2003
Toronto Massive Swoop on 350 body rubs finds 2 teenagers aged 16&17 but not much else.
August 2003
Brampton Parlors WIN stay against new laws

Dave in Phoenix's Extensive Massage Parlor Reports
Consolidated from Past Trip Reports - Some are no longer available check to see if a specific women is still available.  Many linked websites show current providers

Pre-Trip Research Nude-Reverse Massage Cost Comparisons

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His Story --- Her Story
The Reality of Massage Encounters

This is a good post from a Canadian Review Board
MPAs have taught me a lot (relates to nude-reverse so common in Toronto). MPAs have taught me a lot about the nature of physical gratification. Let me set the stage by quoting an MPA I met.  She Said . . . “I meet a freshly showered stranger and caress him from head to toe, massaging away the strife of his day with warm oil, soft music and mood-lighting, while we exchange friendly banter - intermingled with his moans and groans of pleasure.

We trade places, and he caresses me from head to toe, often expertly with a degree of proficiency spawned by years of exploring women. My turn again, as I control the rapturous conclusion to his relaxed interlude. All followed by a quick hug - as we part friends, often to never meet again. . . Later, I head home to my 20 something lover who hurriedly jumps my bones, thrashing and pounding away as though the world was coming to end. I get a quick “that was great baby” and he’s off to sleep. Weird eh, I have mastered the intimate stuff with strangers, and I endure the sex act with my lover.”

I agree with the sentiment expressed by the MPA I have quoted. An expertly administered massage, left in the hand of a knowledgeable MPA, is more erotic and intimate than doing the nasty. The pursuit of physical gratification brought me to this hobby 3 months ago. My encounters with professional MPAs have taught me a lot about the nature of physical gratification. As in many things, the journey can surpass the destination. 

So, your opinions please ladies . . . can you conduct a massage that outshines the nasty? Does the “intimacy with strangers” aspect mess with your mind sometimes?  Do your personal relationships suffer from your over-exposure on the job?

Dave replies: very good post.
Maybe the key is getting more of the husbands and boyfriends to experience good slow intimate massage and show them that it can be so nice other than just hot fast sex.

Knowing the difference between RMT (for non-sexual massage) and adult massage:
From Canadian Discussion Board:
I'm new to the "hobby" and a little apprehensive about just walking into an MP. I definitely don't want to walk into an RMT's office expecting something other than a therapeutic massage.
If you see attractive young women in lingerie, that would be a good sign, while people wearing lab coats would not.
Most adult spas will come right out and ask you "Will that be topless, nude or nude reverse?" From there you have other options such as shower massages and body slides.
if you're just picking places out of the yellow pages, MPs that only offer RMT's are listed under a different heading then the MPs who don't.
Of course, the best way to tell is by how much (i.e. little) the 'receptionist' is wearing.
I found Now & Eye Magazine helpful, just look under Adult Classifieds.
Dave's comments if it were only so easy in the U.S. There is a clear difference in Canada where adult and RMT massage is licensed and legal. So much easier to tell them apart vs the U.S.

Bylaw Concerns of Some Massage Parlors
I have no interest in anything sexual, beyond a "release" (in most cities not an issue) in a massage parlor. But others try and get more - usually without success. Some cities around Toronto are much more strict with bylaw enforcement.  That is why I stay mostly in the Mississauga/Brampton area which is less restrictive (nude-reverse allowed in bylaws)  Escorts are perfectly legal and for any penetrative sex you should hire an escort, not try and get these services in violation of massage bylaws in a massage parlor.

Bylaw officers can close a MP or Strip Clubs based on posts on review boards since they do not have to be proven.. Only a suspicion is needed it seems in Canada or at least in the Toronto area to close a club/MP for a bylaw (not criminal) violation.  While handjobs are usually ignored as any issue, any more sexual activity is a clear violation of the massage bylaws in most cities. Nude-reverse is not allowed in Toronto itself and some cities.

From a well known MP owner women in March 2001:
By-Law Officers police the Massage Parlours as well as the Local Police. YES they do read these boards. I own an MP. I was closed down and my license was taken from me temporarily because my by-law officer read a review concerning one of my girls receiving a perl necklace. In the By-Law it clearly states that if the By-Law Officer has ANY suspicion that there are sexual activities or activities that are unlawful according to the By-Law Regulations in question, the By-Law officer has permission to close and temporarily take away the establishments license. That is a fact.

When you post reviews on MP's and your review becomes descriptive on exactly what happened during your session, you then put that licensed establishment at risk.

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