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My Friend Charged with "massaging to arouse"

 No not in Toronto. You guys have it so great and should appreciate it! This is an example of why folks like me, from the U.S. come to Canada where there are so many more great sexworkers of all kinds, when you don't have to take he huge legal risks that providers do in the U.S., which limits the supply of honest sincere providers.

I just heard from a massage friend back in Phoenix. I had warned her of the risks but she was confident she got vibes from people and could detect a vice cop if she ever met one in (yeah sure I was thinking)...

She frantically called me, on my Toronto trip, just arrested for "massaging to arouse" and prostitution. She is very holistic never does extra's just sensual massage including release and Tantra work. These busts happen all the time in the U.S. and especially in cities like Phoenix controlled by the religious right groups who influence the making of and enforcement of the various city and state criminal laws -unlike your uniform Canadian Criminal Code.

She doesn't think she ever massaged a vice cop, they just busted in and threatened the client who was on the massage table with wife finding out, etc to intimidate him into saying he expected a hand job from her (that is all she does). In other cases when they bust women, they threaten to have a providers children taken away if they don't work for the cops and go underground and get hired by an agency as an informer. They also have conducted MP raids with full riot gear busting down doors with big guns, shields and dogs just like a drug raid. Again you guys have no idea the difference here vs U.S. where healthy sexual release is such a major crime instead of going after real criminals that actually hurt people.

She will pay an attorney $2000, have to pay a fine for arousing maybe $1000 including court costs and probably be sentenced to "community service" Some judges are much harsher if your not shameful of your terrible act of giving men sexual satisfaction. She needs the attorney mainly to fight the prostitution charge - if convicted mandatory 5 days in jail (can be much worse if you get a religious right judge), another large fine and lifetime criminal record.

In the U.S. "prostitution" is very broad including anything with the purpose to sexually arouse for pay. There is no penetration or specific act needed vs in Canada bawdy law which requires certain "acts". The separate massaging to arouse charge is new and being used in addition to the usual prostitution charge in case can't convict on prostitution with mandatory jail time.

If the conservative religious element of your culture doesn't get too upset, I think having more U.S. guys coming to enjoy your sexual freedoms could help your economy and of course be great for providers getting more business. I know lots of people do come to Canada based on my extensive outspoken reporting directed to U.S. guys showing the great options in Canada not available or at high cost and risk in the U.S. I also only encourage what is legal, why risk questionable extras (especially for license bylaws), when you get it all legally at reasonable cost with outcall escorts.

Dave in Phoenix, now enjoying the legal options in Toronto again and hope to return every 3-4 months. 

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