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Midway Invader Day July 7, 2009
Gabrielle/Marcella and more


Midway Invader Day July 7th
Gabrielle/Marcella and more

Had great time downtown Toronto meeting with a long time friend on Sunday night. But must have talked too much combined with an allergy acting up since on Monday I came down with severe laryngitis. I felt fine but could only whisper.

Somewhat better Tuesday although still hoarse.

Gabrielle's friend saw I was back in Toronto and texted her that I was in town. We meet most every trip since the 2003 "Special Gift Project for a Dancer" he assigned me in 2003 and the name the dancer game we had. It's posted on terb and story is linked from last trip report at

Gabrielle has a following of regulars but works sporadically so a time Tuesday was set up via her friend.

We easily found each other. Her Cleopatra look beautiful face was nice to see again. We talked as old friends and mutually enjoyed a wonderful time in the VIP. As always we connect extremely well on a quality touch intimacy level, great snuggling and ranks my rare and highest 5 on my intimacy scale.

I was planning on leaving after such a great time with Gabrielle (aka Marcella) especially with my hoarseness but... this is my last day in Toronto before I return to 110F hot Phoenix after another very enjoyable trip. Some of the dancers were my type, slender not huge breasts and I gave in to go ahead and be seduced by others.

"Frisky" like a cat
I believe Polish as I recall, Cute, friendly approach my perfect body type slim natural small breasts which I enjoy caressing so much. Very small bikini but never fully took of small braw but had no problem with my caressing her breasts. 2 songs and a 4 on my 0-5 intimacy scale with 5 very rare.

Native Canadian. Tall slender short blonde hair, cute face I enjoy caressing and very nice breasts and body. Took off top soon and very nicely intimate they way I enjoy and seemed to appreciate my kind of touch. My maximum 3 songs and a 4+ on my intimacy scale. Very enjoyable including my favorite snuggling.

Anna From Trinidad
Smaller very nicely slim sexy body. Very, very sensual combined with very responsive intimacy. I even broke my 3 maximum songs I was enjoying so much which is very rare. 4 songs and my rare highest 5 on the intimacy scale. Wow, very nice snuggling and all kinds of intimacy.

Unlike some of my night experiences as seems the case on prior trips the day shift gals often seem more responsive to my type of quality touch intimacy vs often the more hardened night gals which tend to me more sexual than intimate. The more wild vs my slow sensual quality interactive touch with like minded dancer. Great response today for my type of intimacy and sensuality.

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