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Reunion with "target" aka Marcella/ now at Midway Invader
Day shift Thursday May 29, 2008

Reunion with "target" aka Marcella/ now at Midway Invader
Day shift Thursday May 29, 2008

Great way for my last dances this trip.

I've stopped by every day this week to try and reconnect with Marcella, thanks to the same "private source 2", previously known as "Terbite" that got us together with his "Special Gift Project for a Dancer" he assigned me in 2003, and was so wanting it to happen even funded. BTW "Terbite" meant someone from TERB, not the poster with a similar name to "Terbite". Although the poster with a similar name, has also been in contact with me trying to reconnect and find where she is at. But "private source 2" is different, seeks to be anonymous and is a different private source than another I've mentioned in escort reviews.

Marcella was referred to as "target" in original 2003 review on old Terb board, until she agreed to be identified, and seems to have gained some nice clients from the exposure. Long ago she also was known as Gabrielle. When she agreed to be identified, we had a contest to guess who the dancer was on the board. One person was right, but he declined the prize since he sort of cheated by asking the dancer that helped me find her (in 2003) who she was.

Private Source 2, when he saw that I am back again in Toronto wanted to have me meet for dances with Marcella again and offered to pay for having 10 dances with her since he likes her so much and knows how much she likes my type of interaction. The 2003 original "project" was at Cannonball and then a reunion was at the old Locomotion in 2004. I hadn't seen her since, as I have been mostly in Hamilton/Niagara Falls on my Summer trips until again now in Toronto.

I was told she works the day shift at MI and is lucky to have some great regular customers at certain times so best to find her after 2:30PM.

Thus my reports from MI from Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday - each day I asked the hostess who knew her and was told she hadn't come in. The idea was to catch her by surprise but its been so long and so many dancers ago I wouldn't recognize her and I doubt she would recognize me. So I needed the hostess to point her out.
Realizing Thursday would be my last chance this trip to meet her, private source 2 contacted her, confirmed she would be working on Thursday and I would be there between 2:30-3pm.

Nice hostess immediately recognized me and said "Marcella IS HERE today!". She also now knows I take a diet coke or Pepsi (for $5.05!). She scans the floor for her and then finds her in back apparently not with a client but keeping free.

We meet like long time friends. I remember what to me is a very friendly beautiful face that later I enjoy caressing and she loves it. Had great talk before retreating to the VIP.

Wow, what a great time. I said it well in my 2004 Reunion report which is as true now in 2008:
"Marcella really enjoys the cuddling, caressing, massaging dances I am known for...Marcella has one of the most beautiful faces I have had the pleasure to caress. The beautiful face must come from her Egyptian heritage, sort of like Cleopatra. Her breasts are soft and nice and her personality and of course intimacy response is among the best I've experienced." More of that report is at

She is just as great now in 2008 and maybe being "old friends" the interaction was even more relaxed and intimate. I do not to anything directly sexual (penetration) but some of things I do, she pointed out was extremely sexually stimulating. I can't really describe here - maybe I should teach a workshop - more on that idea later. I believe she is the only dancer I have ever broken my 3 song maximum limit.

Time seemed to just fly, both sharing quality touch, what I call "love for the person in the moment" which she very much agreed with and related to how she likes to interact with nice customers, a loving connection to the soul of the person but without it having to be more than for the moment not having to be possessive, jealous etc but seeking the best quality loving intimacy for the moment with another person you connect with. Some folks don't understand that, but its something I've been "preaching" for a decade which she very strongly related to.

We did 5 songs "on the clock" but if I had time she wanted to continue the caressing, massage etc, which of course I was more than happy to continue since this is what I enjoy so much, especially with such a warm spirit and beautiful body. Private source 2 had offered to pay for 10 dances since he knows she likes my type of touch so much. But I passed up his offer and we probably actually continued for close to 10 dances with totally mutual enjoyment. My paying for 5 was very much my choice even though had never done before other than previously with Marcella.

Doing a search I don't find the Terb original thread from 2003 with the name the dancer contest and the original story but most of it is included in 2003 reports from Canonball at  just not the name the dancer contest which was on Terb but can't find the link....

Personal Comments on my type of "intimacy"
I am amazed at the response I get over the years about my touch techniques. It is far more than just massage and I don't really understand myself why I seem to be different for many dancers and escorts (and massage gals on nude-reverse). I assume other nice men are like me. But I keep getting comments about being so different which is especially meaningful when it is continued "off the clock" since some gals enjoy it so much. I am not trying to come across as "Gods gift to women" attitude, but genuinely surprised by so many reactions and how/why it isn't more common. I often am told I have very soft hands but it seems to be more the techniques I've developed over the decades which to me is just natural caring touch I enjoy giving so much.

I had the same response in Phoenix strip clubs where so many dancers sought me out even though I didn't tip so they were making almost no money off me, (house got almost all of dance fees a rip off making the dancers rely on tips). I've had Phoenix dancers crying in my arms in reaction to good touch they say they wish they would get from their boyfriends/husbands. That all stopped in 1999 with the new Phoenix "dancers only to gawk at" laws to "protect neighborhoods and children" from any quality human touch at clubs, Just gawk and get guys turned on with no physical contact is what the religious right behind the laws think is best for us.

Over the years I have tossed out ideas to try and share whatever techniques I have that others might enjoy seeing in a workshop or similar forum. I started with workshop ideas but when I'm in Phoenix I'm very busy and don't meet gals due to the legal risks and costs like I do in Canada. Need the right partner to share ideas if anyone is interested in me trying to share what I do.

A few years ago, possibly when I discussed this in 2003 since Marcella brings out the gee, why am I so different idea, I had a very nice private experience after an Asian nice caring guy had me demo my Esalen massage ideas on his dancer girlfriend. It was great (gal was in heaven) and we both were doing nice things with her. He even rented a massage table (I prefer to show massage on a table, but can also show what I do with dancers in my lap). I even kept the source of his rental table.

I have been told by various dancers of a "nice massage guy" that visits the clubs. But they say he is too hard and aggressive and usually winds up hurting more than helping - but he is a really nice sincere guy. While I also do some deep muscle work (more on a massage table but also on dancers backs) it is far different and enjoyable while physically relaxing muscles isn't hurtful like with "nice massage guy", dancers tell me. I would love to share what I do in person with those interested but have to find the right place and need a female "model" who I would want to meet ahead of time if done in public, to be sure she is comfortable with me.

Instead of just talking about it, need to move towards possibly doing something if there is any interest from both guys and a gal (model). I would prefer the female be doing it not for pay but because she wants to share and experience. I not looking to make money on anything I do but would try and cover costs. Depending on interest could be done in a large hotel room - or open to other ideas, again if there is an interest.

I would be happy to share massage ideas, lap dance quality touch and some of the techniques I use with escorts. I am professionally trained in Esalen , have done workshops for swinging couples and at swing conventions years ago, hosted the Liberated Christians Phoenix Couples Group with 350 members over 3 years, but that was more than 10 years ago and my interests have moved away from just sexual swinging.

I have also been a speaker years ago at the largest swinging convention in the world - Lifestyles - but on "Swinging Christians, not a Biblical Conflict" so I am not afraid of public speaking or sharing in workshops.

The problem I have with swinging is most are average middle aged overweight couples.. and I am spoiled by younger, slender gals I meet in sexwork that are far more physically attractive to me. Don't mean to offend swingers, but just being honest and am not interested in just impersonal, no connection sex which is often the philosophy of swingers to avoid jealousy and other issues.

Action Plan
I am going to start a list of guys that might be interested in a workshop - probably have to charge $20-40 to reimburse some costs but intent is to be non profit. I would prefer e-mail since easier to keep than PM's - Please e-mail any interest to and I will keep an address book for info or discussion.

Obviously need a model, so if any gal is interested or guys know gals that would be needed. I wish I had talked to Marcella about this idea but her reactions to me reminded me of this only afterwards.

Also if a male/female couple like with the nice Asian massage guy/dancer I am also open to this private option.

My next trip to Toronto will probably be over our Labor Day in early September. I often return to Canada for our 4th of July - dah in July - but am probably going to stay in hot Phoenix this year since so close to this trip and really can't afford the high travel costs and no dollar advantage that often. Early September allows plenty of time to plan if there is any interest by folks.

I have very much enjoyed Toronto again, enjoying your freedoms, vs. us in the U.S. without these freedoms which is mostly due to the control of the religious right groups that tend to influence our laws vs. your stronger Charter of Rights and Freedoms and more secular society.

March 2009 Update - Well due to the financial situation with my real business, high airfares etc I did not make it back to Toronto in 2008. Hope to return again in the Summer of 2009 to enjoy your freedoms and escape our 110F+ Summer heat in Phoenix.

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