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Sonya/Sonia (corrected spelling) at Club 2 Mountains

Sonya/Sonia (corrected spelling) at Club 2 Mountains

After interesting time at Locomotion was only a short distance away from C2M. I've always had good drop in late night experience even though they don't have a website with schedule and have no idea who is working. Usually I set up appointments with specific gals at most body rubs but C2M is more walk in and take your chance.

Sonya enthusiastically welcomed me - older but really nice body - Polish. Rates still among the best $100 nude-reverse but only 30 minutes but often go over in the past without an issue. Having glanced over my prior massage report summary at  while doing my spreadsheet on potentially who to see, I seemed to have recognized her name.

Sure enough I saw her on my July 2002 trip and it was mostly the same experience this time. Good firm real massage, good sensuality and great intimacy response to my reverse and interaction for the ending. Very attractive body with clothes off in my view, experienced, very friendly and wants to be sure your satisfied.

Comments after posting above:
Thanks for another good review. It is nice to hear about these "under the radar" places. I used to frequent C2M when I worked in Mississauga. Back then they did have pics of the MPA's. I too had very good walk-in experiences there.
Keep up the good work.
Glad to know you're still enjoying yourself. Got in this hobby a few months ago after reading your reports from years ago. So thanks for sharing and allowing us to discover that intimate, shameless pleasure is possible! Also good to know that travelling from Pheonix to Toronto is worthwhile!

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