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Niagara Falls Region including Saint Catherine's, Hamilton & London
Ontario Canada

Toronto vs. Niagara Falls Region - Dave's View  For escorts (great choices at more reasonable prices) and nude full contact lap dancers (many much nicer clubs) I prefer Niagara Falls/Hamilton over Toronto. However, Toronto (specifically Mississauga with favorable bylaw) can't be beat for choices for the nude-reverse massage I enjoy. I also prefer the less traffic and smaller city feel of the Falls Region vs. Toronto.

A Different More Useful Site Idea?
The Niagara Falls Region Sexwork Discussion Board

If you seek detailed information on Canadian sexwork laws, the types of strip club nude full body contact available, nude-reverse body rubs, my long discussions of intimate touch enjoyment over just sex and tons of related articles see extensive site For various Canadian options by city see  Or, even broader information and research trip reports from Asia, Canada and  U.S. at the parent site,

The Board Linked Below is designed to be a guide to specific providers, massage parlors and strip clubs that is organized by provider/club/parlor.  I developed this site to improve on my extensive pre-trip spreadsheets and share more information with others.  The articles include my experiences as well as "I have heard" reports based my researching and monitoring  discussion boards to make intelligent selections and be familiar with the options when I travel to the Niagara Falls/Hamilton area.   I also invite and encourage others to participate, submit reviews and comments.

Why is yet ANOTHER Discussion Board Needed?
Niagara Falls Region information is mostly the "little sister" of the huge Toronto boards with its own little section mostly with topics lumped together making research very hard without scanning zillions of topics and posts.   Often doing provider research you find a great provider and then find she has moved or is no longer in business. I plan on many more trips to the Falls.  For my own trip research and to help others,  I thought that there was enough activity and great provider options that Niagara Falls/Hamilton/London deserved its own board that wasn't just the after thought of the large Toronto boards.  I also do not censor posts as much as some other boards due. However I do delete as fast as I see it spam, personal information or idiot posts common on another board and made up stories about providers to harass them like on that other board.  I do allow the truth to be told often censored on other boards.

The Niagara Falls Region Sexwork Discussion Board

If you have enjoyed the adult freedoms enjoyed in Canada
You can now stand and hear (or sing) the Canadian National Anthem!

Knowing my interest in Canada a Phoenix provider at a charity benefit party started singing the Canadian National Anthem as I walked in since she knew I enjoyed Canada so much !

The New Canadian Dollar
Darned clever, these Canadians?
America should consider changing their currency too!
Due to the global war on terrorism, many terrorist organizations have had their finances frozen. Consequently, they have resorted to counterfeiting. The Canadians have decided to redesign their currency to prevent the radical Islamists from even touching it!? It is also hoped that this will have a positive effect on tourism:
This ought to do it!!! More Extensive Worldwide Website


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