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Special Gift Project for a Dancer from a Terbite
Tuesday Afternoon at Cannonball

May 2003

Special Gift Project for a Dancer from a Terbite Tuesday Afternoon at Cannonball

The Surprise Gift
A Terbite, who has been following my writings about intimacy and especially Esalen massage, contacted me by E-mail while I was still in Phoenix and asked if I would be willing to try and give a special gift to a dancer at Cannonball. He thought she would enjoy my Esalen massage type strokes and my high touch intimacy I talk about in my reports. He offered to pay for 5-7 dances and provide me a gift to give her in addition to my lap dances with her. I agreed and last night he sent over to my hotel a gift package for her and a detailed description and what she probably would be wearing. Gift box is fairly small (not like flowers would be) but still large enough I can't hide it very well even if it was cold enough to wear a jacket.

I was concerned about trying for find her and make it look like a natural meeting not as something set up. I also agreed to keep the project private unless she was comfortable afterward with it being reported since she tends not to like reviews done on her. Well, she very much is supportive of my sharing the story and how it played out. I will let the Terbite out himself if he wishes but keep him confidential at this point.

Initially I wasn't sure how to sort of hide the gift box and not make me look odd, caring a box. Easy solution was I just left it in the car and would tell her (assuming I found her) that I had a gift in the car... This worked perfectly. I also was lucky to get a parking spot very close to the door.

Entered the club and from his description I soon spotted who I thought (and hoped) was "target" but I was not sure. One very nice feature to me of CB is you aren't locked into a fixed position having to sit at a table. You can stand at both ends of the bar especially at those nice standing tables at the left side. While looking for her I slowly walked around trying to avoid any other dancers heading my way to at least check out the situation, and judge best approach to the target.

I spot my target (but I'm not absolutely sure it is right person - but she was a very good fit based on Terbite's detailed description and wearing the clothes he described. She looked wonderfully attractive to me and was very friendly with other guys which was a good sign. She was by the stand up tables and I stood nearby hoping she might approach me. She approaches a couple other guys and I tell a couple dancers that approach me to catch me later - I'm waiting for a certain person right now. I am also thinking if she is noticing me, I don't want to be seen as turning everyone down or she may think I don't do private dances and not approach me.

Then she catches a guy and goes off to the VIP area leaving old Dave to ponder his fate. But I have plenty of time to wait for my target to be free again.

Soon very friendly Christina from Russia approaches me. I might as well enjoy her while target is in VIP area, maybe she will notice me having laps which will encourage her to approach me. Christina is wonderfully intimate, we clicked very well - my type of nice body and very intimate dance and very responsive to my touch. I would definitely see her again if she approaches me later in the week when I return.

Target Eludes Dave Again
As I leave the VIP area, I note that target is saying nice goodbye with hugs to older guy she had been with. But then she takes off in other direction. I approach the guy saying I am looking for a certain dancer and does he recall the name of the one he was just with. Embarrassingly he can't remember her name, I say was it........ No, he says, “I know that wasn't her name.". This makes me wonder if my target isn't the right person...but she sure matches the description. I am very attracted to her body and outfit that shows it off so well.

Diane Helps in Identifying Target
As I'm trying to keep my eyes on the target, Diane approaches me. I almost miss her since she her head is about at my waste level - I'm 6-2 she is very short. We joke... "I almost missed you down here" I say and she enjoys! She seems nice but I want to keep my eyes on the target... so I tell Diane to check with me later, I'm waiting for some one. Well, Diane wants to start a conversation asking me who etc. So I tell her a little of the story. She seems to be very friendly and sincerely wants to help so I mention who I'm looking for but that I only know her by a description and now I am not sure it is her.

Target has now sat down on the row of chairs just inside the VIP area and is having a cigarette break! It would be too unusual for me to approach her now. Diane confirms the identity of target. It is the right person. Diane doesn't know her very well since target doesn't work that often, but recognizes her name. Diane says she will probably be taking a 10 minute break, plenty of time to have a dance or two with her before resuming my aim for my target.

It is true nice things come in small packages. Diane is very sensual and responsive to my type of laps. Have nice discussion, thinks really neat trying to surprise target. Have really nice couple of dances.

Communicate with Target - Finally!
As we leave the VIP - perfect timing - Target is coming out at the same time and almost run into each other. Fast goodbye to Diane and I approach target and say....."I'm kind of shy, but my name is Dave and you look so friendly I thought I'd say hi". She introduces herself as X...... which is NOT the name I am looking for :(

But Dave doesn't panic...all is under control.... I had done my homework. Terbite had given me her real name. I asked him last night if she had any "stage name" but he said she doesn't dance on stage and didn't give me another name. BUT... I had done my research on discussion boards. I had found a post that linked her real name, which sometimes she has used it seems, or with customers she knows and her "dancer name". So... I didn't bat an eye; it was the right dancer name! Diane had also obviously known her by her real name when she confirmed the id of the target! So this story doesn't take a dramatic U turn....back to the story...

She seems to love my approach, gives me nice warm hug, very friendly. We started talking and with arms around each other while standing I started doing a little neck massage as I often do with one hand, and held her hand after shaking hands with the other. I believe at this point she mentioned my soft hands and how she loved being massaged. Good start! We finally after a brief conversation went to the VIP room for private dances.

Such Wonderful Connection
It got even better from here. One of best interactions I've had. VERY responsive to my touch and massage - she even said loved to have me stroke her face which I enjoy doing on such a smooth pretty face. She said no one had ever done that with her and how nice it was. Conversation flowed like we had known each other for years at the same time being so nicely physically intimate in different positions - including my favorites, cuddling, hugging, snuggling. Breasts so nice and soft and pliable. At one point she said something like..."how come I am so lucky to meet you...god or fate must have send you........yeah..... Wow...what you don't know I'm thinking. No not god or fate but a Terbite I was thinking. Gee, when I tell her it was set up I want her to know this is the real me interacting and enjoying her not just because she is my "project" or target!

We went on in bliss for 5 songs. I have never done more than 3 before with anyone. But Terbite insisted he wanted to pay me for 5-7 songs so hey... I was very much enjoying and time went very fast when in the presence of such a wonderful soul. Terbite had wanted me to bring up some of my views on intimacy and about Liberated Christians since he wanted to discuss them with her later. I did and she was very interested and in agreement with all my ideas on intimacy, "love for the moment" even in sexwork etc. We were like two souls very much in synch connecting. She even asks if she comes to Phoenix can she meet me. Of course!

Spill the Beans - Confess - Tell the Secret
OK somewhere into song 5 I have to gently... slowly... break the secret to her. I say something like, "you were wondering how we came together ... well, it was not by accident." I think she says, "Fate?"... I then tell her someone who really liked her and knew me from my writings on the Internet thought you would enjoy my massage and touch had set this all up for us... I told her how much I really did enjoy her but it was a gift from a person she knows who is paying me and after we finish I want to go to my car and bring back another gift he asked me to give you.

I would describe her reaction as very pleasant absolute shock! I ask her if she has any idea who it could be...No clue... but anxious to find out. She says, she can't believe a "guy" (as opposed to gal) could possibly be so creative to think of such a nice thing. I am also thinking...gosh, I hope she recognizes and likes the guy after I tell her who it is! She asks questions and I tell her no, I've never met him but he knows me from my web sites and terb. But don't worry her name won't be used unless she agrees. (She told me she is comfortable with me writing about her and such a creative idea.)

Who, Who Who?
She asks how in the world did I recognize her or know who she was. I tell her this might be a HUGE clue. Did someone make sure you were working today and wanted you to wear a certain outfit? Or want to know what you would be wearing? LIGHTING BOLT hits her and she in glorious exaltation says --------!! Yep! Right name! She says how wonderful he is; how he's the only guy she's met anything like me who enjoys good touch so much. And she says, "no one has ever done something as nice as this for me."

We finish up and I tell her how I may stick around and enjoy just 1 or 2 dances with different gals, but I will be back more while here and definitely enjoy her without it being set up etc. She eagerly says she will meet me at the bubble gum machine after I get the other gift from my car.

Later while we are both in between other dances and free, she often comes up to me arm around me and talks. Says she opened the gift in back and was wonderful especially the note inside from (Terbite). She introduced me to a close dancer friend who I did a dance or two with. Can they both come to Phoenix and see me, she asks. Of course I reply (and mean it!).

The Bad Part - Sad Ending or Maybe Not
A while later, she comes over to me and says she just doesn't have the motivation to go hustle other guys for dances... "Normal guys" that are mostly "just after one thing"....after such a beautiful experience.

Maybe not so sad however.

In long earlier conversation I mentioned how I have shared my love for quality tough intimacy, Esalen type massage etc., on my web sites for years and from the response more and more guys are wanting to get more in touch with intimacy and are starting to enjoy some of the same things I do. So there is hope...for women that want more than being groped and poked. (I'd even be willing to conduct workshops like I've done for swinging couples if there was an interest and I had a woman available to work with me.)

I had even shared with her the well known person that PM'd after my first night Locomotion report where I didn't keep track of dancer’s names. He suggested I should keep track of names of dancers that I enjoyed more intimacy sharing with since he and others are also looking for those kinds of women and enjoy my intimacy reports. (Not just the "hot" babes willing to do extra's).

All the credit for this experience goes to the Terbite who was so creative thinking she might enjoy my type of interaction who gave the gift, as she said "the best gift anyone has given me." And a lot of that is not so much about me but that someone would be so creative to set up this encounter the way he did.

As per agreement he shall remain anonymous unless he wants to step up, take a bow and out himself!

The Terbite says:
"Dave excellent review, (kudos)!"
But goes on to explain why for personal reasons has to remain anonymous.

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