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Runway 66 Cabaret NOW Treasures
5745 Atlantic Dr, Mississauga


Dave's reports are especially detailed for the first time visitor
and for those with my interest in a high intimacy factor not just sexual stimulation   

January 2003 Update on Treasures by 500miles
I finally took the plunge and drove to Mississauga. The scene is as you described it. There's a lot to do. I went to Treasures on Atlantic Drive for a warm up. The decor is very new and attractive. There's an elevated main stage with a connecting stair case that goes up to the second floor. The second floor contains a balcony with a few private rooms along the balcony wall.

The dancers there are all very slim and beautiful. Each dancer would do the standard three-dance routine -- first dance fully cloth, second dance topless, and last dance nude. I saw only one guy tip a dancer while she was on the main stage, and she did the standard playing with her kitty and boob-in-the-guy's-face routine. Other than that, it was a pretty sober atomsphere given that it was mid-day Friday, and most people there were just dropping in for lunch.

There was definitely a lack of dancers circulating the floor, and most of them were too busy catering to the regulars to pay attention to me. Perhaps things are more interesting at night.

I saw Chloe and Dana. Both are slim, girl-next-door-type girls, exactly as I like them. Though of the two, I'm much more partial to Chloe of Toronto Girlfriends. She's cute, sweet, and has a killer bod and great techniques. Her attitude is wonderful. I would highly recommed her. She has been review a number of times on

Dave, the only suggestion I have for you is to include a photo or some description of the Mississauga area. It's bustling, convenient, and safe, but, oh, what a depressing landscape! There are container handling facilities everywhere, and most buildings are of the non-descript one-story, light-commercial/industrial variety, not a good place to be for a first-time visitor such as myself. I'm flying in and staying downtown next time.

Dave says: Interesting comments. The Dixie Road area of Mississauga is very industrial and traffic is terrible which is why I no longer stay at the Best Western there. Further West in Mississauga is nicer and less commercial traffic, but there are a lot of industrial areas. I much prefer it however, than Toronto itself since can get around with less traffic - if stay off Dixie!  My interest is more the women, not the landscape :)

Dave's December 2000 Review
I had originally eliminated this club based on my pre-trip research of reviews, since some folks said nothing but air dances offered. But others said the laps were nice and one person E-mailed me about his great experiences at this club. He also happens to stay at my hotel when he is in town.

I a hard time figuring out where it was. I even had a hard time finding address since I couldn't find any category in the Mississauga yellow pages where adult entertainment or strip clubs are listing. I finally found the address on the web using Canada411 site. They have big billboards off the 401 but directions aren't specific enough. I kept looking for it but never found it before. Finding the address and using my mapping program I found it was on the road next to my hotel and just behind it. But unless you knew the area well, I don't know how you would find it from the billboard ads.

I stopped by first about 6:30pm. The big sign with its hours on the door indicated it should be open but there were only two cars in the lot. I decided I didn't want to be about the only customer so came back about 12:30 am after Cannonball.

This time the lot was very full. But like Cannonball it is a big place and not overly crowded inside. I immediately fell in love with my favorite type of bench seating, perfect for my nesting. It was only just inside actually under the girl in the shower thing on the 2nd floor. It was in the main line of travel and near the steps going up to VIP (spiral staircase) so it was in the line of action I thought.

Unfortunately being prime time late Saturday night there were very few girls roaming the main floor soliciting dances. Seemed to be fairly busy from what I could see upstairs in the "doll house" but not much other than the usual gawking at the stage dancers on the main floor. A couple of roamers did pass be and sit with others, but poor old Dave was getting lonely and bored. I moved around a few times to other seats, but with hardly any floor dancers in site didn't make much difference. As I understand the upstairs VIP area charges $20/hr in addition to the $20/song fee. It didn't seem you could just go up there unescorted however. All the guys going up were being towed by a dancer. 

So after a boring, lonely hour, I have nothing to report about any interactions. 

I think I will end my research on strip clubs. I had some very nice experiences at 2 of the 3 clubs closest to my hotel. My non experiences at Runway I don't blame on the club but simply because I was there at a bad time when most gals were so busy in their doll house upstairs!

For my last 2 days, Sunday and Monday, I plan to only seek out specifically pre selected massage providers and escorts instead of just randomly finding massage gals and visiting strip clubs.

However the strip club research was very worthwhile with so many more intimacy options than we have in the U.S. In Phoenix even hugging a dancer fully clothed is technically illegal since those dirty sexy breasts can't touch a man, even if both clothed. Those from the religious right that know what is best for us, made sure these restrictive laws were passed since in their twisted minds such restrictions "protect neighborhoods and children".  At least in Canada you have a uniform criminal code and a Supreme Court case supporting sensual sharing as long as not penetrative. But in the U.S. any sexual "arousal" activity is defined as sex and therefore in violation of state and city prostitution laws with far worse penalties than your summary offenses in Canada.

It is also great in Canada that the more liberal party just won elections vs. in the U.S. our Conservative Supreme Court essentially appointed Bush as President against the vote of the people. President-elect Bush didn't even get the name of your Prime Minister right and I see in the Canadian press a lot is being made of his being so friendly to Mexico's new President Fox, while mostly ignoring Canada vs. the close relationship developed with under our President Clinton.

I read in the Toronto Sun that your Prime Minster had to call Bush and talk about baseball to have some common ground of interest! I am sure things will continue to work out between our two great countries, but sadly we may go even more conservative in judges and our repressive laws regarding adult sexual freedoms. Of course you in Canada are more restrictive on imports of sex toys (like Sybian) and sexy magazines.

And gee its cold up here! But the warm women make up for it...except most of the warmest women are often imports from other counties (not from the US with its coldest women overall due I believe to our sexually repressive culture)

Runway 66 update
Since it is directly behind my hotel, I stopped in twice on Monday. Spent 30 minutes or so each time before giving up. Very few roaming dancers trying to get dances, but the few there were totally avoided poor old Dave :(

I usually have no interest in the stage dancing but a very athletic looking and sort of sophisticated dance routine of Brittany caught my attention. I fantasized about giving her a nice back a massage :)

After she was done she headed my way...well almost. At the last moment sat with a group of guys just in front of me and had a smoke a a beer. They were young biker types.... 

I had so much better luck at other clubs, but keep trying to get asked at Runway 66 so I can at least be taken up to the "doll house" to see what its like. It is almost now a personal challenge to get someone to approach me!

Another person who is a regular E-mailed me he highly recommends Carole an older but great French-Canadian, So some folks get to meet dancers :)

But yet another E-mailer says, "Your comments on the strip clubs you have been to are spot on, getting a dance at the Runway is an art form most of the time!! I have had many intimate sessions at the Loco and CB, looking for sensuous ladies as well as fun!!"

So I guess I'm not the only one.... BTW after Runway I went to Million Dollar just to be sure it wasn't something about me or the moon in the wrong phase. I didn't have any problem attracting dancers there. That report to follow soon.

Another Update...well old Dave doesn't give up easily! 
After a wonderful evening meeting many dancers at Cannonball and Locomotion I stopped by Runway 66 again realizing it would be very unlikely I would meet a dancer since I got there at 1:30 am just before the 2am closing. 

Well...believe it or not...Kim, a black gal from Montreal actually showed me the upstairs and did a dance with me! 

Nice view from the "doll house" upstairs. There is a separate VIP room which requires an extra $25 and another upstairs dance area of the usual $20/dance which I did with her. 

Unlike the other clubs you can't caress or massage the breasts here but everything else seems the same. Of course I enjoy doing some breast stroking in a nice way that usually gets such good response. My guess is for that you have to be in the extra cost VIP area vs. included at Cannonball, Locomotion and Million Dollar. 

Towards the end of the dance she was getting very attached to my touch and massage, when she wasn't finding me that interested in her GYN exam positions or her shaking her butt at me. But I didn't tell her what I was interested in so not her fault. Anyway I passed on more than the one dance, but at least I finally got approached and got to see what the upstairs was like!

March 16, 2001 Update On remodeling from public post:
The Runway has finally reopened. I couldn't believe my eyes. What a way to ruin a nice club. Whose idea was this? They lost almost half their seating capacity, Beer went up by a dollar, there is no more draft beer, I am not impressed. Now they have a huge front entrance hall which is totally useless except maybe to charge people more money to check their coats. Dances (no touching) are now $20 on the main floor. There is so much wood and wood paneling in the place now that you think you are sitting in the lobby of an expensive hotel. Guys, please wear your tuxedos if you are planning on going there. And bring lots of money.

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