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Reunion with Terbite and "target" Locomotion Friday late day shift
Follow-up On Prior Trip Terbite Giving Old Dave as a Gift to Dancer

One of my most fun experiences was my last trip in May 2003 where I posted the story about "Special Gift Project for a Dancer from a Terbite" (refers to huge Toronto discussion board at ) where a terbite wanted his dancer friend to experience my intimate dances. With some twists and turns in trying to find her (I called her "target" the results were wonderful. We were a perfect match for each other and then I had to tell her our meeting wasn't just by chance. The story and her great reaction was posted on terb, the old MMB board and is at  Special Gift Project for a Dancer from a Terbite Tuesday Afternoon at Cannonball

At that time "target" didn't want her name used in public at first but then we had a contest of guess who the dancer is on the boards. One person was right, but he declined the prize since he sort of cheated by asking the dancer that helped me find her who she was. Now she is totally Ok with using her name. She works sporadically at the "trio" but now mostly at Locomotion. She was known as Gabrielle but now usually goes by her real name of Marcella. She enjoyed the story and welcomes this update report and using her name. Terbite wants to remain anonymous for some personal reasons, but is a known poster on the boards.

Terbite and I have been in contact related to my trip and he is in contact with Marcella. We were going to go out to dinner together but terbite had a problem come up where he couldn't get away for that long. So we are meeting at Loco where dancer is working the day shift. I also had not met terbite in person before. We exchanged descriptions and hoped to find each other and dancer. Terbite was coming from work and not sure when he could get away so time frame was somewhere between 5 and 6:30 PM. I arrive about 5pm had lots of great dancers with others while looking out for terbite and dancer and we finally connected about 6:45 just after terbite arrived. We had a wonderful time together dancing with dancer and great discussion.

Marcella really enjoys the cuddling, caressing, massaging dances I am known for. She said it was especially great since she had some real weird clients today including one guy that kept wanting her to sit on his thumb bent up like a penis. She also had another quite odd client so was ready for great time with Old Dave and Terbite.

One interesting discussion was my mentioning my approaching a dancer at MDS last night but my hesitancy in doing so. Marcella was thrilled to hear that since its so wonderful to be approached my a man instead of always having to do the approaching and being turned down so often can be discouraging. She highly recommends asking a dancer for a dance. I sure got great reaction when I did at MDS last night.

Marcella has one of the most beautiful faces I have had the pleasure to caress. The beautiful face must come from her Egyptian heritage, sort of like Cleopatra. Her breasts are soft and nice and her personality and of course intimacy response is among the best I've experienced. Marcella has long black hair to her mid back (if not worn up) She is around 5'8" with heels on. She has a tanned complexion, she is not a rail thin size 2 model, but probably around 135 to 140lbs size 8 or 10. Her breasts are D toDD cup size.

While waiting to meet Terbite and Marcella, I had some great dancers with other wonderful women at Loco. I sat in my usual back area by the bar in front of the entrance to the more private sitting area before you go to the back VIP room.

First was Hilgor I think from Russia or Hungary. A bit larger and older than my ideal but not bad intimacy.

Claudia from Hungary medium intimacy response, enjoyed.

Rose - WOW...smaller Asian moved to Canada when she was 5 years old, lived in Thailand before. I even surprised her that I knew where the city was that she was raised in (Chiang Mai in the North Country in the "golden triangle" between what was Burma and Laos.) But most important she was very wonderfully intimacy responsive - among the better experiences. Her fairly small body was a delight to interact with so nicely intimately.

Marletta from El Salvador - Nice intimacy response, mentioned I had "magic hands" as other dancers have and especially loved by massaging her.

McKenzie from Canada. Says she was born in downtown Toronto. A true Toronto native! Is a bit larger but as she said "we fit together perfectly". She was very sexual but not really intimate in my way. Gee... the least intimate dancer of the night and .. yes from Canada vs all the other nationalities. This happens time after time for decades of my interaction with so many women from around the world. Europeans, Asians, South Americans seem so naturally at being intimate for the moment vs U.S. (worst). and Canadian women, who sometimes feel they are only intimate with their boyfriends, vs intimacy for the moment with other men they meet like most foreign women. As I've said there are clear culture reasons with sex being such a big deal in U.S./most of Canada. However of course the French-Canadians are wonderfully intimate as are some from Nova Scotia I've met.

Marla from Russia....OH, from Russia with Love! Yes, Yes, wonderfully intimate.

After meeting with Terbite and Marcella, I thought I'd check out a couple Asian massage places I enjoyed on prior trips. I wasn't sure about Central Health at 28 Dundas St E, which on my last trip was much worse physically than on prior trips and I wondered if it was still open. Driving by the place looked even more dumpy than before and looked vacant, although you have to go upstairs to where the clubs is or was. I did a search on Terb and find just a few weeks ago "Well it a sad day for me.I saw today that Central Health 28 Dundas is closed, by a fire.

I also had even better time last trip at p.t. massage a few blocks away at 165 Dundas St W. It is now called TCM but it was closed when I stopped by about 8pm Friday.

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