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July 2002 Trip Report - Strip Clubs

Dave is reminded why he likes Toronto so much!

Back again - been gone too long (last trip November 2001)

Great meeting a few of you at the HAT terb party tonight .. and the two great gals Sharon and Aiesha from VIP. They had both been very helpful on prior trips matching me with gals, so I enjoyed putting a face and hug with each of them!

Afterwards visited two of my three favorite clubs, and did laps with about 7 great gals at Cannonball and 3 at Million Dollar. Wow, I remember why I like these clubs so much, especially for my type of laps. Great responses by most to what I like the best as in prior trips. The only "dud" was a black dancer at Million Dollar which seemed to be far less busy than Cannonball.

You guys have no idea how great you have it!  Nogales Mexico, was made out to be so great so I checked it out last month, but nothing like Toronto! And you speak English ! Did meet a couple Montreal dancers as usually at the clubs.

Than after 2am checked out the only NR massage still open - Blue Lagoon and met beautiful gal - See massage section.

During my trip I frequently visited Cannonball, Locomotion and Million Dollar Saloon, the 3 clubs I enjoy for nude laps and often great interaction.  I didn't do a detailed report on most of my visits, since it tends to be all similar, meeting very nice gals, and enjoying nude intimate laps.   Here are two more extensive reports I did however do:

Late Sat Night At Locomotion Great
I arrived a little before midnight and had a few hours of doing what I so much enjoy - the intimate interactions, the meeting different nude gals in your lap, finding many like minded high touch responders and having many stay with me for more than "our song" since they enjoy something a bit different it seems that they don't experience much.

I never even got a chance to order my usual diet Pepsi, but felt like a bouncing ping pong ball being approached so often going to the back VIP and coming back to tables in back. I always sit at that back end where dancers have easy access to me. You can hardly see the stage from there, which is fine with me since I have no interest in the stage dancing. I met about 10 gals, doing my usual 1 paid song each except for the exceptional Russian I did two songs with.

As I've reported from past trips when approached I always say "I'm only good for one song" but that has never been a problem, but will do more if really like the gal. But with extra time before "our song" and often her lingering in my arms afterwards, the one song turns out to be time for good interaction and often good conversation. But each experience is slightly different and its fun to find the best responders to good touch. As usual almost all commented on my soft hands which seems to be so desired.

Most dancers said it was packed most of the night but most guys weren't getting dances. The VIP rooms were not very crowded when I was there (at least not the back one). One dancer said it was so slow a bunch of dancers were braiding each others hair in back. This of course was on the Canada Day weekend.

A couple dancers stood out from the rest, One, a tall sophisticated looking black gal from Charleston South Carolina was especially creative in her lines at the table. Asking if I like big areola's, did I know what they are (yes) and how she wanted me to be her honey, etc., etc.. I not much into these lines, but she was sharp and creative how she used them and off we went.

One slightly heavier gal absolutely fell in love with my massaging her before "our song" and insisted I stay with her for free on next song. She was clearly in heaven and I enjoyed providing.

Another very nice dancer use to work at Sundowner in NF and was amazed at the huge number of U.S. visitors and their amazement so much contact was available.

Often its the slightly less attractive, a bit heavier girls that are the best responders to the intimate touch I enjoy giving. Russian gal from St Petersburg was a bit heavier than I prefer but far made it up by great response. Very nice kisses, kept wondering how come I am not married... really wanted to have good conversation but I have such a hard time understanding Russian accents. Otherwise was wonderful intimacy and I even did 2 songs with her, which is rare for me.

Ideally I like to combine my type of slimmer body with the great response and conversation but often its the perfect bodies that are more all business and not as intimate, which I can understand with all the guys going after their bodies. But I had some great times with dancers with my preferred body types also.

If I lived here, I am sure I would get to know some regulars and it would be like it was in the good old days in Phoenix where I had so many dancer friends at clubs before the "no touch" laws of about six years ago spoiled everything. The U.S. attitude is just gawk and be teased by women as sex objects - heaven forbid you have some human contact via good touch - that is just too sexy and dirty to allow per those that know what is best for us in the U.S. No wonder we have so much sexual harassment, violence and sexual frustration when we have such attitudes in the U.S.

Million Dollar Saloon
Stopped in for about an hour at Million Dollar Saloon about 6pm on Canada Day. I had usual nice interactions with about 5 dancers. Then...

The most perfect body, very slim, tall huge breasts asks if she can sit with me and have a smoke. I don't mind as long as smoke not in my face. Finally asked for a dance. Did, but very much the stereotype of ditzy blond bombshell, very unresponsive, mechanical and not conversationalist nor particularly friendly compared to some others had great connection with that weren't perfect bodies.

I wonder which comes first the perfect body so guys don't take them seriously and just go crazy over them or they just thinking they are god's gift to men because they are so attractive.

I would love to get into their mind and see what is going on. I feel sorry for beautiful women who seem to have no personality. Of course not all beauties are mindless, but it seems to be too common trait which I often am seeing at the strip clubs.

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