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Million Dollar Salon Thursday Night 4/1/04

Wow, I thought last night was mostly nice.... tonight was even better! Again I am not looking for illegal extras like some are and just have brief reviews judging their intimacy response since that is my main interest. All were attractive to Old Dave.

I was going to go to CannonBall where I had much more success last night than other two of the "trio" but I missed Dixon Rd coming on Duray from hotel, so thought what the heck, I'll try MDS again first tonight and if I'm ignored as much as last night go on to CB.

But .. I was hardly ignored. In fact I had to at times move to keep avoiding more dancers I wanted to avoid.

Spent most of night meeting many great dancers for a few dances each. Last night the best two were the first two of the night (At CB) but tonight the best for my intimacy interests were at the end.

Savannah tall German first got me. Wanted me to do 6 dances for $100. I was only willing to commit to 2 since I had no idea how I would like her and the hard sell put me off. Very pretty face but huge implants (I prefer smaller breasts). She really didn't dance just sort of laid in my lap (not bad) and was very sexy but not my type of intimacy. She says she is often mistaken for her sister who has been in Penthouse. Later another dancer as we were going my her with another guy mentioned to me something about watch out for her, she doesn't dance and is just after your money.

Harmina sp? Cuban - Sicilian mix. Used to Caribbean weather loves it hot! Very nice great intimacy responder, one of the better experiences (so far it gets even better). Nice soft caressable breasts. While I was massaging nicely her breasts she gave me a cute thumbs up gesture.

Martha from Romania - yes very nice, soft natural breasts great intimacy response.

Sabrina Canadian native, started more sexy but responded and changed with my moves and had great intimacy response, saying "I like what your doing."

Cathy from Hungary - again great responder. If I don't have breasts mixed up on wrong body I think she had very small "A" breasts and seemed a bit self conscious at first. But when I treated them so nicely she had great response.

Now the fun begins. I am wanting to be a bit more selective and I'm getting a bit danced out. It is sort of like Dave in the Desert of Phoenix with no water (nice naked women) to hold and caress like I enjoy. Now I've had 2 nights of gallons of water and I'm getting filled with great intimacy. If only we had these options in the U.S. or Phoenix I wouldn't be so thirsty for the interaction I have to get in Canada not the U.S. I actually turned down 3 dancers, mostly they were the huge breasted dancers I really don't care for.

I had noticed a dancer that seemed to be watching me, sizing me up and I felt good "vibes" whatever that is about her. I sat in front of where she was to see if she would respond to my eye contact as I passed by her. But two or 3 times another more aggressive dancer got me almost as fast as my big butt hit the chair (unlike last night when I stood by the bar and was mostly ignored tonight I sat at a back table. I prefer to stand and room, like I always do at CB but tonight was very busy being approached when seated with my bottled water.

After about the third time coming down the stairs and seeing her, seemingly looking at me each time, she was now sitting on a bar stool and Cathy from Hungary was talking with her as friends. OK I will break my rule and approach her just as an experiment and see what happens. When there was a lull in her and Cathy's conversation I walked over and asked "are you available to dance or just a nice decoration sitting here?". She laughed and immediately said she'd love to dance. Cathy was smiling at me and I said, Cathy will tell you I am safe. Cathy said something like yes, great guy... so up the stairs we went.

Angela from Hungary - Turns out she was on a break but was happy to be asked to dance. She asks me "what did you mean you are safe" I jokingly told her, "I use a condom". Of course not at a strip club. She enjoyed the joke, and was very intelligent, very good conversation. Sat in my lap nicely before dance and GREAT intimacy response, nice breasts, nice body. After a few dances she asked me to do more lower back massage on her, not on the dance clock which I enjoyed doing.

I especially like the dancers that before dance starts or sometime during it sit on your lap from the side. And when dancing sit directly down in your lap in front of you so face looking at each other instead of dancing on feel so your looking at her belly button instead of her face. Many of the intimacy responsive dancers enjoyed the face caress I enjoy. A few don't like their face touched so I ask first if OK, but many have a great response and I enjoy it. But it is almost like no one else does that as well as hand massage I often do while waiting for "our" dances.

After so many nice encounters was going to leave and go to for a massage before going back to Cannon Ball.

But Shanna I couldn't refuse so ended the night at MDS with her. Lived in Canada all or most of her life, parents from Barbados. Was very sharp and great intimacy response.

Great night...I want to try SRM but the gals I most want to see start according to their website at 10pm so thought I would try Whispers Spa nearby first, then go to Cannon Ball and then to SRM.

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