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Cannon Ball Thursday Night 4/1/04

Cannon Ball Thursday Night 4/1/04

What a night, so many great dancers at MDS, nice massage at Whispers but want to stop in again at CB tonight before going to SRM. Need recovery time from Whispers. Fairly busy but not over crowded. Lots of dancers

Did my usual "stand" by the standing tables in bar area I always enjoy instead of being at a table and usually attract plenty of dancers.

Erika from Russia - starting off where I left off at MDS, great intimacy responder, she even purrs in my arms!

Claudia from Hungary - my fast notes say "best yet" intimacy wise, great combination of sensuality and my type of intimacy.

Inga from Poland- and it gets better yet... wow...really, really nice.

La????? French from Montreal. Only medium intimacy more mechanical but OK.

Had great time with a few.. now on to SRM...

I am getting Strip clubbed out. I find these wonderfully intimate dancers, but you can only do so much in a SC. I would love to have some of these gals as outcall escorts! I enjoy meeting such a wide range of women, different nationalities and personalities. Only draw back is the music is so loud even in the VIP area conversation is difficult.

I wanted to do most of my strip clubs and massages while I am in Mississauga and hit the clubs hard the last two nights since I want to avoid the real busy weekend nights. I had wanted to try the day shift but as in prior trips I just didn't make it. I am a very late night person especially when I try and catch up on E-mails, review the boards a bit and write these reports when I get back to my hotel late at night. Its now 5:12 am and still have a lot to do. All this reporting is hard work! Unfortunately I need 8 hours of sleep at night - I wish I didn't. So I don't get up till about 1pm and by the time check E-mails check my office and return needed calls, etc, the day shifts are almost over.

Tomorrow I will wind up at the end of day shift at Locomotion for a special reunion with a terbite and a dancer. If you recall my last trip.... yes the mystery dancer and terbites gift to her (me :)) that was quite a story with a great ending.

I am in Mississauga through Sunday. Monday I move to a downtown hotel near a business client I met via these boards I am probably meeting late Monday afternoon. But first in the morning I do a massage demo for a board member with a provider.

I will have some escorts visit me when I'm downtown (much cheaper rates than for out here in Mississauga) and then return to near the airport on Good Friday and return to Phoenix on Easter early morning Sunday 4/11. I have never been downtown Toronto before since I prefer the outlying area for less traffic and no hotel parking and close to the more liberal SC's and body rubs. But it will be interesting to stay downtown in nice major hotel for only $34/night same as I pay here in Mississauga (via Priceline). But parking is like $12/day at the downtown hotel!

Next trip plans...maybe..make it for the May 7th party, and want to get to Hamilton and Niagara Falls again while rates still lower and BEFORE the June 8th Casino opening. I have no interest in Casinos, nor being anywhere near the mobs that will probably be in town for the opening! May not be able to do May 7th unless a fast trip, but come back to NF region around our (U.S.) Memorial day week (end of May). But there is still a great deal of time for enjoyment this trip!

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