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Million Dollar Salon late Night 7/7/09

Will a few extra $CND 20's thought I'd use up since leave early morning stopped by about 1:15AM. Not very busy.

Italian - soon spotted me - very friendly and talkative. Breasts way too big for my preference but rest of body very nice and again friendly so UP we go. Gets naked quickly. Lots of purring and saying how much enjoys my caressing. Says she is open to whatever I want to do but I'm just into my caressing body, breasts legs etc. 2 songs and a 4 on my 0-5 intimacy scale with 5 being rare.

Veronica Paris
Very friendly face and smile catches me as I walk by. Perfect petite body, nice soft natural caressable breasts. Sweet gal probably would do more mileage if I was interested. Got naked quickly and after about half a song of being more sexual, responded nice to my type of intimacy very well. Name was being called after 2 songs to be on stage next and I was down to only the cash I wanted before leaving Toronto. 2 songs and a nice 4 on my intimacy scale

Peel Police Dept
No dance. I was stopped for speeding ....and nice officer said he smelled alcohol on my breath. Anyone that knows me knows I don't even like the taste of alcohol just have my diet Coke or Pepsi, although I no waitress caught me to order one tonight. I had just taken two Listerine Mint breath mints both for my laryngitis and I often do between dancers just to have fresh breath and kill any bacteria from kissing etc. Officer wanted me to show him the Listerine Pocket Pac I he was convinced that was what he smelled. Nice officer told me to slow down but didn't give me a ticket!

In response to review someone replied: "To Dave in Phoenix, looks like you song and danced your way out of the clutches of Peel Police. You deserve a pat on the back."

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