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June-July 2009 Locomotion Strip Club

Locomotion late night July 1

After great time with Parker was trying to resist going out tonight. But after trying for a 1am dinner at one of my favorite 24 hr resturant it was closed. Gosh, must be a holiday ! (Perkins)

But the allure of women got the best of me and decided to head for whatever club was closest per my GPS which was Locomotion.

Not very busy late night Canada Day. Most dancers were very attractive to me other than the big breasted ones.

Sabrina - Japanese/Taiwanese parents born in Taiwan
Very friendly approach seemed really nice so off we went. A bit older but for ancient Dave looked attractive.
Very sensual with licking and blowing in ear and nice kiss. But a bit mechanical and while very friendly and nicely talkative didn't detect any real intimacy response. Her body was nice although breasts were far bigger than my ideal, seemed to want me to lick them etc.

It also seems this trip more gals are doing nothing much more than a strip tease for the first song and not taking off tops till 2nd. To me this is a waste since if I just want to be teased I could watch the stage show. I enjoy nice warm touch and especially caressing and massaging nice breasts which often gets a very favorable response if we click on the intimacy side.

Did 2 songs and nice chat in my lap waiting for first full song. Nice gal, nice body just not the intimacy response I enjoy. 2 songs and 1 on my 0-5 intimacy scale.

Natalie - Native Canadian from Sudbury I believe...way North where colder in Winter than Toronto.
Gee there are a lot of Natalie's around. Had some from 2008 trip but don't think any were the same.

At my "stand" Forget wording but implied she could make me very happy. I said just interested in dances no extras and more into slow intimacy vs wild. She says hey, I like that too. Had nice face - not quite as slim as my ideal, but attracted to personality and face and was attractive. Was very slow tonight but she said they were very busy last night.

Had nice chat waiting for "our" first song. Asked something about why I don't do more and I said had just had a nice escort a few hours earlier. If want more I go to escorts and enjoy n/r massage. That led to her sharing that she had in the past worked for cachet as an escort and something about her still being on the site or reviews not sure what. I looked on the site and no Natalie (of course perhaps used a different name as an escort I should have asked). She also works with a gal at a small massage place was going to give me a card but didn't have with her. So she is very versatile...a bit older but not ancient like me.

When she finically got out of her corset, her breasts were really nice - ideal to caress and massage. She like Sabrina was more the strip tease at first but good enough that I went for the 2nd song. Early into the 2nd song she was starting to respond to my intimacy. Sigh..purr..."that's nice", relaxing body in my arms etc. Call these gals intimacy responders when they realize..hey maybe this does feel good than just being sexual. With like minded women they usually respond in about 10 seconds of my hands on them, but for others where its not as natural or experienced it takes awhile - or never.

Bottom line 2 songs and a 3 on my intimacy scale although it started out that it was going to be a 0 or 1.

Being very selective not wanting to spend much money turned down a few others. No way to tell much of their intimacy response just by looks or brief talk. One gal with what I called pop up breasts (bra was pushing them up to accent them so much) approached me 3 times. But between the noise of the loud music and accents Old Dave can hardy understand them at times.

Some of the very young gals, didn't bother approaching old Dave, one was on her cell phone a lot probably with boyfriend. My interests typically work the best with a bit more mature but still attractive women as has been my experience of over a decade with my social experimentation with my "intimacy fetish". Making the good connection with a like minded gal is worth going thru the duds (for my interests). And since since 1998 law change in Phoenix we have no similar options I do a lot of strip clubs in Canada. We have to leave the "land of the free" to enjoy the adult sexual freedoms that are availabe in Canada and most of the world, except the U.S.

The dancer I've had the most dances with over the years (recall the very funny story tying to meet her many years ago) is still dancing but on an irregular schedule. Her friend who hooked us up years ago (great guy) is testing her to tell her I'm in town and hopefully coordinate what days she will be working.


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