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June-July 2009 Cannonball Strip Club

June 30, 2009 Arrive in Toronto - CB Tuesday night

Arrived from Phoenix about 11 PM got to hotel etc. Wanted to get my hands on some women (been a long time). But needed to find a Scotiabank ATM to get more Canadian money than just what I had left from last trip in May 2008.

My GPS failed me 3 times - two may have been former locations no longer there (one was a new building under construction) and the 3rd was in a gated entranced building on airport Rd. I knew there was a Scotiabank next to CB, although that one wasn't showing up on my GPS. I need Scotia since it has a no fee arrangement with my U.S. Bank

So wound up at CB about 1am - actually Wed morning. Was fairly packed. Old Dave probably the oldest guy there.

Unlike prior trips where sometimes I'd hit 3 clubs a night and dance with lots of gals I am being much more frugal this trip or at least trying to be.

Sharissa (SP?)from Ottawa
After taking my usual "stand", she had very nice friendly approach. The smaller breasts I prefer, maybe a bit older, but yes, my type of sensuality and great intimacy they way I like it. Also very good eye contact. A real sweet gal. Did 2 songs (could have done 3 but was my first and wanting to not spend like I did prior trips) and a solid 4 on my 0-5 intimacy scale. As folks who have read my reviews over gosh the last decade know, I am not into extras or "wild" , but what I call intimacy response that I so often get from my type of dancers to the type of interaction I do. I never do more than 3 songs and have an intimacy scale rating 0-5 with 5 being very rare but do find them.

Chenal from Brazil
VERY tall! I caught her eye as I was walking around and she must have noticed me since back at my stand.. (far end of bar at those stand up tables, I never sit down have no interest in stage shows or more than my diet coke or pepsi if have to have a drink).

I do my usual line "Nice to meet a gal I don't have to look down on the top of her head" (I am 6-2).

Very nice tall slender body but that was about it. More sexy than intimate. Only did 1 song and 1 on my intimacy scale.

Stacy from Jamaica
Tall black gal but not quite as tall as Chenal. I said I am more into slow and sensual vs wild. Started out almost too slow, enjoying hugging in my arms it seemed etc., but like a bit of life also. Than did more but more sexual than intimate. Didn't take braw off till 2nd song. And didn't want me to caress them until did more songs, vs other two taking my hand and making me grab them harder since I prefer the more gentle massaging them approach. Gave up on Stacy after 2 songs and 1 on my intimacy scale.

Is about 1:30 or so and wanted to do my usual late night arrival stop at C2M. So off I go.

Hoped to meet more like Sharissa but not tonight.

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