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Midway Invader Day Wed 5/28/08

Midway Invader Day Wed 5/28/08

Well day 3 of the search for "Target" that some will recall from years ago.
Nope didn't come in today either...... so will sample a few others if seem appealing

Uses both names but usually Jada here. Tall, slim short blonde hair, fast talker. Asked up front if would do 3-4 songs like she was screening just for those that would but not sure. Said my limit was 3, she was my slim attractive smaller breasts type so off we went. She said how much she liked my gentleness and had me massage her back a few times. But was average on intimacy. 3 songs sort have committed to and 3 on my intimacy scale.

Diamond/Malibu sort of
What I think of as the "young bomb shell" starts up a conversation at my "stand". Very attractive especially face, tall but more covered up on top with no skin showing other than legs. Compared to those more like in bikini's where can test out some contact especially when standing and I usually put hands on back and to a bit of massaging which often gets good response if she is my type of quality touch seeking dancer.

Diamond did not respond at all and seemed a bit standoffish. In fact sat so didn't have direct contact after a few minutes. Very engaged conversation but with a hint let me dare say perhaps a tad bit "ditzy" Heck maybe she is going to be a scientist like the escort last night.

She usually works (as Malibu) at the downtown clubs, BR, Private Eye, etc and keeps forgetting here she is Diamond. Hasn't worked at MI for a few years.

Wants to get me to dance but has to go on stage next as her name is called after the each of the last two songs of current dancer. Wants me to wait for her so we can have some fun.

I am probably going to bail out, simply because I am not getting much good touch feedback, I may be totally wrong but she strikes me as the gal that wants you to pay to appreciate her beauty but not with hands all over her.

Linda from Barrie
As Diamond goes off to dance Linda approaches very friendly and warm. I am thinking since I still may come back one more day to find "target" don't want to spend too much time here and want to visit day shift at other clubs. But she was too warm to refuse.

Connected wonderfully, she said I had "super touch". Larger breasts only negative and probably manmade. But otherwise wonderful body and great intimacy interaction that I enjoy. 2 songs (worth 3 but trying not to spend too much here) and a 4 or 4+ on my intimacy scale.

In next report at MDS find Linda's friend from Barrie and even more of a connection.

As I am leaving the VIP am cautiously looking for Diamond. Fortunately she isn't by my stand waiting. I do walk by her towards the exit in discussion with another guy so I slip out -off to MDS first time day shift this trip.

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