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MDS Wed Day 5/28/08

MDS Wed Day 5/28/08

Loleita from Kenya
Cuddled up nicely while standing at my "stand". Tall black gal larger breasts but soft and natural. Good intimacy response, 3 songs 4+ on my intimacy scale.

Angela from Barrie
Wow. Greets me with nicest squeezing standing hug as introduces herself. Nice body more athletic type in my view shorter but really nice and perfect soft just right size breasts. Very sensual and intimate, if I had a separate sensual scale would be highest. Did my 3 song maximum and highest 5 in my intimacy scale. After dances she just cuddled naked in my arms for a long time and had a really great discussion not on the clock. Very positive views on sexuality, many other things we share, she even knew what a Sybian machine was and would like to get one ( )

She has worked as I recall mostly at MI but just came over here today! Has close friend from Barrie .... Linda...yep the one that was just in my arms a while ago at MI.

Very nice total connection, physically, intellectually and intimately with Angela

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