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Midway Invader Day Monday 5/26/08

Midway Invader Day Monday 5/26/08

Stopped by briefly to see if a particular day dancer was working which was the subject of an interesting story years ago which will link to if I find her.... Janesha told me she didn't make it till after 2pm so couldn't start till 6pm per clubs rules but stayed briefly but tried to be very selective.

Black gal from N.S. very nice body, perfect sized nice soft natural breasts. 2 dances - average 3 on my intimacy scale.

When first met though name stated with an F and originally from F.....? I just could not make out name or origin with her accent. But at the end said her name was Angel. Nice body and mentioned a number of times how soft my hands and nice gentle touch was. But too much playing with herself for my tastes and didn't take top off till I asked her to on 2nd dance. Nice cuddling and seemed to enjoy but not overly responsive type. 2 songs 3 on my intimacy scale.

Avoided others but would have danced with a very tall short blonde hair gal that seemed very friendly but spent a long time at the table of a guy and then to VIP and didn't see again.

I seemed to have developed an ear infection and couldn't hear well out of one ear. Can't remember every having before so sent a few yours at an immediate care clinic and said yes, was infected and gave me an antibiotic. Feel fine, just plugged up in ear but better tonight as I write this.

Had an enjoyable evening meeting with a client as I did Sunday night with another client - both U.S. Citizens since that is all I can work with professionally.

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