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Locomotion Night of 5/20/2008 and the Morality Police Inspection

Locomotion and the Morality Police Inspection
Tuesday Night 5/20/2008

Well after being 110F(43C) in Phoenix I am glad I escaped my Winter hibernation to cool off in Canada, but really you don't have to have it THIS COOL!

Not having any good skin contact since last trip in September in Hamilton/Niagara Falls, after getting settled in hotel I had my GPS find me the nearest strip club! I have programmed in all the addresses. Locomotion was the closest, about 4 miles away. Arrived about 11pm not many customers but a good selection of dancers.

Had my usual diet coke - geese $5.05 seems like they use to be $3.50 or so and had change to tip the waitress. Took my usual "stand"... hate being seated I always stand at the standing booths or areas so I can move around, avoid dancers I am not attracted to before they bounce, or be more visible or to approach those I am attracted to based on looks.

As a refresher course - for those new folks that haven't read my zillions of reviews over the last almost decade, I have zero interest in extra's, enjoy intelligent and warm personality, quality caring touch, naked hugs and cuddles, been professionally trained in Esalen Massage (taught couples workshops etc) and enjoy doing nice massage on backs, smaller natural breasts (usually gets great response) etc. I love sharing quality physical touch intimacy far more than trying to be sexual, not interested in the wild bouncing on you dancer or the gynecology exam often given. I prefer certain body types (slender, smaller natural breasts). Yes I'm odd but share that openly.

I use to visit Toronto 2-3 times a year for many years but for the last two years have enjoyed Hamilton/Niagara Falls. The VIP rooms are much nicer in the Falls with same great contact as the Mississauga clubs, lots of good nude-reverse massage (in Hamilton) and escorts are mostly $180/hr.

Katie or Kate
Taller slender nice smaller breasts, short blonde hair (I think its dark), very friendly approach so off we go to the VIP. The best body of the night for what Dave enjoys, and very good what I call "intimacy response" to my type of touch and cuddling. 2 songs a 4 intimacy rating.

For those not familiar with my reviews and weird ways - I enjoy variety and the songs are nice and long so I usually enjoy 2 songs unless very bad or very good. 3 songs is my maximum rarely broken in about 10 years of enjoying laps around the world, mostly in Canada. I have a 0-5 intimacy response scale for the interaction I enjoy the most with 5's being very rare. Usually only meet a few 5's on my usual10 day trips to Canada in the Summer - escaping the Phoenix heat - avoiding your winters which I had plenty of with snow and cold when I lived in Minneapolis all my life before moving to Phoenix about 20 years ago.

Very tall in high heels - since I'm 6-2 often comment when they meet me at my stand, enjoy taller women where I don't have to look down and just see the top of their heads. Has sort of cute light colored glasses and her opening line was "I like your glasses" (obviously I have also). Recently moved here from Nova Scotia. While her discussion at my "stand" was friendly and I was attracted to her I did only 1 dance and a zero on my intimacy scale.

From Halifax I believe but definitely N. S. She has a bit of an exotic look, parents were Spanish and African American. Was a bit wild with moments of sensual intimacy. 2 songs an average 3 on my intimacy scale.

We were in the stage left VIP area and this guy with a light kept coming in and flashing it at dancers who quickly got up so just doing air dances. A lot more on him later.

A bit wider in the hips than my ideal but cute face, nice soft smaller breasts and liked her friendliness and approach. Went stage right VIP area. 2 songs (last one interrupted) and 3 on my intimacy scale but....

At one point she has her head in my lap and I'm stroking her back etc. Guy with flash night shines at her and says something and she jumps up. I ask what were we dong wrong, and she says he must of thought she was doing oral on me which of course she wasn't - not my interest even if offered - which wasn't.

So we continue and on the 2nd song - guy comes over again and shines light at dancer next to us and then on Princes and yells something I didn't understand. At this point she was laying on me, I was nicely caressing and massaging her back - nothing at all sexual. Princess a bit upset says this is the first time in I think she said 2 years working here that had happened - unlucky Dave to be there at the time. She asked the dancer next to us what was going on. Dancer said there is no customer touch allowed when the police are in the building, dancer can touch the customer but the client can't tough the dancer. Huh? Dah....

OK,once very shy Dave in my youth, now "Old Dave" is no longer shy and as your dutiful reporter and for my own info, I wanted to find out if the rules had changed or what was going on. Out front wasn't sure who the guy with the light was - they are all young big burley brutes that work there :( I asked a couple bouncers standing together but they had no idea what the problem was, but pointed me to the manager Leo (really big guy) who had just walked by.

Had a very nice friendly chat with Leo who said there was nothing wrong with full contact etc., but that the doorman was the guy walking around with the light and they were just being very cautious being sure no extras were going on when "morals" was in the building.

On my way out, I noted the doorman who also looked like the guy with the light. Had a nice discussion with him, very friendly. He remembered who I was and said I was doing nothing wrong but as Leo said were just being very cautious when Morals visits. I mentioned he had shock up a few dancers not knowing what they did wrong. He nicely said that wasn't his intent and assured me all was back to normal and invited to go back in and have some more dances. I had danced with the dancers that I liked the best by looks and wanted to hand to very close by C2M so left.

Was enjoyable as always but more interesting than usual.

Back at my hotel I found and read the Mississauga Bylaw for Adult Entertainment. It is very restrictive similar in fact to Phoenix with no genital, butt or breast contact when sitting, standing etc. So technically hugs are illegal since breasts touch (doesn't say only if they are naked) and certainly can not sit on lap. In Phoenix dancers get in weird straddle positions so their butts and genitals won't touch a seated customer. The bylaw is from 2001 after the Canadian Supreme Court decision.

But like Toronto's even worse no touch at all bylaw it has not been enforced. Mississauga has had for more than a decade, the liberal Mayor, Hazel McCallion age 86 who as I've quoted once said that its better to have adult body rubs including nude-reverse just out in the open and not hidden or something like that. As I understand it that is why nude-reverse is on the Menu up front at the body rubs in Mississauga. Years ago I reported on how the police in Mississauga support it.

As most folks know, enforcing bylaws that restrict what the Supreme Court of Canada has said is legal (full contact nude and breast touching) may result in lawsuits. For example Brampton was enjoined from enforcing its new bylaw a few years ago prohibiting nudity in body rubs by the Ontario Superior Court. However the favorable Supreme Court case dealt with contact in private or semi-private areas more like most of the Niagara Falls clubs. In most of the Toronto area clubs the VIP rooms are more open. And in some cases bylaws also require a visible from the stage rule that prevents the private booth favorable treatment.

The bylaw issue with strip clubs has been getting more murky especially with the Ontario Appeals Court ruling last year in an Ottawa case which held in public areas (vs private booths) certain contact such as breast touching is "obscene"

And in B.C. there is no contact allowed under ABC rules which apparently have been held up as a reasonable restriction when alcohol is being served. No such rule from the Ontario ABC (I think you call it that - Alcohol Beverage Commission)

Further there seems to be disputes between Courts and cities that say full nude contact is a health issue. So make it required you use hand wipes like some dancers do. I have no problem with that.

If it weren't for the full contact nude laps my interest in Canada would be much less, since that is my favorite activity along with nude-reverse massage. As I often preach don't help spoil a good thing by trying to get more than what the Supreme Court has said is legal - at least in private booths. If you want more (i.e. masturbation or penetration as the Supreme Court said could be a bawdy house issue) that violates the decision please go to a legal outcall escort for more. Or, I fear your cities will become even more aggressive and you may lose the liberal contact with limits you now have, that we don't have in the U.S. At least you have legal outcall like almost all the world except the U.S.

End of sermon - now pass the offering plate.

And on to C2M for a great nude-reverse body rub - totally not available for us in the U.S.

Clarification for U.S. readers not familiar with bylaws
Cities make licensing bylaws, they are not criminal but can close a club down after repeated bylaw infractions. Canada unlike the U.S. only has one Canadian Criminal Code. Cities or Provinces can not make criminal laws.

Bylaws can't overly restrict what is legal - there has to be a reason to have a bylaw more restrictive than what is allowed by the Criminal Code. No one goes to jail for a bylaw ticket - only the club and its owner are at risk, not dancers or customers.

Prostitution is legal in Canada, always had been. However regular use for prostitution of an incall is not (bawdy house 1850's restriction), but it is rarely enforced. Solicitation in a public place like a street is not legal. But solicitation for prostitution by phone, e-mail website etc is totally legal since its not a physical "place"

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