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Cannonball Fri Night 5/23

Cannonball Fri Night 5/23

Felt that I wanted a chance at a little more connection after Bianica at Cupids also decided to book Tara at SRM who was available at 1:15am. Decided to make a fast trip to CB but be sure to leave by 1am which gave me a bit less than an hour. CB is last of the "quartet" that I hadn't visited at night, knew it would be packed and because of its reputation for extras the club I have the least interest in. But lets just stop by briefly.

Arrived about midnight - was packed.

As I walk in the door line of guys getting their ID's checked - gee they never ask Old Dave for ID. Candise is also coming in from a break and our eyes meet. She says I'll bring you in follow me and we squeeze by the line of guys with the ID checker. Candise says, "does that help get me a dance". I said sure and she could hardly believe me.

Off we went. Was fairly tall, attractive and a talker. Says she loves Americans, they often tip since they don't know they don't have to and this kind of a place is to new to them. She is from Alberta as I recall. Big manmades (I prefer smaller natural) but otherwise nice body. She did nice buy juicy kissing - I was slightly concerned about hygiene how many other guys she just wet kissed. But was nice. I carry those mouth strips in my pocket to freshen my breath and also is suppose to kill germs so did that afterwards.

2 songs about an average 3 on my intimacy scale.

I am walking around looking to make eye contact with more my body type. Don't have time to just stand and be approached. Packed with guys but also lots of dancers.

From Trinidad attractive but just 1 song and a 2 on my intimacy scale - can't tell much by just looks if my type.

Shorter Russian - I tend to have the best luck with Russian and Eastern Europeans both in Toronto in the past and definitely some of my best intimacy connections with these gals in Niagara Falls. Almost perfect English has been here quite awhile. Very ideal body, fairly muscular and wonderful just right size breasts for Dave's hands to caress and massage. Its almost 1am - 2 songs and a high 4 on my intimacy scale.

Dashing off I go for my 1:15 with Tara at SRM!

I have now had a night (some long nights and very brief at CB) of the "quartet" of clubs I like the most. Will try next week to visit them during the day shift when from the past I often find more of my type of dancers that don't want to work the more wild night shift. But we shall see.

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