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MDS Wed Night 5/21/08 Wow some really great gals .. and a terb guy:)


MDS Wed Night 5/21/08 Wow some really great gals .. and a terb guy:)

Arrive about 10pm not very busy but probably as would be expected on a cold weekday night. Lots of dancers. So I take my stand and meet some!

Has a South American/Portuguese heritage. Friendly and wonderful intimacy response. Only negative was larger than idea manmades but intimacy was great. 2 songs (I'm trying to meet different gals and not go too broke or would have done 3) and a highest rarely given 5 on my intimacy scale. She kept commenting about my nice touch which is always nice and usually I can tell if it is sincere.

Russian who has been in Canada 13 years and worked in the Falls at Sundowner/Seductions etc about 8 years ago before coming to Toronto. Great intimacy, and lucky for Dave first song was very long probably 4 minutes. We talked about song length and she says when she danced at Brass Rail they had a clock and songs would always be cut off at exactly 3 minutes. She enjoys the longer songs when she enjoys the guy she is with! Only negative were again larger man mades but otherwise very nice body. Very sexy dances - 2 songs a 4+ on my intimacy scale.

Mikel sp? Mike like the guy sounds like she says
Very sharp and witty Italian blond. But says blond isn't natural (so much for dumb blond jokes) she works in Montreal for the city as a translator. She is fluent in 5 languages, English, Spanish, French, Hebrew, Italian and forget the fifth Canadian? :) She visits family in Italy to escape the Canadian winters but don't tell them that they think she comes just because she misses them! Use to live in Toronto and owns a home here she rents out. Is only in Toronto about 10 days then back to Montreal...also owns or manages a gym but doesn't dance in Montreal. 2 songs and 3 on intimacy scale but very intelligent and nice to talk with both for a long time at stand and before and after "our songs".

Tracy - like in Dick Tracy but you have the dick she says.
LONG, LONG talk at my stand before even asking for a dance. Her approach was she had noticed me always standing at my stand (taller table far side by bar rail which also has a seat) and returning to it after dances. So she sits there and as I return (since taken I stand a bit behind it) comes over and says "would you like your seat back". I thought it was original. Body wise she was larger than my ideal and I probably would not have approached her and usually would have turned her down (glad I didn't as will see later) but she was so friendly and stuck up a conversation beyond the usual I couldn't refuse her. She also was interested that I was a Capricorn and I forget what she is but supposedly we are ideal matches. I complimented her once upstairs on something so much more than the typical - wanna dance- and she says she love to talk and meet different guys getting acquainted abit before asking for dances.

Up the stairs we go. Wow.... while breasts were larger and I prefer small they were natural and very nice..she used her body in wonderful ways, went into all my favorite positions and we obviously connected on both the intellectual and physical level. Despite not my usual slender body, smaller breast preference she was among the best in sensuality and my type of intimacy. She was not a BBW, just slightly larger than my body ideal. Did my rare 3 song maximum and a rare 5 on my intimacy scale.

anon1 from Terb with his permission
Long ago on the board someone asked how I had such a good memory to do reviews on so many gals seen a night. My secret is after each dancer I slip into the rest room and have a small notebook and pen in my pocket where I record notes, otherwise I would never be able to recall even all the names of dancers I met. I also like to wash hands between dancers - am very hygiene oriented.

As I am writing my notes, a nice guy says, "I bet I know who you are...are you Dave in Phoenix?" Who else would be in a mens room writing notes on a notepad! Turns out he also recognized me from a party we had been at in the Falls and had a drink together a few years ago.

We sat together and had a great discussion and time with me taking a break as I was welcoming the break to not spend so much on dancers. However he was a dancer magnet with many approaching him .. well and me also. One friendly black gal got into such a discussion with me he asked if I knew her - nope. He doesn't usually do dances and I just said I was busy talking with a friend, but if I thought I was interested sometimes said to try me later when finished. It certainly is hard to have just a discussion with someone with so many dancers on a slow night trying to get dances even if we were obviously in deep discussion.

After a good time relaxing watching what was going on and talking he needed to leave and I was debating whether to try and more dancers. It is impossible to tell by looks if gals are my type on the intimacy side so all I can do is decide if my type physically.

At some point with the gals coming to our table, I asked one what kind of dances she enjoyed slow and sensual or wild and exciting. She voted wild and exciting...ding... the wrong answer for Dave! But she was attractive and said something like - I can do slow too.... so I asked if her breasts were natural - they looked the right sizes for getting my hands around them. She thought I asked if she was bisexual...yes...and yes on natural. But she took off and I wasn't ready to do more dances yet.

Now back at my stand looking over the options only seeing a couple my ideal body type. One was in a nice black dress straps holding up around neck, tall, and very friendly talking to customers. However just about everyone she asked did dances with her so I concluded she was too popular and never got a chance to approach her.

Short but nice body started grinding against me fairly aggressively and dancing while standing. When she asked ...almost begged...for a dance I said something like I think your too wild for me. She seemed hurt and sort of pouted - not sure if real or not - saying how will do whatever guys want but for some she isn't aggressive enough and tries hard to show them she is and for others not aggressive enough. Something she just tries to be her true self but is turned down for just being her self...sort of pouting almost in tears, and I'm not sure if she like a brand new dancer or just trying to get me sympatric. Well, she has been dancing for 8 years so isn't new. I then heard her name announced by the DJ as next dancer so that was good excuse. The current dancer still had two song left and I was deciding was going to do dance with her but not much time left so suggested would do dance after she finished on stage.

For the next two song she did want I call a cuddle stand, cuddling in my arms, holding each other tight with periodic squeezes which she wonderfully responded to. I very much enjoy, but not sure her motive that she really enjoys (seemed to) or to prove to me she could be not just wild and badly needing some dances. Regardless she did have a nice body..short...the top of her head was under my chin.

When she had to go on stage had me promise to wait for her etc.

Shortly after Candy goes on stage she approaches, also short but nice body and friendly. I tell her am promised to Candy when she finished but of course says can do a song and still be back when she is done. I am down to five $20 left but have enough for both. So up we go. Nice sexy body and moves - more sexual/sensual than intimate but enjoyable. Did 2 songs finishing with Candy's last dance on stage and a 2 on my intimacy scale but enjoyable.

Candy back
Up we go. Got upstairs in middle of a song and she wanted to just cuddle until next song started which of course is what I usually suggest. I think she was genuinely liking but hard to tell, I describe these kind of dancers as non responders, its not obvious they enjoy as it is with some. But I have had what seemed like non responders tell me at the end was one of most enjoyable dances have had etc, so you can't always tell by body language or lack thereof. Of course she may have just been wanting to get more dancers knowing I enjoyed it. Anyway once our song began a bit more interactive definitely not wild but almost over board on non wild which is hard to describe. But I enjoyed, had a very nice tiny body and breasts which is fine with me. Seemed to get a bit more into it on 2nd song and I had one more $20 left so when she almost pleaded for a third agreed. She was nice, enjoyed body 3 songs but hard to rate on my intimacy scale since its based on honest intimacy response and not sure if hers was honest or trying to please me, desperate for dances. Whatever the case, I did enjoy the time with her.

I left about 1am - broke - needing to refill with cash at Scotiabank and my GPS easily finds the closest ATM.

Board comments:
"My secret is after each dancer I slip into the rest room and have a small notebook and pen in my pocket where I record notes,"
Just making sure I really read that correctly.

Now that is funny !

Put a comma in the sentence and maybe another word....
My secret is after each dancer I slip into, I go into the rest room.

IF that was the case I'd be having a video camera to take "notes" lol.

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