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Midway Invader Wed Night 11/30/05

Midway Invader Wed Night 11/30/05
"Gentle Ben" from Niagara Falls area offered to meet me here, we have often gotten together on prior trips when I was in the Falls area.

I arrived a bit early and had a pre meeting dance

Jackie from Virginia
Very nice had worked at many clubs in the U.S., including Vegas. When coming to Canada, surprised it was nude and full contact but comfortable with it very quickly and enjoys. Quite intimate 4 on my 0-5 scale and 2 songs.

After dance spotted "Gentle Ben" and had a great about 2.5 hour discussion. Every little while a dancer introduced self and tried to get dances. Sometimes I think I need a "ask me" sign around my neck but now sort of needed a "do not disturb" sign as we were more interested in talking than the gals.

After meeting, I stayed and met a few more wonderful dancers:

Maxi from Portugal
Wore glasses and a bit larger than my idea both body and huge breasts, but they were soft, natural and I enjoyed her.. and them. She had me massage her for one free song which I was happy to do. 3 on my intimacy scale and 2 songs.

Also a bit larger than my ideal was more sexual than intimate..a bit of bitting... 1 on intimacy scale, 2 songs.

Naomi from Puerto Rico
Small sweetheart. Very nice, highest 5 on intimacy scale and 2 songs.

Paula, born in Toronto
Wow, extremely good fit sort of like intimacy soul mates very quickly. Wonderful perfect soft breasts, nad great sensual intimacy response including looks in eyes, stroking of faces etc light kisses on face and very nice soft lip kiss at end. A 5+ on intimacy scale, would have done 3 songs easily but she had to leave after 2 since her turn to be on stage dancing. Definitely one of best and for once a Canadian native not the usual European or So American that seem to much more naturally intimate and sensual.

Michelle from Romania
Wow, very much like Paula but without eye contact. Breasts a bit too large for me, tall attractive 4 on intimacy scale just not quite the total package as Paula but very nice 2 songs.

Desirea from Newfoundland (I think)
Very tall younger, very sensual and nice. 4 on intimacy scale 2 songs,

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