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Cannonball Tues night 11/29/05

Cannonball Tues night 11/29/05

Having a few hours to kill before my appointment with Sydney from Peek-a-boo decided to warm up at CB. Was not very crowded nice ratio of lots of gals vs guys.

Natalie from Hamilton
Young gal only a few months a dancer, rather basic dances, very friendly with smaller sexy body. Asks if ever danced at Hamilton strip, no would run into all her dads friends. This is often the case the gals don't want to work in their home towns. Has never danced in Niagara Falls but may try it some day. About 2 on my 0-5 intimacy scale and 2 songs.

Ramona originally from Argentina
Initially though she was more sexy seductive game player to get dances than any real intimacy. But I was wrong. She was extremely responsive to my type of intimacy. Loved being held in certain positions, and says wants to totally give her body to my caring touch. Did hand spray before first dance which I support for health, although I usually wash my hands between dancers and make notes in my little black book so I can remember who is who in the mens room. A strong 4+ on my intimacy scale and my 3 song maximum.

Angie from Jamaica
Quite talkative. Talked for first two songs while in my lap, without dancing and I was concerned she would try and count them but nope she was just sincerely talkative and friendly. Was upset with the bar guy when a guy wanted to get his U.S. money exchanged and bar guy would just trade even $100/$100. I can't imagine not getting Canadian money if in Canada and there is an ATM machine at the bank next door. Exchange rate keeps getting worse by the day. Now over $100/$85 but still a 15% discount. When I started going to Canada $CND100=$US62 instead of now $85.

But besides being talkative great intimacy response when dancing for my 3 song maximum. Also nicely talked after done and shared her chips she carried with me. Very nice gal.

Vanessa - Polish now lives in Hamilton
Very young, not as creative as dancers more experienced but as nice and ideal body with small breasts that were too sensitive for my usual caressing that most dancers like. 2 on my intimacy scale and 2 songs.

Marla - From Russia with Love as I described her in my July 05 reviews.
Very wonderfully sensual with all the right moves, positions, ideal body type, quiet but knows how to interact very nicely. My highest 5 on intimacy scale as in July and 3 songs.

I was surprised the dancers tonight were a lot less aggressive in the hands dept on my organ as they were last week during the day shift. Nothing else solicited unlike earlier. Either with the LE visits they are getting less aggressive or it was just the day shift that was more than way, which surprises me.

A very nice evening at Cannonball. Now back to hotel to meet Sydney.

Followup comments:
why you want to keep track of who is who in the mens room..... better to take note's about the dancers!

Dave says
Yes keep track of who is who in the mens room... my bad wording at 4am. Obviously making notes about the dancers not the mens room men.

Good point about late afternoon being near end of shift so more desperate. Also with all the LE activity seems mostly concerned about gang activity at night and checking gals ID's, this may of cooled some of the nighttime activities and guys if finding out might be keeping away, which might explain lack of customers.

There was a guy with a flashlight who walked by once in the VIP getting gals to stand up ... briefly... not sure the purpose my dancer wasn't doing anything.

What seemed odd is many daytime dancers tell me they prefer days since not as many more unruly wild young guys, which I would think would be more looking for more than can be legally given.

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