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Million Dollar Saloon Monday 11/28/05 late afternoon

Million Dollar Saloon Monday 11/28/05 late afternoon

Very few customers probably normal for a Monday with a light rain falling.

Black, born in London (Ont) but parents from Jamaica. More sexy than sensual, had tongue out a lot trying to suggest something I assume :( Had access to overly large breasts but didn't take top off which I dislike. 1 on my 0-5 intimacy scale, did 2 songs.

Black, from Jamaica looked similar to Chantel but huge difference. Nikki sharp conversationalist and far more into good touch intimacy. While standing at bar and first met immediately said "like those hands - keep doing that" as I do my usual little bit of back massage while talking. Up the stairs we went and she had me continue massaging her back especially lower back for the first song before first paid for dance. Immediately takes off bra, breasts larger than my idea but great personality nicely sensual with positions I enjoy. 4 on my intimacy scale (5 highest rarely given) and do 2 songs. Since 20's are flowing out of my wallet so fast trying to limit to 2 to keep cost down since enjoy meeting many different dancers. And unlike in the U.S. songs are full length instead of cut.

3rd Black gal
Didn't get name, what is this 3 Jamaican gals working? She looks a bit like the other two, and comes up to me and says "I hear you have great hands" and has me do some massage on her back (which I enjoy doing). Then says she has to dance (on stage I think) but will be back. But I get tied up with others and don't connect with her again.

Light skinned redhead, "wanta dance" simply approach. Seemed more sexy than sensual but gave her a try. Turned out to be quite responsive to my type of sensual intimacy dances. As in first two, breasts were larger than I like, but she had very nice small butt that was enjoyable to caress. She got in some nice positions. 3 on my intimacy scale and 2 songs.

Chloe not
I seldom pay any attention to the stage dancing, as I sit by the bar observing and being easy to have dancers meet me instead of being tied to a table. But a glimpse of the stage dancer someone caught my attention and then I noted the DJ called her either Chloe or clowy? hard to hear. I recall there was just a discussion on terb of guys trying to find her and someone had recommended she might be my type of enjoying massage and intimacy. This gal was fairly tall long sort of brown hair over her shoulders, wore platform white shoes, larger breasts but otherwise quite nice body. She did quite a good sexy dance routine, seemed very self assured (almost arrogant but just my vibe. I was so intrigued by her I did what I've never done before and went and sat at a table near the stage kind of wondering if she was the Chloe being mentioned and wanted her to notice me and maybe approach for a dance.

After she finished she walks by me to the back and talks briefly with another dancer and then disappears into the smoke cavern. I try and watch for her, do see her over time going up and down the stairs with guys. Seems to have regulars, isn't cruising for anyone new. So I may never know if its the one folks were talking about or would enjoy my type of dance.

"Small Breasts"
I'm getting anxious to find some nice B or C breasts instead of all the DD's most dancers seem to have. I spot one (or two) on a attractive slender body, but she seems to ignore me, often walking past me. They (she) then sit at the bar area for a long time and I am just about to approach her when she disappears again (wash room I think). It has now been a long time since I met another dancer, none are cruising and seems many have left since the crowd is so small. Finally small breasts walks past me again and all the way to the other side of the club to approach two young guys who turn her down. I feel I need a sign saying "pick me" or maybe she doesn't like ancient old guys like me. after the turndown she goes into the back end of the smoke cave and lights up (a turnoff for me).

Sharon from Germany
As I am about to give up on meeting more gals, Sharon approaches. Very intelligent good conversationist. Has been in Canada 12 years almost no accent. Has larger breasts, but at this point am not going to be so picky and not quite as huge as some others. Very nicely interactive with my type of sensual dances. At one point after nice position asks "do you cook also?" Only if I can microwave it I say. She says, "well we can get a cook". At end says how much she enjoyed our interaction. 4 on my intimacy scale and 2+ songs (stays extra time).

Another enjoyable time at MDS.

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