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Friday early Afternoon 11/25/05 Midway Invader

Friday early Afternoon 11/25/05 Midway Invader
Sure nice to have this newer place with clean rest rooms and a bit nicer VIP space than the other two of the Trio.

Samantha from Toronto
Too large for my taste but nice and did 2 songs.

Cloe from Toronto
More my body type she just works week days use to work at Loco, nicely talkative with personality. Responded nicely to my massaging her and my type of intimacy. Has worked at Sundowner in Niagara Falls. 3 out of 5 on my intimacy scale and 2 songs.

Kimberly from Manila
Great natural breasts Dave enjoyed massaging, great transition from being "hot" to responding to and switching to more the slow sensual intimacy mode I enjoy. Very nice. 3 songs (my limit).

Cindy from Czech -wow rating
After the first 3 getting into my pants, I asked her when she approached jokingly if I could keep my pants on. "Yes if you really want to". Very responsive especially to my massage. 4 on intimacy scale. 3 songs but she had me stay for a free 4th to have me continue my massaging and stroking her that she enjoyed so much.

An enjoyable time after staying in hotel with all the snow and cold on Thursday. Finally got most of snow off car and ice scrapped off windows from being in hotel parking lot. Reminded me too much of Minneapolis (and why I moved to Phoenix!)

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