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Friday Evening 11/25/05 Million Dollar Saloon

Friday Evening 11/25/05 Million Dollar Saloon
After a very nice dinner at the Hilton Princess with a terbite I've known for years, who is also a business client arrived at MDS about 11pm.

Lots of beautiful gals but seemed to thin out a bit shortly after I arrived. While it looked busy, wasn't as busy as usual for a Friday night and some dancers decided to leave since was too many gals vs guys.

Cute, tall and thin, small A cups (Dave likes small but maybe just a tad larger). Otherwise young idea body I like. 3 on my 0-5 intimacy scale, sweet and nicely talkative. 2 songs.

Sugar from Victoria, B.C.
Talks sexy (turn off for me), a bit aggressive and mechanical. Went quickly to a take out suggestion, for $500 to my hotel. No thanks, discussed how was in Victoria in Sept and enjoyed the $180/yr standard and in Toronto the standard is more like $200-250 and told her I realized she could make more money dancing, but take out at those prices not for me. And I wasn't that interested any way. She was OK...2 on my intimacy scale and 2 songs.

Julie from Sudbury
Tall talkative just finishing up accounting degree (my degree also in) with A+ average (mine only B), and will soon get a real world job and dance part time. Loved my massage and 3 on my intimacy scale. 3 songs. Only works Friday and Saturday nights since the usually the busiest (except tonight).

Lisa from Jamaica
Tall black sexy talks 0 on intimacy scale and only 1 song since knew we just didn't connect

Very tall blond model type, larger breasts, the type I often avoid. She sounded terrible when she approached me with laryngitis. As she said, she can't talk but she can dance. Reminded me of Thailand where my hands did the talking with language barrier. Interesting progression from usual look at my perfect body attitude it seemed to gradual than totally great response to my type of intimacy. Beautiful face, looks you in the eyes, and in raspy voice saying how much she appreciated my type of interaction. 4 on my intimacy scale (highest 5 is rarely given) and 3 songs. Very enjoyable time and nice very warm hug as leaving. I always wait for them to get dressed and see if they are open to good bye hug standing up which I enjoy. All the prior dancers did except Lisa the 0 on intimacy scale.

Veronica from Nicaragua
Lived in Toronto 10 years family in Florida. Especially enjoyed my firm breast massage. She started out "hot" and then quickly responded to my more intimacy/sensual touch. In fact she said it was so rare to have a guy be so nicely sensual vs just get into hot action. She says she assumes all men want "hot" but its so nice to meet someone in touch with the sensual side - hint to guys. 2 songs and 3 on my intimacy scale.

I am getting addicted to meeting all these nice attractive women. I need to refresh my 20's from my wallet. But to my shock I only have one $20 left. How can that be I just got $400 from the nice ATM machine this morning. I must have been robbed. No wait a minute. Between this afternoon about 10 dances at MI and now tonight..yikes.. I wasn't robbed I spent that much on enjoyment of so many dancers! And it was enjoyable despite the fast outflow of $20's.

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