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Cannonball Wed Afternoon 11/23/05


Note to newbies - warning - my reviews are often more like short...or long.. stories with an interest in intimacy not just how fast you can get off or getting illegal extras. So if you want the short who is the hottest highest mileage dancers (or massage gals) you can save your time and skip my reviews instead of complaining how boring they are! Others I know enjoy the short story reviews I've written for many years.

Incresed LE activity but at night
There have been reports the last week of a lot of LE presence both in and outside the club. It is well known that often cops park across the street or near the exit of the parking lot doing random checks to test for drunk driving (my diet Pepsi's shouldn't get me in trouble). Some consider it unfair harassment but many also support getting drunks off the road so checks on people leaving bars makes sense.

However last week there was highly visible police both in marked and unmarked cars and a van in the parking lot and one at the door and some spotted inside. Some were in uniform, others not but with a police badge hanging from around their neck.

While this has made both dancers and customers nervous it seems it has nothing to do with the dances. There is a wide variety of speculation but the consensus seems to be it is related to recent increases in drug/gang activity suspected at the club. There have also been a large number of homicides related to gang activity in Toronto area. Gee its nice to know they aren't after the dancers but guys with guns... how comforting!

As one person posted on CB has seen a big rise in the number of "gangstas/wannabees". i don't feel threatened by them, but some of the girls sure do. many of the girls have told me they've been harassed by these guys who would like to recruit them. just because you don't feel threatened, doesn't mean it doesn't happen...

From what I have heard they have a "gang" problem revolving around some dancers, somebody got shot or something. Not at the club but related to business there.

From posts from those at the club at the time, no arrests were seen made. It may be increased police presence to discourage "bad guys" or it has also been reported they may have been looking for a specific person, perhaps related to a homicide investigation.

Arrival in Toronto
Yikes its cold here :) As usual needed a break from so busy back in Phoenix so 11 nights in Toronto before and after our Thanksgiving weekend. Somehow I didn't think it would be this cold yet.... but the women are warm which makes up for the cold outside.

I have been so busy in Phoenix didn't have time to get a much needed hair cut. So found a Barber from phone book and went Wed afternoon before Cannonball. Interesting older barber guy cutting hair for 45 yrs but, had also lived in Phoenix a few years working with race horses at our well known (if your a horse racing fan) Turf Paradise, along with his wife. Interesting discussion including usual political discussion of U.S., Canadian issues etc.

Arrived in Toronto Tuesday night but so cold decided not to make my usual first stop at CB and get settled in hotel. For those that follow my reports, no "Victoria" problem of being interrogated by immigration. I had even sanitized my laptop hoping I wouldn't have to teach the immigration folks about Canadian laws regarding sexwork like I had to for 1.5 hours in Victoria in Sept. After that experience I applied for CANPASS when I returned to Phoenix in mid Sept. They cashed my check on 10/22 but nothing in the mail so can't get my eyeballs scanned in Toronto this trip. But the nice Asian young lady at the immigration entry booth let me in with no problem. Before Victoria experience had never been detained for detail screening my immigration.

Wednesday afternoon made my first visit to CB to reacquaint my mind to having wonderful naked women in your arms. I usually don't get around to the clubs till night shift (I'm a very late night person and sleep in) but often I have more in common interests with the day shift dancers vs night with usually more wild young guys.

Make it to Cannonball about 2pm
General comment: The four gals I met, were all a bit more...aggressive in getting a certain body part free than I have experienced on prior trips. Not overly aggressive trying for extras with big tips but doing more ahh.. direct hand action as part of the dances. No suggestion had to pay more for just that however.

It seems their are almost two clubs here. Seemed more dancers stayed in the smoke filled VIP room than worked the nonsmoking area which of course is where I stay preferring cleaner air. Speaking of that men room really needs some new paint and redoing, it gets worse every year it seems. Maybe not so much dirty as a dump that really needs a refresh. At least early afternoon was relatively clean but a "mess" physically.

Amy (Asian looking a bit short)
She is licking a sucker (no not me) offered me a lick, which I assume is her usual trademark? Very warm approach with me at my usual "stand" by the non-smoking VIP shortly after ordering my usual diet Pepsi and having eyes adjust to the darkness.

Nicely sensual/sexual, did ask if I was interested in a bj or "sex" but declined saying I just do that with an escort for an hour in a bed prefer just good high touch sensuality at a strip club. She had good attitude about "rejection" wasn't high pressure and continued a nice mostly lay on top while stroking and I enjoyed her body and contact. I'd rank 3 on my infamous 0-5 intimacy scale, and I enjoyed what she was doing to me so a 3 song gal (the most I do with one dancer unless very unusual situation which is rare).

Nice taller gal born in Mississauga. She was nice but a bit more mechanical than intimate. 2 songs.

Denise - WOW
I noted her standing a bit behind me after returning to my "stand" after Anna. There were two model type with big boobs closer to me talking, something about one being in a very bad attitude state and both were looking for regulars they thought would be in today. But I was a bit more interested in the more petite, seeming maybe a bit more shy gal standing behind me for a long time but I wasn't anxious enough to approach her as I enjoyed watching the scene. Reasonably busy mid afternoon but not nearly as busy as at night.

Then Denise made her approach to me, seemed nice (as most do). Not knowing how much I will "connect" intimately with a dancer I always say well I'm good for one, when asked for a dance, to indicate I'm not a long time many dance guy. She said she'd love to do a dance for me and off we go.

Nice conversationalist seemed a bit more mature than some (in attitude) The usual do you live in area (no Phoenix, I explain my many trips a yr to Canada over U.S. holidays etc). She is from Barrie (commutes from there I think) which I'd like to get to on some summer trip.

I like it when we go into the VIP nearer the beginning of a song so can interact and test the waters sitting waiting for "our song". She seemed nice and I started massaging her hands and then her shoulders which she said she appreciated. About the time next song was to start asked me if wanted to switch to more comfortable seating (in the corner). So switched and at her choice kept doing pre song massage interaction her taking my lead and starting to massage me also but not starting official "dance" yet. I enjoy getting to know gals when its mutually desired "off the clock" time which in this case lasted 2 songs.

Then would up doing my highest 3 dances, wonderfully intimate responsive (4+ on my 0-5 intimacy scale). Enjoyed stroking her face those nice perfect sized smaller breasts (I prefer B or C not D+) and very nice body. Great time.

As we were finishing up, her getting dressed and talking she says...your not....your not..... you don't happen to post on a board called do you?. Ah yes, and I probably am.... shocked she realizes who I am, saying she has been wanting to meet me for 1.5 years, enjoys my post and is in a bit of disbelief she has met me. It is sort of fun to be known this way (as long as positive) especially afterwards. Prefer to be anonymous at first. Very nice time and I would enjoy meeting her again later this trip.

Debraania ? (Romanian)
After Denise I as usual slip into mens room, often wash hands between dancer and make some notes so I remember names for reviews etc. Get back to my "stand" and Amy with the sucker stands in front of me like she wants me to massage her neck which I do and then asks if want another dance but easily takes "I don't repeat the same day" response.

Then approached by Debraania or something like that. Tall, big breasts Romanian gal. Did 2 songs, was nice but more mechanical sexy with lots of ahh;s when caressing her but pretty much a 0 on my intimacy scale. Enjoyed but not as much as others.

Onward to massage
After being nicely reacquainted with nice nude lap dance interaction, thought massage would be nice to top off afternoon. See report on C2M - Kelly in massage section

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