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Midway Invader Monday Night 10/30/06

Midway Invader - Monday night 10/30/06

I am staying 8 nights in Hamilton this trip, enjoyed as usual many wonderful gals, including visiting 7 clubs my first night back in Canada starting with two near the Buffalo airport and then five in Niagara Falls on my way to Hamilton.

Monday night I met with a client of mine as I usually do on my Canadian trips at a neat resturant sort of a super cafeteria on steroids - Richtree Market at BCE Place, 42 Yonge St. As a CFP, investment advisor  I can only work with U.S. citizens, but client still is although has lived in Canada for many decades. We are also good friends. Anyway that is why I am briefly in Toronto on my Hamilton trip.

On the way home sometime after midnight I stopped into my favorite clubs Midway Invader (nicer more modern than some of the other clubs and always find great gals).

As expected not too busy on a late Monday night yet plenty of gals quickly found me so I didn't get bored.

Use to work at Million Dollar another of my favorite clubs other than those long stairs up that keep old Dave in shape. Nice body and very responsive to the type of high intimacy (but not sexual and within the Supreme Court rules for clubs).

She was nicely in my lap snuggling etc for a long time, during partial wait song, but it was very very long - she called it a break song or something so I was thinking as she got more and more "frisky" and got naked we must be into our first song. But no, she didn't count that long "waiting for our song" song, said she just enjoyed my touch and interaction.

Then did my maximum 3 real songs and rate her my rare highest 5 intimacy score on my 0-5 intimacy scale.

Cleo or Kleo?
A bit larger young gal, but not too large, soft skin, not very talkative which is OK as with the right dancer enjoy talking with my hands. She mostly did wetting her fingers and sticking in pussy thing in various positions which I guess some guys like. Did two songs thinking she might me more intimate by 2nd, but no was a 0 on my intimacy scale.

Angela from Trinidad
WOW. A bit taller thinner body, smaller A or small B breasts which I prefer over huge. Her approach was a bit unique. Invited me to the VIP just to sit and get to know each other for a full song before "on the clock" dances. She quickly cuddled up and starting enjoying my massaging and caressing her body.

Then into the dance songs very wonderfully both sexual and intimate in many ways. Likes her breasts held very firm. High pressure on her body made her almost orgasm (I think she did once and got me wet). Wonder combination of body, emotional connection, and intimacy/sexual connection. When we reached my 3 song limit she didn't want to stop but asked me to stay (off the clock) a couple more just being held, caresses, getting excited from my holding her body in various ways etc. Was great. Wound up doing about 5 songs but only paying for 3 and hardly wanted to let me go.

I talk about my experiences this way to encourage guys to find their more intimate side, maybe learn some massage skills and the difference between nicely caressing and groping. I get frequent such great response from dancers telling me how rare I am or how they wish they had boyfriends they knew how to touch them etc. Again I use this as an example of what can be done and the benefits of being more touch sensitive and learn some good touch skills. My dream someday is to find the right partner and do workshops with some of my experiences and have with some of my ideas.

Back at my stand by the bar, Angela approaches me again. Wants me to massage her back a bit more and cuddles up nice to me as we stand. She then asks if I would be willing to go back into the VIP (not paying) to just do some more massage and body caressing. Since I very much enjoy giving good touch and massage even more than getting I am happy to oblige. I do more of my massage tricks including hand massage (didn't make it to feet, not my strong interest) but back, lots on her tight neck, breasts etc. Obviously we both very much enjoyed until somehow it was 2:15am and they were turning on the main lights to get people to leave since they close at 2am. I think we had been back there about 20 minutes or so just enjoying each others touch and massage as friends without any financial consideration - again the power of learning good touch skills.

She was anxious to know more about me, disappointed that I don't live in Canada. She asked about e-mail address etc which led to me mentioning my and etc. She also asked about terb (but think had the spelling wrong) so gave her info on getting on the board that she asked about.

A very nice stop at MI on the way back to my Hamilton Hotel and great time with Cali and really great time with Angela.

Back at my hotel looking up my prior reports I note I had seen Angela on April 1 2006 again at Midway Invader. My notes were shorter:
Angela from Trinidad - Tall nice breasts & body. Kept saying I had nice hands :) 2 songs and 4 on my intimacy scale.


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