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Midway Invader Tuesday Night 7/6/05

Arrived about midnight. Not very busy.

Was debating whether to go or not as am getting a bit womanized out after a week in Toronto. Too bad have to squeeze in so many women in short time rather than spread out but most options simply aren't available in Phoenix so store up intimacy desires for Canadian trips. But very glad I choose to go and by far Midway Invader has had the best experiences overall.

Romanian, tall, friendly and very intimacy responsive the way I enjoy so much. Great eye contact, liked face stroked, perfect soft breasts that enjoyed being caressed and squeezed, and ideally wonderfully intimate. A highest 3 song rating which I very much enjoyed. Nice hug at end.

Tall blonde probably most guys ideal body. Born in the U.S., but lived in Canada most of life. Ideal body except for large artificial breasts. Fairly slow strip (I prefer just get nude quickly not tease of stripping) But almost no intimacy response. Doesn't look in eye, more mechanical than intimate. 1 song rating.

Tall blonde, from the Czech Republic. Good conversation at table. Once in VIP, oh my my! Probably best of best intimacy response and sensuality. Quickly gets naked. Perfect nice breasts, small great butt and oh, what a wonderful intimacy response. Looks in eyes with nice smile on beauty face, "purrs" most of the time.

Her handwork was quite unique. Not just grab and yank or scrim on it. Reminded me of sensual intercourse I enjoy. Slowly inserting and using PC muscles slowly firmly squeezing penis like hugging it. Slow, movements, enjoying the sensuality and holding body tight and close vs just pumping away. That's how I would describe her hand technique.

Many different positions, all which I love. Was perfect combination of sensual, sexual intimacy like I don't recall every experiencing quite the same way. And I broke my maximum of 3 song rating (first time ever other than once at discount of $10 instead of $20 for last) and did over the top for old Dave 4 songs for $80 or $US65. Only wish she was an escort with this kind of sensual sexuality.

Maybe my final strip club experience this trip and Renee was a great ending. Yes, those Eastern Europeans!

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