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Whiskey a-go-go (
WAGG) - Brampton Sat night 7/2/05

I intended to stop by Whisky a-go-go West (WAGG - Brampton) since hadn't seen many reviews and since its in Brampton doesn't have the City of Toronto more restrictive bylaws like the original Toronto WAGG.

Stopped by at 8pm and 9pm but with only 2-3 cars in the front lot decided I would wait till later so went to MDS and CB to kill some time. Returned about 10pm and now there were all of about six cars in the front and side and back lots only a few. But decided what the heck lets check it out.

Big huge...empty place.... There were 2 guys at the bar but no one else other than the gal behind the bar in the place I could see. No dancers on two large stages. But there was Angel.

It seemed Angel was trying her best to be the entertainment. A bit wild, greeting me with some hip action and sort of going back and forth between the 3 of us, making jokes and asking if we liked anal.

After my usual diet coke, she squeezed up next to me and asked if I would try a dance with her. She is cute, slim, small except for huge oversized hard breasts. But off we went...and went.. and went.. to the far back VIP with couches etc so far back could hardly hear the music (which was fine with me). Place looks like it has some nice, although open various VIP areas. Too bad we were the only ones in the big expansive different areas.

I was pleasantly surprised how nice she was vs more wild out front. I like it when they sit in your lap waiting for the next song to start vs. in the chair across from you. She even asked what I like and I said, more cuddling type intimacy than the GYN type exam dance and she said that was great to know. Given the chance I try and tell more dancers that and sometimes works and sometimes not.

Dances were very nice and had medium to good intimacy response. She said they usually are more busy and must be the long weekend lots of folks out of town. I didn't mention the other clubs were at least a bit more busy with Cannonball picking up when I left just before coming here. She rated a strong 2 song rating or maybe a light 3, but the 2nd song seemed to go on a very long time, like had combined two without a break so only did two. Nice gal, I enjoyed other than big hard breasts....

On the way back through the maze of VIP's, saw a large group of 5-6 guys on a couch (didn't spot a dancer) other than one met coming into that inner VIP who was a tall black gal...smoking a cigarette. Out front 2-3 guys at the bar and one by the dance area but no dancers dancing. Place has possibilities, looks like an older converted warehouse. But would of course like better if had more dancers for which they badly need more customers. At least on this Friday night. Left about 10:45pm. Drove by MDS which looked more busy than before but not as many cars in the lot than on a normal busy Friday night.

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