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Million Dollar Salon Sat night 7/2/05

I intended to stop by Whisky a-go-go West (WAGG - Brampton) since hadn't seen many reviews and since its in Brampton doesn't have the City of Toronto more restrictive bylaws. I note my GPS says its in Bramelea and Million Dollar is in Malton but as I understand it now been taken over by Brampton and Mississauga.

But at about 8pm there were only two cars in the lot at WAGG so decided to kill some time at MDS and try WAGG later.

MDS had very few customers, easy to park in front but a handful of customers and dancers.

Canadian just a "wanta dance" approach but lets try. Dance was all just show me pussy etc, zero intimacy rated my lowest 1 dance rating.

Canadian, also just a "wanta dance" intro. A very take charge dancer, the only dancer I've ever had that carries hand cleaning lotion with her and insists everyone clean up first. I can understand this after some of my prior trip comments like "don't Canadians ever wash their hands after the toilet?" from my mens rooms observations. But old Dave often washed hands between dancers more for my own protection since I have gotten colds on prior trips probably from dancers. So I can understand a dancers wanting to be sure guys are clean but first time I've had this happen.

Once hands clean.... very directive aggressively taking your hands on putting on breasts, pussy etc. Fairly sensual but just not my type on intimacy scale. Thought I had her a bit "tamed" towards end of first song and did try for two, had nice breasts but not really my type and didn't fully take off top till 2nd song.

No other dancers seemed interested, and I decided to move on - try WAGG again - and wishing for the in general much more intimacy interacting foreign dancers. Left just before 9pm and still not very busy.

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